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The Quake touches on a variety of topics including progressive politics, promoting democracy, football [as in using your foot to kick the ball], general interest, happiness and fulfillment, news and opinion media, crypto - these all seem to come up a lot. There are a lot of links to quality sites well worth visiting and many worth subscribing to. Thanks for visiting.

The Quake supports Ukraine and its allies defending themselves. Always: No to authoritarianism. Yes to democracy [ideally: as uncorrupted as humanly possible]. That's getting harder to find these days. Help protect it.

Murder in Mayfair BBC documentary podcast.

Bitcoin value scan. Still barely any recovery? Meditate.

Progressive politics channels: YouTube etc.

majority report with sam seder
glenn kirschner & twitter
david pakman
democracy at work

TYT [young turks]
pondering politics
farron balanced farron cousins [ring of fire] on the belzebublicans
rational national canada
some more news
humanist report
channel 5 not fake news
meidas touch podcast on u tube
secular talk
robert reich
patriot act hasan minhaj
brian tyler cohen @bryantylercohen
second thought
then & now
now this news
prx shows incl. "rising" sound school, and prx remix
right wing watch
beau of the fifth column
damage report

Other likeable links
sisyphus 55
cold fusion
cole hastings
the guardian
new york times' the daily podcast
semafor the world today
reveal news investigative reporting & more
legal eagle lawyer
msnbc you-tube site news site
associated press
Itv news uk ItvX
national world (UK) for the curious, so they claim
the recount news aimed at gen zee
washington post, podcasts, u-tube
PBS newshour episodes, live on 3-4pm M-F pacific USA time
on kqed livestream
john cooper
rob reiner twitter
dem underground
TPM talking points memo
crooked media
back to the vax podcast
the intercept and podcasts
the atlantic + podcasts
the white house
sludge exposing corruption
crooks & liars
washington week youtube site
common dreams
daily kos
california health advocates
politico & politico podcasts
democracy now
robert reich website
rick wilson
no copyright sounds
axios & axios today podcast
the daily beast + the new abnormal pod
media matters
international business times
yahoo finance
fivethirtyeight homepage
euronews online
npr news & npr podcasts
foreign policy
channel 4 uk news
channel 5 uk
explore with us new recommend
jonathan freedland
how appealing
public citizen
pro publica
move on
democracy forward
justice democrats
we're in hell
just security
national memo
american oversight
democracy docket
vina erickson nevr has so little meant so much
explore with us
political voices w/ stephanie miller et al. currency currency exchange converter

Tom Nicholas UK and abroad

mac option key symbols
free the one that's actually free, link fixed
plot 11 the future of bitcoin
the legal af podcast
egberto willies politics done right
barely sociable
coin telegraph
cryptosRUs with george
banking on bitcoin the documentary story so far
law & crime
the atrocity guide
jomatech re-added for historical purposes - legend
inside ev's inside electric vehicles [aka] green car reports electric vehicles summary
route planner for electric cars
open secrets
thought slime
abroad in japan "it's not that everything is inherently weird"
serpentza china
nathaniel drew
johnny harris new link 2022
retire cheap in asia: JC based in thailand

Online tv & tv streams
CNA singapore
france 24 english, french nu link [freqent URL changes]
KQED livestream supported by.... u
washington week youtube site
DW german intntl news in english with live stream
sky news [reduced its rightwing bias] uk, new link dec 2023
tvr britanny, france
elonce tv argentina
rtl muenchen deutschland
telemolise southern italia
global news canada
city news canada
the project australia
sfgovtv san francisco, calif., usa

times radio
kqed san francisco radio
kalw san francisco radio
kazu nat. public radio
bbc world service
c-span radio

Radio programs and podcasts
bbc health check
here & now
the takeaway
the world [PRX, formerly PRI]
On point radio podcasts, other link
on the media
You tube live streams
lise leblanc therapist, bpd etc.

Quaking with Larfter
Laff links prev. featured on Quake homepage:
Vintage moshe kasher works the room
Jokes about american health care
Trump rally in NYC -- so strong, people
Classic dave allen on xtian religion
Apple computers know about dongles
Tweet of god at universodon
Best of takeshi's castle vol.1

Previous posts and links
Commuting from JB to Singapore.

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tries to show that he really is human. He eats a sandwich and virtually inspects the devastation in Puerto Rico.

This OCD man is obsessed with the number 12

pronate on all serves says ian of essential tennis

quake fave! --> pronation: really let go says tomas of feel tennis (7 pronation drills), 7 steps, and confused by pronation?

2 minute tennis serve

2 minute tennis: 5 tips to serve like the pro's [like Roger Federer]

tennis evolution pronation

tennis spin

essential tennis

how to make a tennis ball

what lies beneath?

golden era of aviation thai airbus 380 departing kansai, japan

landing at sfo (san francisco)

lufthansa 747-400 departing frankfurt germany to los angeles

lufthansa 747-400 landing in los angeles

July 2024

With the new Supreme court ruling that, in effect, Donald Trump can behave like a dictator and is immune from prosecution, it is increasingly unlikely that he'll ever be held accountable for his anti-democratic actions, or anything else for that matter.

Sarastosa house music tour. 12:45

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