We beat Leeds. Time for a breather.

Spurs 2022-2023 Season
Oct 15: Everton (h) won 2:0
Oct 19: Manchester U. (a) lost 2:0
Oct 23: Newcastle (h) lost 1:2
Oct 26: Sporting Lisbon (h) 1:1
Oct 29: Bournemouth (a) won 2:3
Slayers of
Man City next

Nov 01: Marseille (a) won 1:2
Nov 06: Liverpool (h) lost 1:2
Nov 09: Nottingham F. (a) lost 2:0 (EFL Cup)
Nov 12: Leeds (h) won 4:3
Dec 26: Brentford (a) Prem
Jan 01: Aston Villa (h) Prem
Jan 04: Crystal Palace (a) Prem

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League match
Bentancur brace!
Spurs triumph. Full time.
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Leeds United 3
Sat, Nov 12, 2022. US Online: Peacock
NBC[USA] Highlights

More reactions soon: Well, our next league opponents Brentford beat Manchester City on Citizen turf earlier today. Should be a corker at the Gtech Brentford community stadium after the World Cup.

Lilywhites were down three times but bounced back. When Rodrigo [the Leeds one] notched his impressive brace it seemed like curtains for the London side but what an incredible finale to this high scoring, high stress for Spurs fans, game. Kulu man of the match and Tottenham Hotspur bounce back up to third place (and then back down to 4th after Newcastle beat Chelsea. We're willing to forgive them this time).

Second half: Bentancur and Kulu, who creates the 4th which Bentancur scores, are Gods. Sensational work from the new Spurs stars. Two quick fire goals (2 in 2 mins for the Uruguayan) and the whole scenario of this wacky match changes. Now Conte is a genius.

BBC Football match tracker: "Rodrigo Bentancur to the rescue! Dejan Kulusevski gets in down the left and his low ball finds the midfielder for a simple finish. Spurs lead for the first time in the game after a stunning turnaround of two goals in two minutes from Betancur. Madness."

Rodrigo scores another banger for Leeds.

Richarlison replaced by Ivory Coast star Yves Bissouma.

Ben Davies equalizes for Spurs.

Half time: Final THFC action until the World Cup is over, it's half time, and Spurs suck. Normal service has been resumed. Conte's tactics seem out of date.

First half: Rodrigo regains lead for Leeds.

Harry Kane equalizes.

Spurs go behind early doors. Summerville.

Kulu is back from injury.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Swedish international winger Dejan Kulusevski, on loan from Juventus, is dynamite.

Preview: In the corresponding fixture last season Spurs won 2:1 as Hojbjerg and Reguilon scored. True to Conteball's management style THFC went a goal down. On this occasion his approach worked: we witnessed a dramatic comeback. Antonio Conte's first home premier test went from zero to hero, converting the jeers to cheers.

Leeds were impressive first half but Spurs dug deep and it seemed the new manager's willpower and enthusiasm, plus strategic decisions, made this a memorable way for him to fully take charge of this phase of his career. It wasn't great football but it was entertaining from both sides and this was the win that the supporters, players, and manager so much wanted, and they got the job done.

"Not a bad weekend. Arsenal got stuffed. West Ham lost. We stole 3 points. Under Conte we will get better so onwards and upwards. C O Y S." -- petfenn BBC poster.

"I'm dead but I'm so happy now!" -- Sergio Reguilon, Spurs wing-back, scored his first THFC goal [congrats].

Since we played that home match versus the Leeds, the Yorkshire side has replaced their manager, turning from Bielsa to American Jesse Marsch.

Spurs start this Saturday morning in fourth place with 26 points and Leeds in 12th with 15 points, the Lilywhites flaunting a +9 goal difference compared to Leeds wtih minus 3. It has to be noted that THFC's +9 pales in comparison with those above us in the table [going into the weekend]: Newcastle +17, Manchester City +27 (!), and Arsenal +20. That said, below us, Chelsea claim only +1 and ManUre -1.

League Cup
League Cup
Lodi hell
Forest score twice early 2nd half
Nov 9, 2022 (Ssn 2022/23). US online: Espn+
Nottingham Forest 2
Tottenham Hotspur 0

Full time: It was a game of two halves. Tottenham didn't show up for either.

The only consolation was that Arsenal also got knocked out. It almost seems like all the London clubs in the competition agreed to sandbag the EFL Cup because there's just too much on the fixture list for anyone to deal with, and the other stuff is just way more important - be it Prem league title, Euro contests, or avoiding the horror of relegation - so "bye bye" THFC, AFC, Chelsea, West Ham and Palace. All gone.

Second half: This time it's the England human engine room Jesse Lingard who headed in from Slough born Sam Sturridge's corner to tank THFC's tepid aspirations of lifting a Cup via the EFL. Two-nil to Forest. Soon after, Lingard's England teammate Harry Kane goes off in one piece as pressured by England and their World Cup hopes.

Jesse Lingard and Willy Bolly of Forest continue to cause problems for Spurs, but it's the Brazilian Renan Lodi, fed by Lingard, who strikes an absolute beauty in the 50th minute.

Half time: Five out the eight (EFL) League Cup matches being played today ended nil-nil at half time. The other three games are all drawn 1:1. In other words, nobody's gonna sweat it over the League Cup and the aim is to try to win without fully committing. Too much at stake (for the individual players and for the clubs, and national teams) elsewhere.

Conte, however, is still feeling the heat of criticism over Tottenham's shockingly lackluster starts to games - he threw in Kane but it made no difference to the balance of power.

First half in play: Match in progress. Early doors. Forest on the front foot, including hitting the post and forcing the Spurs keeper to an athletic save from the rebound.

Harry Kane selected to play.

Check back as the match unfolds. Check back as the match unfolds. Check back as the match unfolds. Check back as the match unfolds.

Kulu back
2nd half comeback not enough
Nov 06, 2022 (Ssn 2022/23) US Online: Peacock (prem.)
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Liverpool 2
Kane & Spurs get a goal back

More reactions: "45 Minutes FC" -- Nicola, WATTV.

Football terrace.

Instant reaction: Apart from the result, the THFC event of the day is seeing Kulu back from injury, on as a sub, and showing the difference that can happen with him on. However the now typical Tottenham rally, after the usual first half indifference, wasn't quite good enough this time, albeit close.

Pre-match: Spurs v Liverpool preview with James Lawrence Allcott.

Is Antonio Conte restricted by the players he has? (Espn+)

Both sides have shown two sides this season. Like most of the "big" members of the Premier league sides so far they've not reached their potential, but yet shown it's there if it can somehow be replicated on a more consistent basis.

That arguably puts us on an a similar footing and why, last season, we drew with them both home and away in our league encounters. Not much has changed other than Spurs seem to have improved overall and Liverpool have slid somewhat.

Neither club are anywhere near this season's top two performers, Arsenal and City, but among the best of the rest, with arguably "lucky" Spurs going into this weekend's round of matches in 3rd place, and Liverpool, with their so far unrealized but existing potential, placing 9th.

Oddly, one gets the impression Liverpool fans have more confidence in their side than we do in ours. Not sure why. This game will help show what the deal is with us two. Should be fascinating.

More brand new preview items for Sunday's match coming soon. Meanwhile...

He's only got little arms.

Chris Cowlin team news for the weekend.

The Darkside:

Red & White Kop

The Redmen

Final group game
Marseille 1:2 Spurs
Hojbjerg in stoppage time!
MAN OF THE MATCH: central midfielder Rodrigo Bentancur, Uruguayan star valued at a cool E33m or so, was the engine room without which a Spurs comeback would have been unlikely. He pushed Spurs forward.

Reactions: reddit/coys, and highlights.

Second Half: Holy smokes, what a winning goal ripped off the post by Hojbjerg from an oh so ******* sweet lay-on from Harry the Hotspur -- those thousands of traveling Lilywhites fans now coming thru loud and clear, as mighty Spurs WIN the whole effing group. Conteball - say no more for now. But unleashed..... sparks they flew from the Lilywhite 'n Blue.

Spurs equalize 54th min, Perisic feeding French center back Clement Lenglet. We're going thru to the KO stage (as table toppers) ... Conte is God!

Amazing how much Spurs suck playing first halves and come to total life in the second.

Spurs actually came close to scoring. Harry Kane. The abuse from the crowd is deafening. They don't seem to like Conteball either!

First Half 1:0. BBC Five Live has live commentary. Today's saviors. Thanks Beebs! Spurs awful start as usual. Conte - please go.

The TUDn feed is not working in the USA so that's a massive disappointment. You can hear some background crowd but no commentary (would be Spanish in this case) and no picture!

Champions league rights, and indeed the Prem to a lesser extent, have been sold to both English lang and Spanish lang media companies that are essentially burying both -- killing them, literally, Stateside. There's massive growth potential to be made but they don't want to do the right thing. Both Prem & Euro champs honchos need to protect their "product" from being grotesquely underexposed across the pond.

Lots of Spurs fans over here have barreled onto "liberated" sites which of course TheSpur does not recommend or link to, tempting tho' it may be.

Preview: Tottenham Hotspur won the home version of this group stage ECL contest 2:0. The man of the moment: Richarlison. But a great team effort leading to a brace for our new potential hero. Fantastic. However, the Brazilian striker is out, battling injury.

BBC Football notes: "Spurs need a point to qualify for the knockout stages, while a win would mean they top the group."

Patience was the key to our win over them at home, and a large flask of coffee for the viewer.

Now of course we have to perform to go through. Losing is not an option. A point (minimum) is the only guarantee.

League match
Spurs get 3 back
Bentancur blaster wins it
Dramatic comeback
for Spurs

Bournemouth 2
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Sat, Oct 29, 2022 (Ssn 2022/23)

Reactions: For the long time Spurs were chasing the game it seemed like the Conte era might be unraveling after a string of disappointing disjointed performances.

The first Spurs goal, from Sessegnon, seemed to be the turning point. Confidence finally injected itself into Tottenham's veins. More reactions soon.

In the end, it looked rosy for Spurs, and if you missed the game and just look at the stats it seems radically different from enduring a lot of the apprehension and occasional bafflement of watching the actual match unfold.

In the end we see THFC possession at 69%, 23 Spurs shots to 6 for the Cherries, 19-2 corners in favor of the Lilywhites (!) - funny that, coz I thought we got 20 corners and Sonny provided the assist courtesy of the 20th, but then what does my memory know, and [to get back on comparisons] with Bournemouth fouling twice as much.

Home straight of Second half: Bentancured! The Uruguayan midfielder blasts it in to complete a stunning Spurs turnaround. Meanwhile, Brighton 4 Chelsea 1.

Bryan Gil on.

Goals for Spurs: Sessegnon gets one back, and Ben Davies elevates skyward to head a corner kick in for an equalizer.

Earlier Second half: In progress. Early 2nd goal. Brace for Kieffer Moore.

Who will lose by the widest margin? Chelsea 3 down at Brighton, but get one back 2nd half, so far.

First half: Minutes from the first half wrap up as the AFCB fans give it the "Ole" with every home pass. Props to the away fans keeping the vocals up to urge the players on, and it seems to be working. An actual shot on goal, sent in by Son, Skipp shot deflected off the post - THFC's first official on target effort.

"Tottenham are short of creativity" says the commentator. Sundowner on Fightingcock forum: "How are we honestly this bad, Just a pathetic team this season."

VonnegutBusy, Fightingcock forum: "3-5-2 with Sess and Royal as your "attacking" wing backs is criminal, especially with no creative midfielder" "We are basically asking Kane and Son to breakdown a 5-man defence on their own."

Bournemouth giving Spurs a lesson in how to score on the counter - destroyed any Tottenham shape, and the vacuous visitors struggling, not a shot on target, and down a goal.

Preview: Afer a string of mediocre results, Tottenham Hotspur get another bite of the cherry, or in this case the Cherries, to either reinvigorate their season or, if they flop again, ratchet up the Lilywhite angst to new levels of woe and despair.

BBC Football's Chris Sutton: "It depends who plays - and I am really not convinced by Spurs from what I've seen of them lately anyway - but I think this one might go the same way as their last visit to the south coast, a 1-0 win at Brighton at the start of October."

The Guardian's weekend preview of the this weekend's top flight matches including Cherries vs Spurs.

Bournemouth YT Cherries Red Army preview.

Vital football Up the Cherries forum.

We are tottenham TV preview.

Fighting cock cherries (a) thread.

Spurs Odyssey preview.

Fightback earns point
Spurs 1:1 Sporting
Match over: Spurs need a point at Marseille now. Luke McLaughlin, BBC football: "If Sporting and Frankfurt were to draw, then a draw for Spurs in Marseille would be enough to win the group with nine points. If either Sporting of Frankfurt win, they'd be on 10 points, so Spurs would need a victory to top the group with 11. And in the case of a positive result either way in Sporting v Frankfurt, they would need a point to be assured of second place. Lose, and Marseille would be through with nine points."

2nd half: Ultimo minuto ... goal. VAR. Incredibly long for the goal check. Who's willing to bribe the most? No goal. Harry Kane supposedly offside. Conte red carded. Sporting fans from Streatham celebrating. Game over. Drawn.

Bentancur header from Perisic. There's a goal that warms the cockles especially after that non-entity home side first half. Then Dier heads wide from point blank range.

1st half over: Utter gormless crap. Total rubbish. Get this guy out. Total rebuild from players thru manager. No more of this. Beyond words. Utter utter bullshit non-football.

Preview: US TV/online: Paramount, Tudn [also via Fubo]

Win this and flush all our troubles down an old tin can. Then we're thru to the KO stages and can rest players and give the up 'n comers some big stage playing time for the final group game. Group D stands for done and dusted.

Meanwhile in the transfer window THFC can go shopping on Joe wotsisname's credit card, the bloke who owns the club. [Joe Lewis biggest owner; Lewis + Levy family combined ENIC trust bulk of the rest; about 15% other shareholders -Ed.]

At the mo tho, running up to this match, with what we've got - do we look like a side that's going to win the Champions league? Not a bat's chance in hell.

Preview: For viewers in the US it's in English at CBS' online channel Paramount, and for Fubo fans a chance to learn Spanish as the TUDN channel rides to the rescue. Check back as the match unfolds in a mater of dwindling moments.

League action
Harry gets 1 back
Wilson & Almiron stun Spurs
Sun Oct 23, 2022 (Ssn 2022/23)
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Newcastle United 2
NBC (US-tv) highlights

Reactions: ESPN UK reaction

Match ends: Match over. 1-2 final score. Reactions soon.

Second half: Sometimes when it seems all lost something happens to give you a glimmer of hope, this time it's Kane to cheer up the Lane with goal number ten in the prem for Harry.

NUFC denied a penalty owing to "proximity".

Half time: Shocking. If Spurs lose to Sporting and Bournemouth surely it's curtains for the current set-up. If Boris can make a comeback (Saturn forbid) why not Poch? Can Spurs bounce back from the first half goals?

First half: Shocking. A second goal, this time from Miguel Almiron, and things look grim for Spurs, as the PA system grows ever more booming the worse it gets.

Newcastle can't believe the generosity of Tottenham as Hugo Lloris dashes out for a 1-on-1 block of Callum Wilson who lobs into the open goal.

Strap on for another battle against another dodgy foreign owned "park the money" outfit, an insult to the concept of, well, everything we should hold dear. The vertical black and white stripes of the Newcastle Oilers soccer franchise.

It was an incredible victory for Spurs in the corresponding fixture last season. Spurs romped to a 5:1 victory.

Scorers were: [For NUFC: Schar (39m)], Davies (43m), Doherty (48m), Son Heung-Min (54m), Emerson Royal (63m), Steven Bergwyjn (83m). Assists: Son Heung-Min (43m), Kane (48m), Kulusevski (54m), Moura (83m).

League match
No contest

Conte out
by ten Hag
Manchester United 2
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Various on US & UK TV & online
Oct 19, 2022 [Season 2022/3]

Very disappointing. Never easy at OT but totally outclassed and out Man-U-vered. And as for Man Utd: who needs Ronaldo when you've got Fred and Fernandes, right?

Maybe Antonio has the right system for some top players but not the right system for the current Spurs players. They don't seem comfortable or at their best against other top six sides. With a lot of luck and a strong tailwind, they can beat mid-table and lower table teams with Conte-ball.

It's true the first goal was an "unfortunate" deflection but if one side is constantly on the offensive they stand a decent chance of getting that kind of breakthrough goal, whether by all skill or all luck or usually something in between, and then we see the Spurs Conte-style system's malfunction light starts flashing because the goose (or cockerel) is, effectively, cooked. The anticipated Spurs counter never materialized. Plan B anyone?

How about: "To do is to dare"? Wow, what a concept. Anyone successful play like that? By all means have an amazingly solid defence [we're not there yet] but use the considerable talent you've got to its full advantage, especially two of the best strikers in the world. They're lost up there under this system. That's what's missing.


Spurs were hurt by Cristiano Ronaldo in last season's corresponding fixture at OT and his talent cost us the game in a THFC 3:2 defeat.

"It was like the Cristiano Ronaldo show in the end and Spurs accepted and seemingly went along with the script, rolling out the red carpet for CR7 to run away with a hat trick. WTF." said TheSpur's reaction.

"How was nobody properly marking Ronaldo who was clearly frothing for a hat trick? What a waste of all the previous THFC effort," ranted this site.

The aging Ronaldo's not been an unmitigated success since then (nor did he appear at all in this game, they didn't need him).

In that corresponding fixture BBC Football's Lawro had said before the match: "We know Spurs can be flaky but the form that Harry Kane and Son Heung-min are in at the moment makes me think they will cause United all sorts of problems, if they get any sort of supply." Well, Son may be returning to form this time (we hope), and Harry's stil got the magic touch, but all will be for nought if we concede one more than them.

League action
It works!
So far, Conte-ball on song
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Everton 0
Oct 15, 2022 (Ssn 2022/23)
TH Stadium, London. NBC USA Highlights
USA:NBCtv. Streams:fuboTV, DirectTV, SlingB, Peac'k, Univ.

Best Premiership start ever for Tottenham Hotspur after ten games, according to WATTV, and going back even further BBC Football adds: "their best start to a season since the 1963-64 campaign". Holy s***. That's impressive.

No one can say this was the epitome of the beautiful game. But it's those *wins* that keep the lights on and for Tottenham Hotspur and Antonio Conte the game plan is working.

With this kind of football - contrast it with Arsenal v Liverpool last weekend - it has to work because, although it was an amazing second goal showing players working in tune together along with the individual flair that sets stadiums alight, punters may be quick to turn - if feeding on one or two morsels of that for 90+ mins is the only prize on offer. But if it's another in an impressive string of home wins everyone considers it "job done" and goes home happy.

It's a bit baffling how it is happening but it still seems noticeably precarious for a lot of the time. But hey, let's see what others think.

So a penalty from Harry @ min 59 and then that gloriously worked goal culminating in Pierre Hojbjerg notching @ min 86 won the day, with Everton finding few inroads towards meaningful chances at Tottenham's net, but of course they'll rue two opportunities that could have made it neck and neck, and therein the inherent danger of football Conte style: to some extent it's beyond his control.

Champions league : Spurs 3 Frankfurt 2 [Result]

Other reactions: "If we can remain nowhere near our best for the rest of the season I fancy us for some silverware. COYS." -- zblargx Guardian forum poster.

Match over.

Lightning reaction until later: Spurs back from the dead. Eintracht score first, Son equalizes 1:1, Kane gets THFC's second from the spot. Then.... golasso por Tottingham.... Heung-min Son nabs a second, wow wot a goal, it's 3:1 to Spurs.

But we still made it Spursy. After a long mid-2nd half lull the match got really wild. We allowed them a second goal in min 87, now game on again at 3:2. Then Smolcic chopped down Gil, and Kane skied the spot kick over the bar. "You gorra be kiddin'" as they say in Sunderland. Whistle blows for full time.

Google naming rights
Fans chime in

Fans are making their suggestions as to what the new stadium may, or should, be named if Google becomes the sponsor. Just randomly selecting an online community the "Cartilage free captain" forum we have posters saying:

"The Google at White Hart Lane sounds lovely" -- just happy to be hojbjerg.

"Cock-a-google-doo stadium" -- Blackwolf 1967, or was that the "Cock a google doodle do" stadium?

The "Danny Rose Bowl" from IamSpurtacus.

League match
Conte ballers
Kane & Son combine to triumph
Danish intntl
Spur of
the mo

Oct 08, 2022
Brighton & H.A. 0 (0)
Tottenham Hotspur 1 (1)
Harry & Son combine

Coming soon more reactions and then build-up to the Frankfurt rematch. Meanwhile the day ends with the Lilywhites third in the table: with all the criticism of the set-up recently it's worth looking at that table, most clubs would love to be third best in the nation, and in the Champions league.

Instant reaction: Conte ball in action but with an incorporation of rapid forward motion when necessary, and in this case it worked. The deserved win was dedicated to the club's late fitness coach Gian Piero V who died way too soon, and suddenly, and was very well remembered on this day out by the Tottenham Hotspur players and fans as they celebrated a successful result on the south coast.

Slightly mitigating the deserved win, which keeps the Lilywhites right up there as mentioned, is that Brighton are exactly the kind of side that this current Spurs incarnation excels at defeating, yet we know that those recent season wins over the Seagulls do not guarantee bringing home the vegan bacon against teams that play other styles of football or this style better.

Brighton created more meaningful chances ultimately boasting four shots on target to Tottenham's three and the home side had 59% of possession. They played a nice passing game and you can see why they're considered a decent side.

But ultimately it only needs a moment of Heung-min Son combining with the head of Harry Kane and, for all BH&A's good stats, they were undone by that combined flash of excellence from Tottenham's celebrated dynamic duo. The delivery by Son was sensational, and whether Kane headed it cleanly and deliberately or not, it ended up zapping into the net before anybody, including their keeper, could react.

It was indeed Conte ball but with enough allowance for flair to get the requisite goal that of course meant more than all the other match day stats combined [other than zero goals conceded by us].

Match: Spurs 1 up at half-time.

First half: Kane scores. Heung-min Son assist.

Mali international Yves Bissouma was in for this one, as many fans have clamored for. Ireland's Matt Doherty was in too. Designed to tighten up after the defeat at Arsenal.

Man of the Match: Some solid in-form performances with Sessegnon, Bentancur, and Hojbjerg getting the most plaudits. The latter in particular, the Danish international, epitomized the energy, determination, quick mind, and skill that our players showed today, and we saw him at his best today.

Champions league : Nil-nil at the Eintracht

The main thing is not losing away from home especially with the kind of support German sides such as Frankfurt can boast. Highlights.

Talksport on Spurs in this match.

Jonathan Liew of The Guardian: "... the sense of treading water is unmistakable, the feeling that everyone here, from Conte to Harry Kane to the supporters paying their hard-earned, is slowly getting older."

"The effort was there, we seemed to panic in the final third which became worse the longer the game went on ... Thought midfield pair did well, wing back remains an odd one though." -- MK Spur, Glory glory forum

"The wing back positions are supposed to be the most creative positions on the pitch in a Conte style 343, Emerson offers next to nothing going forward." -- Joshua Shepherd, Spurs Community

"Get 3 midfielders in there to get a level of control that allows Son and Kane to hang off the defensive line. They are often on the edge of our box when we break." -- Nikesh, fighting cock forum

"All seems to be regressing rather than advancing - and it's not even as if the football is much to watch. It's bang average." -- Left on the Shelf, Not 606

"Antonio Conte doing Antonio Conte things." -- Beautiful loser, Tottenham page.

More reactions coming in, plus the games keep a comin' like a tidal wave. Brighton next.

Premier league action
NLD: a stresser again
Arsenal 3
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Oct 1, 2022 (Ssn 2022/23)
US Live TV: USA ch., Fubo, SlingB, DirecTV stream, Universo

Tapintobs reaction.

Consolation prize?: Well, Crystal Palace's lead over Chelsea didn't endure, Palace eventually lost 1:2. Now even West Ham have won. So, very little consolation. There was only one result that potentially gave any future hope that outcomes won't become completely and mind-numbingly predictable (other than Spurs losing to smaller clubs) and that outcome for Brighton wasn't a win in the end. They looked like they would upset an apple cart, but ended up drawing at Liverpool, still commendable, but that's what passes for an upset these days. Scraping the barrel.

Mind you, gotta give props to Everton, almost the abandoned half of Merseyside, both their men's and women's first teams are showing signs of life. There's a respective pulse there.

And, to digress a tad, every year in English football, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer unless they're bought by ultra-big, inevitably sleazy, money.

Reactions: Regarding the sending off re Royal's foul on Martinelli, Nick Ames of the Guardian: "...he showed a straight red and it appeared reasonable. Spurs raged but the challenge looked messier with each viewing .... Arsenal knew they could go for the kill and did so within five minutes."

BBC Football: "Jesus has proved to be a superb signing, while William Saliba has been outstanding in central defence since returning from loan spells at St Etienne, Nice and Marseille .... There is still work to be done but Arsenal look like a club and a team who finally have a clear direction again, a mouth-watering mix of younger players and experience that bodes well for the future."

More reactions on the way about a match we hope that our manager and players learn from. If we do, it could still be a bright season. But it's hard to deny the talent and tactics of the local rivals and it's now up to Conte to do better with our lads going forward.

Match: Having a player, Emerson Royal, sent off in the derby is never a helpful situation but against an in-form Arsenal it was game over long before the final whistle. It's hard to see anyone stopping Arsenal except for Man City so it's one of those two to win the prem unless something dramatically changes. For Spurs, maybe watch Arsenal and learn from the combination of talent and organization.

The limits of Conte ball on display against this type of oppo. That limit was all too evident after the break especially after Royal's foul on Martinelli, which was not deserving of a red card but uneccesary and ill advised, but it left the visitors overwhelmed from then on.

Preview: Saturday Oct 1st and it's north London derby day. Both clubs are flying high going into this premier weekend with the home side top and Spurs 3rd. Some argue that the Lilywhites position is a reflection, to a significant extent, of getting the rub of the green as opposed to deserving it.

Meanwhile there's another massive derby over the weekend with Manchester's City hosting United at 6am Sunday (west coast of North America Pacific time). Two other premier derbies are also part of this round's action: Palace vs Chelsea (another London affair) and bottom two clubs Leicester vs Nottingham Forest meet in the East Midlands derby.

BBC Football Chris Sutton has Arsenal to beat Spurs 3:2, Palace to lose 1:3 to Chelsea, and City to clobber Man United 4:1. The Spur reckons five goals is too much for the north London derby even though goals in N7 seem inevitable; Palace could lose to CFC by more than one goal difference so no disagreement here; and City likely to win but not by a 3 goal margin. We will see.

Sutton reckons "You could make a case for either team here (in the NL derby), but my gut feeling is to go with Arsenal - and for there to be lots of goals. It's at Emirates Stadium, and I think the Gunners will take the game to Tottenham. Spurs like that, because they are at their very best on the counter-attack, but I think Arsenal will get at them."

The Guardian encapsulates the deal: "North London bragging rights are on the line this Saturday and so is the ever-delicate question of the power balance between Arsenal and Spurs."

Who would miss George Achillea telling us "Why Richarlison was worth 60m [pounds]"?

Meanwhile Alisdair Gold looks forward to the January transfer window and as you'd expect he goes deep deep deep.

Gold also looks at Conte and discussion around his contract with Spurs.

Premier action
Sonsational hat-trick
AFC vs Spurs next for #1 Prem spot
Sat, Sept 17, 2022 (Ssn 2022/23)
Tottenham Hotspur 6
Leicester City 2
by Rob F.

"The prod-a-goal Son is back" types Cryogenic, Guardian reader post.

And now Son's talent earns him perhaps the best hat-trick out there [maybe there's a better one out there but I don't recall it, Son is #1] coming off the bench to bathe in superb Spurs glory.

Son's talent knows no bounds. Now an even better goal, his second, assisted by Harry Kane.

Oh wow, massive thanks to Son Heung-min - way to take the pressure off and remind people of the incredible, breathtaking talent that you possess. Spurs 4:2. Props & mayhem! Not to mention the Zen-like composure in putting that away as if his form had never been in doubt. Phenomenal. Moments later he sets up Romero with a tap-in but the South Korean deemed offside with the assist. Had it been onside, even YT Spurs supporter Tap-in Tobs could have nailed that one!

OMG what a steal from Bentancur catches the visitors dawdling and the right footed Uruguayan midfielder lashes Spurs into a 3:2 lead.

Wondergoal from James Madison equalizes for Leicester.

Non stop stuff continues, a third THFC "goal", also from a set piece, disallowed.

Non stop stuff, a second Spurs goal from a set piece [corner this time]. 2:1 to the Tottenham.

Holy s**t, Harry Kane equalizes. 1:1.

SPURS vs LEICESTER match beigns: Holy s**t, totally bogus penalty, saved by Hugo, then retaken and scored.

About to kick-off.

Week in action: Sporting 2:0 Spurs

Sporting played better and braver and Spurs thought they'd just run down the clock at 0:0 and in the end you risk getting bitten and it happened twice about as late as it could have been -- in stoppage time. You have to credit Sporting who felt they had nothing to lose so why not have a few pops at the end and two went in.

The first goal was the result of an unstoppable header but it was also a result of Sporting taking the game to Tottenham, and their heads going up for the ball with more vigor and determination than the visitors. The second goal -- Spurs had lost interest by then.

On this showing Spurs will be lucky to get anywhere near the final of this competition. Be honest -- do we look like a side that's going to win the Champions league?

Preview: For viewers in the US it's in English at CBS' online channel Paramount.

For those of us who have maxed out our subscribing commitments to a plethora of online pay sites, it's fortunate that a Spanish channel is showing it, and their channel is already part of another subscription we may already have, such as Fubo (more than a few busy fans may have missed this, so hopefully that inspires stateside Spurs fans to check their package offerings). You get to watch the game live or recorded without 'double paying' for the match, AND you get to learn Spanish!

Going into this game Sporting Lisbon are seventh in their domestic league table, below some considerably smaller clubs, however they've won both of their most recent league matches. Spurs go in with a strong undefeated domestic league start to the season and winning three of their last four league matches.

Both sides convincingly won their opening group stage CL match.

Sofascore: "Sporting CP is going head to head with Tottenham Hotspur starting on 13 Sep 2022 at Jose Alvalade stadium, Lisbon city, Portugal. The match is a part of the UEFA Champions League, Group D." "Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Yves Bissouma has suggested on Instagram that he could start against Sporting Lisbon in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday evening. Antonio Conte's Tottenham will take on Sporting away from home in Lisbon in the UEFA Champions League tomorrow."

Last week in action
THFC 2 Marseille 0, Full time
Richarlison brace
Marseille at home, first game of the new Euro Champs League, which Arsenal are not in, kicked off at the best football stadium in the United Kingdom by a mile: Tottenham Hotspur stadium as Spurs cordially welcomed our first victims, who hail of course from the French top tier, and doing well domestically. But it'll be top tears for them, indeed.

The men and the moments: Richarlison brace.

And that's how it turned out. Patience was the key. And then - bang - great team effort leading to a brace for our new hero Richarlison. Ivan Perisic and Emile Hojbjerg with stellar assists. Guardian: "For so long, it appeared that the grand return after a two-season absence would fall flat, even when Marseille were reduced to ten men in the 47th minute following Chancel Mbemba's last-man foul on Son Heung-min."

Marseille as a football team are as hard as the image the city has to people around the world - apologies if it's a myth or stereotype but those were some terribly tough nuts dressed in sky blue, but we cracked 'em. We're the new nutcrackers when we need to be.

Media, press, Spurs & sport:
It's rarely done to applaud as Man United goals go in (instead I'd rather applaud FC United if it had to be a Manchester area side).

But against Arsenal, to bring their 100% track record and season-long unbeaten run to an end, it is definitely allowable. So the Devils' 3:1 home win over the gooners did leave a spring in my step especially with us beating Fulham at home on Saturday and therefore narrowing the points difference between us and them, though they do remain top.

By contrast, when Arsenal play Chelsea, unless they are both deemed to have lost, which is technically impossible, it is at best a mixed response. A drab scoreless draw [because I can't usually bring myself to actually watch it unless something critical to Tottenham Hotspur's fortunes is at stake] is usually the preferred outcome.

Meanwhile the Daily Mash posits that the football team you support is enough info on which to base your horoscope. At least, I think that's why they're saying. It may be that it simply says that being a fan of a particular club says certain things about you [allegedly], specifically if you're a Spurs, Bournemouth, Wolves, or West Brom aficianado.

What I find remarkable about articles like this is that even if the writer supports a team that is not really related in any particularly relevant way to Spurs, somehow, if they're going to mention a club or two, other than their own, or a local rival, it's THFC they pick out of the crowd to have a pop at!

Prem action 2022/23
It's all over
Spurs hold on!
Sept 3, 2022
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Fulham 1
T.H. stadium, London. FULL TIME
Utd States live: Peacock online.

Matchday & reactions: By the end of the day's fixtures there it is: the premier league table showing Tottenham Hotspur standing third, equal on points with our next opponents Manchester City at #2, and one point behind leaders Arsenal [who have a game in hand].

"Hojbjerg is our general and Bentancur the conductor." -- Jordan Hussein, LWOS viewer text. (Check back for more reactions).

Talk about a stressful finale to this one following very late Richarlison 'goal' ruled offside after he connected with an impressive Ryan Sessegnon feed, so back to only one goal ahead with Fulham sensing they could get something out of this.

But it was enough, in the end, to get the north London Lilywhites over the line and three absolutely precious points in the bag - and now it seems barely a moment to breathe as the stage gets set for the first group game of the Champions league on Wednesday. "Not ideal" (-- Conte) fixture congestion and there's no let up.

Fulham not out for the count despite Kane's goal that very briefly put THFC two goals up. Aleksandar Mitrovic gets one back with 7 minutes regular time remaining.

Second half and the second Tottenham Hotspur goal. Harry Kane 75'. BBC gameday tracker: "Harry Kane has scored 188 Premier League goals, taking him third on the all-time list (above Andy Cole). Alan Shearer (260) and Wayne Rooney (208) are above him. Also Kane has equalled Thierry Henry's record of 43 goals in London derbies in the Premier League. And he's replaced by Dejan Kulusevksi now."

Half time with the home side Spurs a goal up.

Guardian match tracker: "It's been coming, but that doesn't mean Fulham won't be kicking themselves about the way it came. They surrender possession cheaply deep in their own half, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg exchanges passes with Richarlison before dispatching into the corner."

Spur of the Moment: Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg. Solid team performance saw the Danish midfielder in peak form recently: reliable, confident, on top.

Premier league 2022/23
WHU equalize
Point apiece by mutual agreement
August 31, 2022
West Ham Utd 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Full time.

REACTIONS: With three matches in quick succession for Tottenham Hotspur - a brutal reminder of the fixture congestion likely to plague the season - and a dodgy track record away from home to London rivals it looked like a workmanlike point at West Ham's London Stadium, with the object of the exercize to then go full tilt at beating Fulham at home this weekend (US: Peacock 7am US-Pacific). Not exactly a Man City or Arsenal level of expectation but, other than those two, Spurs seem to be among the best of the rest in the top flight. Check back for more reactions.

"I've calmed down now. I'll take the point. On to Fulham." -- Nigel Watson, texter on Spurs Related.

MATCH: Soucek equalizes (55' mins) from quality Antonio assist. 1st half: own goal by WHU's Thilo Kehrer.

Preview: Tottenham Hotspur have a lousy recent record playing at local places like West Ham and Chelsea but there's reason to think we'll get something out of this today. But in the corresponding fixture last season it was another flop, losing one-nil and the club in white showed almost no bite.

Corresponding fixture: One goal decided it last season and West Ham had the guile and ambition to crank out the result from a set piece, while Spurs offered almost no creativity or urgency, especially for most of the second half.

The cavernous London stadium doesn't lend itself to much of a football atmosphere despite this being a traditionally fiery north-east London occasion back in the day of old school standing terrraces frequently beset by two heaving leering mobs baying across a double line of wary but expressionless police in bobby uniforms. Throw in a seriously dodgy contingent of psycho free-range Millwall fans and you got the kind of party that not everybody wants to be at, other than the amped up gatecrashers. Not for the faint of heart back then.

League match (Ssn 2022/23)
Forest brace for Kane
Kulusevski and Richarl assist
Nottingham Forest 0
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Aug 28, 2022 - FINAL
City ground, THFC YT highlights

Thogden visits the City Ground for Forest vs Spurs.

"Tottenham Hotspur beat Nottingham Forest 2-0 and move level on points with Manchester City on 10 points. Harry Kane moved level with Andy Cole as the joint third goal scorer in Premier League history today on 187 goals after a brace against Forest. Antonio Conte's side remain unbeaten, and keep their hopes alive for a possible title challenge." -- Man City Xtra.

Second half: Harry Kane gets his second with about 8 mins remaining, Richarlison with his first ever Tottenham Hotspur assist - brilliant.

Kane had his rocket penalty saved earlier in the half. Coulda been a hat trick but wot an effing save dude by the Forest keeper from that Harry spot blaster!

Best season start for Spurs in 30 years. Check back for reactions.

First half: Harry Kane scores an early goal assisted by Kulu. Spurs ahead. Lloris then called into action multiple times to keep THFC ahead.

THE SPUR of the Moment: Well obviously Harry Kane. Honorable mention to Hojbjerg who was the unsung hero in both this and the Wolves match. Props to Pierre-Emile.

League match (Ssn 2022/23)
Second half joy
Perisic & Kane use their heads
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Wolves 0
Aug 20, 2022 - Full Time result
TH stadium NBC highlights

Reactions from "The Spur" & elsewhere: Wolves came out high octane and kept it that level throughout. But they lacked the finishing power (partly due to missing talent) and Tottenham Hotspur somehow managed to weather the first half storm to transform into the potential that now seems very apparent - for example Ivan Perisic being the Spur of the Moment and his quality was there for all to savor, culminating in his amazingly deft assist around the 65th minute. Delightful debut.

Congrats to Harry Kane on his 250th goal for the Lilywhites, and for the most goals for a club in Premier league history: 185, pipping Sergio Aguero (Man City) by one, and Wayne Rooney (MUFC) by two, with today's goal. "Kane just knows where to be to score" says fan Daniel Maluenda on the NBC highlights.

Seven points out of nine including a visit to Chelscum is a solid start for Spurs and, being the early game of this particular Saturday, is enough to claim, temporarily, top of the table - again - and a chance to enjoy the rest of the weekend's games secure in the knowledge that THFC have 3 more points in the bag and remain undefeated. Being top is getting to be a habit, but early days of course, yet with the new signings looking really talented and seemingly blending in nicely with the longer time regulars, this is already a fascinating new chapter for the pride of north London.

Elias Krishnan (appearing on WATTV) is one of many supporters, including us, to emphasize how un-Spursy we've become this season, getting results even when not playing consistently at the higher level we should be capable of, especially with the squad additions. But that consistently higher level should come.

Match: Perisic looking amazing and it was his flicked header from a Son corner that reached Harry Kane, perfectly positioned to head it in to break the deadlock. Quality "double header" goal.

THE SPUR of the Moment: Croatian international winger Ivan Perisic showed his silky dribbling skills, great vision, astute interplay, dangerous crosses, plus assisting the sole goal.

In other news, Chelsea bans racist season ticket holder for verbal abuse of Son Heung-min.

Preview: Spurs struggled in the corresponding fixture last season, back in Feb, losing 0:2.

Both sides had seven goals on target, while Spurs "enjoyed" 59% of possession, had more corners, and fouled less. None of that prevented the club from careening to rock bottom in morale and in its ability to compete anywhere near the top level of the top flight.

League match 2022/3
Resilient THFC prove a point
Aug 14, 2022 (Ssn 2022/23).
Blue racists 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
USA: USA, fubo, SlingB, DirecTV, Hulu, Telemundo

Second half: Chelsea back ahead, but wait.... Spurs equalize again, Kane flies to head in the equalizer for 2:2 with seconds remaining of stoppage time. What a game, stressful but worth it in the end, with two quality Tottenham goals, as players and fans battle all over the shop long after the final whistle. Great support from the travelling Tottenham faithful.

Conte's tactical changes have worked! And then, what a combo: Son to Davies to Hojbjerg and with a precision goal from outside the box. Amazing stuff.

Conte's tactical changes have worked! And then, what a combo: Son to Davies to Hojbjerg and with a precision goal from outside the box. Amazing stuff.

61st minute Kane materializes from the shadows but hooks it wide.

Chelsea are owning the second half but Conte willing to make chan ges when things are not working. On comes Richarlison for Sessegnon as Davies goes to left back with Royal at right back.

First half over: Hope dashed eternal. Chelsea are owning the first half. Spurs are at the racists but not at the races. All one way. Only one-nil but ain't looking good. This is Tottenham "we're better than Man United if not Chelsea" Hotspur.

Preview: Well it's a brutal grind to have to watch Chelsea at the bastion of UK fascism - the last thing any non-braindead person would ever want to do, but because it's Spurs of course we'll do just that.

Even when Chelsea suck we lose against them, but this really is a chance to nick a point or even...

Up 'til this very encounter Chelsea's squad has for years been easily better than ours but the Russian laundry has supposedly closed shop and Spurs have strengthened, so anything can happen.

The match is just moments away so I'll catch you at kick-off.

League season 2022/2023
Spurs cruisin'
What a season start, Spurs!
Aug 06, 2022. Live US TV/Online: Peacock
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Southampton 1
Tot/Hot stadium; US Hilites

Football terrace reacts

LWOS post-match w/lee, tapintobs, crackers & host @rickysacks

Football daily for sat, aug 6th.

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Line-up: Lloris; Romero, Dier, Davies, Royal, Bentancur, Hojbjerg, Sessegnon, Kulusevski, Son, Kane.

Post match: Elation throughout the THFC community. It's almost scary the adulation [deserved!] because, of course, the first "next level" test comes at Stamford bridge on Sunday. Chelsea got the win at Everton in one the most turgid prem matches ever played but despite that, the hated blue meanies got the three away points, no matter how ugly, and it was.

It's great to witness our beloved Lilywhites outclassing a Saints side that oufoxed us on our patch last time, to see the new players fitting in so rapidly, and the existing players step up to a new level - and it seems we've only just begun. Plus, it's not just Harry and Son plus supporting cast. It was a team result and the vibes are very very good. But next up... the big test.

First half: Back in February in the corresponding fixture it didn't end well. In a thrilling match Tottenham Hotspur ended up being pipped 2:3.

So it seemed like deja vu when a James Ward-Prowse volley punctured Tottenham Hotspur's goal in this encounter [the same player that assisted twice for Saints in the February loss]. But although the London side trailed at the 13th min Ryan Sessegnon equalizes minutes later, headed in from Kulu's cross, soon followed by another quality cross, this time from Son, as Dier heads the ball to give the Lilywhites the edge. 2:1 to the Tott'nm.

Credit to Spurs who rallied superbly after what seemed like a disastrous start. The fear was that Southampton would stymie Spurs and hold the lead, but THFC created numerous opportunities as the first half unfolded. Great to see how, after a few wobbly minutes both before and after the visitor's opening goal, the Lilywhites showed their class and cohesion. Now, can we consolidate in the second half?

Second half: On we go with the second half.

Then it all goes ballistic as Tottenham surge into a 4:1 lead - an own goal by the Saints' Mo Salisu, followed rapidly by a fourth THFC goal, this time by Kulu. Royal Emerson, playing so well, and now boasting two assists, when on comes new Spurs star-to-be Ivan Perisic replacing Ryan Sessegnon who in turn gets big applause. Looks like the untouchable Kulu is on the way to getting man of the match at this rate, but Bentancur a close second.

Spurs see out the game in style to serve us up with a sensational start to the season. Superb. Very impressive.

League match
Epic day for Spurs
Kulu for #3 & Son brace
Spurs are in the champs league
May 22, 2022 (Ssn 2021/2) RESULT
Norwich City 0
Tottenham Hotspur 5

LWOS panel reacts and looks ahead.

NBC extended highlights.

Post match with Irish Hotspur.

Second Half ended: Son vs Sala in full swing - beaut of a brace for Son, but then Sala gets one for Liverpool. They're tied - sharing one golden boot each. Inflation!

Clubwise, it went to the wire but the title goes to Manchester City while Burnley are saddled with the last relegation spot - but decided, in effect, much earlier is that SPURS triumphed over Arsenal in the quest for 4th place and endless future success for the Lilywhites, with a likely downward plunge for has-been Arsenal who'll be travelling Sleazyjet to the likes of windswept rain soaked Qarabag FC for their insignificant games.

Heung-min Son's quest for the golden boot continues as Kane unselfishly lays on to Moura who feeds the Son goal. Let's have another one, Son.

No one bends it like Kulu, what a goal, Spurs 3 up.

Son's colleagues trying hard to set him up with the golden boot but so far no dice.

Fun scores as the second half unfolds for all the games: Palace 1 Man Utd 0, Man City 0 Villa 1, Arsenal 4 Everton 1, Liverpool 1-1 home to Wolves. Burnley looking doomed to go down, they're losing, Leeds are winning. Still plenty of time to go.

The tension of the first half has translated into consolidation so far in the second half. Spurs are happy to play "neutral ball" with the hosts.

First Half: Goalkeeping error sets up the second Spurs goal gratefully banged in by Harry Kane. The pendulum is heavily weighting towards THFC and not Arsenal getting 4th place and the substantial rosy rewards implied - a draw enough for the Lilywhites even if Arsenal win.

Kulu assisted by the unselfish cutback from Bentancur and it's the goal that the globe was looking for. It's one nil to the Tottenham as the Canaries' offside trap was sprung like a leaking mains pipe.

Preview: It's hard to overstate the existential importance of this match to Tottenham Hotspur's future. We simply must do it. We've got the manager, we've got the superstars up front, we've signed great players, it can all come together with a Champions league place, it could all unravel if not. And we're so so close to achieving it, and it's ours to reach out and grab, it's all on the line, it's ll down to this one final game of the season.

Just one point, lads, that's all we need. We cannot count on Arsenal not winning. Props to Everton for staying up but if Arsenal get themselves halfway back together from their meltdown since losing to THFC, they are potentially a way better side than the Toffees and desperate to leave their awful home crowd with a consolation prize.

We beat the Canaries in the home fixture for this season, and though Norwich were convincingly beaten in the end, it was not even close to being a pushover. Since then we now the Norfolk side actually couldn't avoid the drop, and based on their game against us it was in large part because: they couldn't finish.

Meanwhile, the Lilywhites are faves to win the coveted top four spot, a Euro champs league place agonizingly close - it's in our hands - and close to restoration as the undisputed Kings of north London over Arsenal. The Spur's reaction to that home win over Norwich included the view that "top #4, as usual, is the realistically attainable target - as it has been many times during our better seasons in recent history."

Ed Aarons of The Guardian said of that reverse result: "A solid if unspectacular victory over bottom side Norwich". Trust me, if needed, we will take that outcome for a second time.

Random preview links, match threads, etc, below [more as always in the left column].

Football London build-up items including the spectre of another food poisoning [or whatever it was/is this time] scare.

Match thread on the Glory Glory forum.

Predicted line-up from We Are Tottenham TV.

Check back for reactions during and after the match. Check back for reactions during and after the match. Check back for reactions during and after the match. Check back for reactions during and after the match.

The Run-in: Stars align
Newcastle 2 Goons 0!
Six mins of injury time are over. Full time. The stars are aligning it seems in favor of super Spurs, as well as their own skill of course, with the latest lurch of the pendulum towards titanic Tottenham's quest to nab that Euro champs league spot with Newcastle winning by TWO at home to Arsenal. Lovely goals. The 2nd went in and everyone everywhere went beserk with joy. Also bad for the visitors, originally from the Woolwich area of SE London, is to sustain two more potentially debilitating injuries at St James' Park. Can the Geordies take this lead to fruition? Yes.

Spurs now need to get at least a draw at Carrow Road. It's in our own hands. Even if Spurs lose, Arsenal would still have to win against Everton [them beating the Toffees is very likely however as, though I want them to stay up, the Merseyside club's current team is pretty bad. Great fans though]. So we gotta do the biz at Norwich.

At the time of writing the bookies are giving Spurs a 96% chance of nabbing the remaining Euro Champions league spot, with Arsenal amassing a 4% chance. This is no time to get Spursy!

Irish Hotspur channel reactions.

Bobspur channel reactions.

Football Terrace channel reactions.

Watch out Real Madrid, Man City, Liverpool - we're coming for the quadruple and far beyond!

Spurs 1:0 Burnley
Must win vs Norwich, AFC must falter
In Conte we dare to do
May 15, 2022
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Burnley 0
by Ree Porter
US TV: USA. Net: Fubo, DirecTV, SlingB

Reactions: Burnley made it tough for Tottenham to break them down and, like the hosts, they had some gilt edged chances to put a few away, but ultimately it was a poor decision by a Burnley defender to handball, and a penalty to the home side, scored of course by Harry Kane, that made the difference. Now we just need to beat Norwich and that's all we can do other than go beserk with joy if Arsenal flounder against one or both of their remaining opponents.

Preview: Check back for more reactions from around the Net and beyond following the Tottenham Hotspur victory over Burnley. Check back for more reactions from around the Net and beyond following the Tottenham Hotspur victory over Burnley. Check back for more reactions from around the Net and beyond following the Tottenham Hotspur victory over Burnley.

Check back for more reactions from around the Net and beyond following the Tottenham Hotspur victory over Burnley. Check back for more reactions from around the Net and beyond following the Tottenham Hotspur victory over Burnley. Check back for more reactions from around the Net and beyond following the Tottenham Hotspur victory over Burnley.

Premier league
Spurs Gods
Spurs cool as cucumbers, Arse panic
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Arsenal 0 [Full Time]
May 12, 2022 (Ssn 2021/22)
by BoneSpurs

Reactions: It was a comprehensive win for Tottenham Hotspur. Arsenal got a player sent off but that's because they were getting outplayed and desperate, and made things increasingly worse for themselves. Spurs kept their cool, managed the play better, and were mentally stronger.

Tottenham fan vlogs reaction.

Korean fan vlog reaction.

"Son Leaves Arsenal Holding On" is the title of a reaction from James Lawrence Allcott. More reactions on the way.

Second half: Three goals up and half an hour remaining I can finally actually relax and enjoy the "ole's" of the ecstatic crowd. The NL is usually a stressful experience but this one we are throughly enjoying. [You're really tempting fate, Boner! -- Ed]

Harry gets the ball in the penalty area and it ricochets back to Son who finds the far corner with a classic Sonny strike. Bloody brilliant - we are three up and romping.

First half: Harry gets his brace. Son Heung-min's corner kick reaches the head of emerging future Spur cult hero Rodrigo Bentancur who in turn flicks on to the far post where Harry Kane's pointblank header guides it into the Paxton goal for numero dos. Get in there my sons! Wowza, Spurs rising to the occasion big time so far.

Rabid Rob Holding seems to be trying to permanently cripple Heung-min Son and finally the ref actually does something, yellow card, twice. Off goes the dirtiest player since Granit Xhaka. Both Arsenal of course. Horrible players.

Kane converts the penalty [the foul by Cedric] as only Harry can do. Long time to go, but it helps a lot to have that one in the bag, to state it mildly.

Pre-match: An especially critical NL Derby this time around. Tottenham Hotspur are doomed if they lose, and realistically must win to stay in the running for Top 4 and the Euro champs league.

Tapintobs preview.

BBC Football preview.

Chris Cowlin.

WATTV predicted line-up.

Please check back for build-up, in-match reaction, post-match celebration [or not] and much more. >Please check back for build-up, inmatch reaction, post-match celebration [or not] and much more. Please check back for build-up, inmatch reaction, post-match celebration [or not] and much more. >Please check back for build-up, inmatch reaction, post-match celebration [or not] and much more.

League match
Harry & Son
Harry nets in 1st half, Son in 2nd
Sun, May 01, 2022 @ 6am Pac/USA (Ssn 20021/22)
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Leicester City 1
6am USA/Pacific. US Net: Peacock [NBC stream]

Second half: Heung-min Son outdoes even his previous goal with Tottenham's third and another assist for Kulu - Leicester get one back in stoppage time, and that will do it. Now to watch Arsenal lose.

Here we go again. Oh wow - Kulu [on for Moura] feeds Heung-min Son and the south Korean international swivels to send the ball between two visiting defenders to make it an impressive, and desperately yearned for by us fans, second Spurs goal.

Half Time: The dynamic duo Son and Kane combine as so many times before and the goal drought is over for Spurs courtesy of a set piece, Harry's header his 13th league goal of the league season.

First half: 39th min Daka so close as the sense is Leicester really want this, not looking distracted by their crucial Euro trip to AC Roma on Thursday.

Around the 32min Harry Kane finds himself one on one withe City keeper but Kasper Schmeichel quick to deflect.

Harry Kane heads home a Son Heung-min corner and, as often, Harry loves scoring against the Foxes.

Strong defending by Romero foils Albrighton.

Daka on target but somehow Lloris turns it onto the post and vulnerable gaps evident in what was a decent THFC defensive display when required in the first 13 minutes or so.

Early doors. As usual between these sides they're both going for it, so it's not cagey, it's end to end, and Leicester the more proactive.

Preview: The battle to beat Arsenal to 4th spot continues as Antonio Conte responds to stories of him courting PSG as "fake news".

The injury problems have built up ar Tottenham Hotspur at the worst possible time of the season and it hurts to not have Matt Doherty, Sergio Reguilon and Oliver Skipp, with Tanganga also still out. The club will have to dig deep and some unfamiliar names could be in the line-up to those who only follow the regular star players.

The big advantage the London side has is that the Foxes are in the midst of two weekday Europa Conference semi-final legs and each of those takes its physical toll [1:1 home leg played on Thurs], but also Leicester's Euro opponents Roma should be much more on their minds than this visit to N17 if the Foxes are to play in Europe again next season.

Then Lilywhites right now can't get a shot on frame as we saw against Brentford ad Brighton but somehow it seems that this one could hearld the welcome return of that previous rampaging THFC form that delighted their fans before everything came to a grinding halt.

More build-up, match reactions, and post game partying to follow.

Poch set for Spurs return?
With Antonio Conte openly serenading PSG to activate his release clause away from Tottenham Mark Goldbridge is one of many who point out that if Conte spurns Spurs then their next best option would be the return of Pochettino. It seems highly likely if we're honest, especially as Daniel Levy is allegedly preparing the navy blue carpet to be rolled out for the former Argentine manager of Spurs to return in glory in what is unfolding to be the Second Coming of Mauricio.

Problem is, will Harry Kane be in Conte's wake as they both swan over to Paris to swim in untold riches as PSG attempt to lure their disdainful fans back into the fold? They won the French league only to have the crowd walk out on them! They'll only come back when PSG make a credible effort to win the Champions league... let's rephrase that: They'll only come back when PSG WIN the Champions league [winning Ligue 1 should be a given], or else they'll stick to watching France rugby [presumably] whilst tossing gold plated toys out of their perambulators.

League match
Missing in action
Spurs hopes of Top 4 stung
April 23, 2022 (Ssn 2021/22)
Brentford 0
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Community stadium, London
US live TV: NBC. Stream: Fubo, Peacock etc.

Reactions: Watching Spurs these last two games has been an unedifying, exasperating -- an almost endless endurance test.

The only winner was Christian Eriksen who was given a standing ovation by the entire stadium and was clearly moved by the experience of Tottenham's appearance at his current English home of Brentford FC.

When you look at Arsenal dismantling ManUre and Chelsea, while Spurs barely eked out a point against Brighton and Brentford, it's dispiriting. True, the Bees are better than United at the minute, but it's just hard to see where a win, or where a goal, is going to come from.

Down the flanks is a lost cause, thru the middle goes nowhere, and there's acres of space for the opponents as soon they gain possession, which isn't hard to do. What is Conte's plan? If he has one, the current players are either not good enough, or, with the talented, even world class players, they don't know how to make his plan work [if there is one]. The immense talent that does exist in the side seems neutered. Spurs. Missing in action.

Check back for more reactions. No goals, but a lot of people will have plenty to say about this one. Maybe we'll find out more about where it's all going pear shaped.

Preview: Christian Eriksen and the Bees are hosting a fellow London side desperate to win this to maintain a realistic shot at the Champions league next season.

Every match is a cup final given this nail-biting run-in to the season. But Tottenham's see-saw form, like that of 4th place rival contenders Arsenal and Manchester United, leaves no way to tell which of these sides will actually show up to their respective aforementioned cup finals.

Losing at home to Brighton was a massive blow but Tottenham Hotspur's run had to come to an end some time. However, the problem was that during that loss Spurs showed no signs of being Champions league material at any point, creating very little and lacking the creativity to hurt the visitors.

Brentford's awesome form
Then there's Brentford's awesome recent form. In the last six matches they've won 5 and lost 1 to boast 15pts. Spurs have been more than decent too, overall, but lag with 4 wins and 2 losses to claim 12pts.
The injury to Matt Doherty is a big blow for Spurs  
Emma de Duve

Attacking midfielder Christian Eriksen is not an opponent that his old club Spurs will want to face with so much on the line, but the Danish legend is set to start in a west London line-up brimming with self belief and playing for pride and boisterous fans who've followed their club thru thick and thin, mostly in lower leagues.

In the home encounter this season, late last year, Tottenham tamed Brentford rather easily. Heung-Min Son got "Player of the match" and was involved in both goals as north London triumphed over west London 2:0 that day, exceeding The Spur's prediction of "2 or 3 goals to one". Going into this game [prior to the playing of any of the weekend's matches] Spurs are level on points with Arsenal having played the same amount of games, and three points ahead of Manchester United with a game in hand.

It's a match the Lilywhites should win based on the level and expense of talent they can amass against the relatively small club resources of the hosts [even with the Bees enjoying some committed backing and laudable vision]. But Brentford's crowd tend to be a 12th man for games like this and the fervor will be palpable.

Brentford's web site spotlights the visitors in this article by Emma de Duve of

Almost kick off time. We will be glued to the "Christian Eriksen reunion", as the Brentford FC website dubs it, from beginning to end. COYS.

Champions league form!
Spurs survive
storm to
get big win

Son, Kane, Hugo, you're so Kul
Sat, April 09, 2022
Aston Villa 0
Tottenham Hotspur 4

REACTIONS: It's full time, in the end a great and convincing triumph, check back for reactions. We're still in the top four but now more strongly anchored, and of course it's shaping up to be a massive derby against Arsenal destined to play a pivotal role in who gets that critically important Top 4 place. 7.45pm UK time on Thursday May 12.

2nd Half: It's a hat trick for Son Heung-min! But Harry, Kulu and Lloris are also megastars along with the whole side in their own way. They withstood a storm and finished like world class pro's. If Kulu makes the move from Juventus to Tottenham Hotspur we could go all the way, in England and Europe, the way he's fitting in. He seems to be that essential piece of the puzzle that completes the jigsaw - the chemistry is amazing.

The headlines will mostly blast out Son's hat trick, and the goals were a joy to watch indeed, but props to so many of the other Spurs players who were seriously on song. Just to name a few: Hugo kept us in the game when we had our defensive Spursy moments combined with Villa hitting form for a long spell of the first half, Kulu who is combining brilliantly, including with Son and Kane to create a fearsome front end, Harry who is not just a goalscorer but currently one the greatest playmakers and providers on the globe [two assists plus he "created" the rebound for another].

The Kulu goal shattered the morale of Villa, and before we could digest the sudden change of dynamics in this game's ebb and flow, Son put the result beyond doubt. Incredible stuff. And yes, that headed flick from Kane is utter, total brilliance, finding Son who once again hits the mark like a champ.

Oh wow, in a flash Spurs have fought back from the Villa onslaught and Swedish international Dejan Kulusevski nabs a second - desperately needed to consolidate wavering Tottenham, and a top shelf goal. Lloris to Kane to Kulu and a superb finish sends the away fans into ecstasy. That's what we were craving for after all the nail biting of everything since Son get the early first. Props to Kane as well - he's a top #10 as well as a top #9. With him, Son and Kulu as the strike force and simultaneously the providers for each other and teammates, we have become a lethal outfit.

Half time: Spurs clinging on for dear life thru most of that first half and a very early lead as Son latched onto a Kane shot that rebounded to the South Korean. Great on the face of it but the London club absolutely must find a way to take the insane and constant Villa pressure off. The home side was on the rampage and "it's not if but when" unless we get a handle on it.

First half: With a few minutes of the first half left Spurs finally take some pressure off themselves and almost got a second from a fast break but something needs to change in the second half or this could go from glory into disaster unless the momentum changes.

Mings fluffs a golden one, on one with the keeper, stemming from a Villa free kick after a Romero foul. This is stressful stuff. Can Spurs get some sort of a grip after that superb opening goal. Talk about hangin' onto a lead.

Hugo Lloris still pulling off some outstanding saves. Spurs gotta take hold of this Villa blitz and get back into a more possessional mode.

Uh oh, Doherty injured, knee issue. Seems okay now, wait, no, he's subbed by Reguilon, who himself is scythed down by the villanous Brummie player Danny Mings. Villa forcing string of saves from Spurs keeper Hugo Lloris.

You could not expect a better start than this. Harry Kane's shot is blocked but the rebound to Son Heung-min is buried. No mistake. Brilliant. Wow. But it's what you expect from these two whether a technical assist or not.

With Arsenal losing to Brighton this is majestic -- don't wanna make presumptions but IF we win this and go three points above the gooners then, yes, 4th place is ours to lose.

Did anyone mention Manchester Utd lost to Everton. Great result, nervy to watch at the end but Ronaldo, for example, very much lacking the danger that he showed against use not so long ago.

Match has kicked off. Very audible away support from the get go.

League match
Hot Spurs
Son in form & an amazing team effort
March 20, 2022. USA live tv & web.
Tottenham Hotspur 3
West Ham 1 [Final]
Matchday Vlog,Club's match HILITES

An exciting match and probably neutrals really enjoyed its many marvelous moments. Edge of the seat stuff for Spurs fans. West Ham didn't get battered but they were ultimately shown the door. Playing that high line, weary as their players were, was like offering themselves up on a platter, and inevitably the Lilywhites became the master breakers [....easy now -Ed.] of the moment.

Congrats to our dynamic duo Kane & Son for breaking the Prem record for combining as a duo to assist and score - breathaking to watch. The whole team played well. Conte's magic is kicking in. Remember it took a long time for Arsenal's current manager to get their side back to serious top 4 contenders - they persevered with the project even when it seemed a lost cause and their "supporters" howling for him to go, along with everyone else at their place.

"Rodrigo Bentancur with the coolest, yet scariest pirouette on the edge of his own box. Two West Ham players sent the wrong way and everyone in the stadium holding their breath for a moment." -- Alisdair Gold. Yeah, not for those with a predisposition toward anxiety, to put it mildly, including those viewing worldwide. You get yer money's werf - sure glad he pulled that off without a hitch. You gotta have chutzpah to "dare to do" that kinda stuff, but it's in our motto.

Second half: Raving about Son finding his form all match and oh wow, what a goal, route one from the back, via a nice headed flick by Kane, and Son turns on those jets and lashes the ball into the net. Another of so many Son classic goals. Brilliant. Talent. 3:1. We're still in the Top 4 race - the team's on form and the Kane-Son partnership is like reliving the Greaves-Gilzean understanding, only different modus operandi but equally riveting and effective. The current duo have now combined for a Premier League goal for the 39th time -- the record was broken at 38 but feel free to keep going, magicians!

For all the earlier criticism of Romero he's showing his skills in the 2nd half so far. Meanwhile Kulu and Son putting a bit of pressure on, but overall a fascinating half of possession and careful building up and waiting for the meaningful moments to create opportunities being shown equally by both sides.

Son breaks away with Kane up front....will it? Not this time. Now fans trying trying to chain themselves to the goal posts. Will Reg get sent off for slapping WHU keeper in the face. No red card. Close shave dude.

Early doors 2nd half Kane finds the onrushing Doherty in front of goal but ends in a supposed foul on the visiting keeper.

Half time: BBC stat: "Son Heung-min and Harry Kane have now combined for a Premier League goal for the 38th time, overtaking Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard (37) as the duo who have assisted one another for the most goals in history of the competition." Congrats, another record broken by Tottenham Hotspur's finest.

On a less positive note: BBC poster Paul: "Pathetic defending again from Spurs. The fans laud Romero for some reason, he simply cant head a ball and cant mark from set pieces. 2-2 incoming." We can avoid it, but we gotta get it right at the back, no doubt.

Seems like we're on the edge of a precipice with WHU managing to get one back. No doubt a riveting match but how we could have used that two goal lead going into half time. As we know only too well, Spurs can be 3 up over that lot and still not win the game. But we're on song, literally, and we have what it takes. Defenders - please defend set pieces including out heading the oppo.

First half: Spurs, don't do this to us. That said, we know West Ham are in good form and manager David Moyes is not one to roll over. Good thing we got two, because ex-Brentford Benrahma gets one back following a corner in the 35th min. Now it's a nail biter again....

Well, he deserves it. Son has been bustin' loose in this first half and his partnership with Harry Kane caused the first [own] goal, and this time he's the scorer of one of the best home goals ever scored by Spurs in its telepathic precision passing and execution, with a glorious finish by the South Korean international to put the Lilywhites two up.

Just after the goal another incredible moment as Kulu starts a move that Son almost finishes but hits the post. Son again in the thick of the action. He's shining right now.

Son is god! Heung-min Son is back in form. Great feed from Kane who slaloms past some gormless Hammers and what looked like a Son score is actually an own goal. Commentator tells us "Own Goal" is Tottenham's third top scorer!

SPURS STARTING XI: Lloris; Doherty, Romero, Dier, Davies, Reguilon; Bentacur, Hojbjerg; Kulusevski, Son, Kane.

LWLWLWLW it's time to break the cycle, and not in the next game against corrupt Newcastle who shouldn't even be playing, it's the English top tier not an offshore oil fund stash.

In fairness to the Spammers they have a lively online presence but they are still convinced this is our cup final. They don't seem to know that Arsenal and Chelsea exist and that they should stick to exchanging insults and blows with Millwall with whom they have much more in common. They are enjoying unusual success but they have a terrible stadium for football and lost their soul a long time ago. Our need to be "up for it" has to with bigger concerns than that they are the spammers.

It's all about to kick off. Come on you Spurs. Destroy the Hammers. We need to win for obvious reasons. Check back as the match is about to start and the coffee is kicking in and we're psyched.

League match
Kane's day
Perfect THFC response to loss @ ManUre
Wed, March 16, 2022
Brighton & H.A. 0 (0)
Tottenham Hotspur 2 (1)
Harry's goal Full time

Reactions: Harry Kane scores a 2nd half goal that makes him the player with the most away goals ever scored in the Premier league. Plus, he was unselfish as usual, creating several excellent goal scoring opportunities for others and being an all-round consummate team player.

The L-W-L-W rollercoaster continues [we don't do draws, orl or nuffink as our alternative motto goes] but the Lilywhites truly wish to break that pattern when we "host" West Ham [US: 9.30a TV:USA chan., Online:Fubo etc] - cordially of course, as the old Spurs programs used to say, on Sunday.

Second half: What a great counter by Tottenham as they spring the Albion high line topped off with a brilliant thru ball from Uruguayan midfielder Rodrigo Bentacur to Harry Kane, he's onside with the keeper to beat. He does what he does and the traveling faithful go beserk as Harry salutes their loyalty. That counter punch was Swiss-watch timing by the London side.
Liverpool's Jota & Firmino sink Arse 0:2
Joyful day for THFC

First half ended 0:1. The first half was heading towards a forgettable scoreless non-event until a fluke goal by Cristian Romero. He didn't know much about it but the keeper was left stranded. One-nil. The move started way back from a throw-in, Spurs moving the ball around and switching channels, eventually reaching Son, somewhat fortuitously as Reg's pass originally went straight to a defender who couldn't control it, leaving our South Korean star to find Dejan Kulu. The Swedish international's shot deflected off Romero into the only goal of the first half, 38min. Son and Kulusevski were the people who made it happen ultimately.

SPURS LINE-UP: Lloris; Doherty, Romero, Dier, Davies, Reguilon, Hojbjerg, Bentacur, Kulusevski, Son, Kane.

It's kicked off. Here we go. Strap on. Kane misses a golden chance, open goal but very tight angle. Looked like a brown bag moment, but good steal from the legend to create the moment.

Preview: Match kicks off soon, unfortunately on the much disliked and clunky online channel called, at least on the credit card statement: "POS Peacock". Couldn't have put it better myself!

Quick observation on other things going on around THFC. Noticeable how Cristiano Ronaldo, after destroying us at Old Trafford just a few days ago, became a lame duck as United whimpered out of the Champions League against Atletico Madrid.

Another talking point is of course the endless "Is Harry staying or leaving?" saga and the public facing party line is that he's staying however qualifying for the Champions league would really help. No S**t.

Given our W-L-W-L run [no draws allowed] it should be our turn to win today and I do hope Brighton are aware of their obligation in this matter.

Brighton are seriously out of form and would a love to meet a team that could help them bounce back. They can't win a home league game to save their lives. No comment. That said, they go into this game 13th, so not relegation bound or even close. But their last five league results: L-L-L-L-L.

Premier action
Spurs on fire
in a must win
for both
Spurs chew Toffees
Scorers: OG, Son 2, Kane, Reg
Tottenham H. 5 Everton 0
Mon, Mar 07, 2022 (Ssn 2021/22)
Tottenham H. stadium
US: TV: USA, Univ. Net: fubo,Sling,Hulu,DirecTV[strm]. 12n US-Pacific. by Jack Plugg

After this victory all eyes will turn to our trip to Manchester Utd who want the same top 4 spot as us. Gonna be a big 'un.

Spare a thought for the Toffees. Everything is relative. In recent years we've been lamenting the poor state of our club, but, compared with Merseyside's original big club, we are in astronomically better shape. Not to say that absolves some decisions made in the past, but which would you rather be?

Second Half: Reguilon makes it 4 then Kane gets his second. Can't type quick enough to celebrate each goal!

First Half: It looked offside but credit to Harry Kane he timed it so well - goal number #3 for Spurs and not even 40 mins into the match. Frank Lampard is not happy - his new charge is getting lamped!

Spurs had three serious opportunities in the first 20 minutes and bagged two of them to leave us Lilywhites fans in ecstasy and then breathing a massive sigh of relief. The season and our club's future are not yet done and rusted.

The first was an own goal but Ryan Sessegnon was the architect of the Everton chaos and Tottenham Hotspur fans behind the Paxton road goal erupt in joy. About 2 mins later a beautifully worked Spurs goal involving quick thinking by Kulu and Harry among others ends up with Son bagging number two in style.

Preview: Not much time for a preview with an insane schedule [like 99% of us] but, without exaggeration, we all know that both clubs' future viabilities really depend on games like this one. For us of course we need our superb and shiny stadium to be hosting the top Euro competition for revenue but also to bring in the exciting winning talent. Everton are fighting to stay in the Prem and without it they are in deep, survival mode trouble.

Check back. We're in this together and we're addicted to Spurs whether we like it or not.

Please check back as the match develops and for post match reactions, although tennis in Spring weather beckons shortly after the match so won't be around 'til much much later Pacific following a lightning reaction immediately following the game. -- JP

The Spur's FA Cup
Just the Prem left
Uninspiring stuff
March 01, 2022 [Season 2021/22]
Middlesbrough 1
Tottenham Hotspur 0

Well, it didn't go well. A goal in the 2nd half of extra time and it's curtains for another edition of the FA Cup. More reactions soon.

Gotta leave [at half time of extra time] for a meeting now. I'll check back afterwards. COYS.

The game got so dull in the second half that the video literally died, and then less than a minute later the audio did too. Just flipping to news channels to see if a nuclear war has started. Vacuum bombs from the war criminals possibly, but no word on a nuke yet. Match coverage is still dead. Now back. Now dead again. Now the pic and commentating are back, but, talking of vacuum bombs, it sounds like a giant sucking sound instead of the crowd behind the commentary. Very creepy indeed. Still 0:0 of course and both sides without a clue or a care in the world.

"Boring boring Boro" as the chant goes, to say nothing of the visiting side. Both sides have settled for penalties as the way to bow out without being blamed for anything other than bad luck - that's the vibe. Downside - half an hour more of this shite for the players and the fans.

Second half and Harry flips the ball into the net but offside. First goal opportunity of the match. Ouch. When it's Boro even vacuuming seems exciting by comparison, so nice clean upper level of Spur Tower.

Tottenham Hotspur line-up: Lloris; Doherty, Romero, Dier, Davies, Sessegnon, Hojbjerg, Winks, Kulusevski, Kane, Son.

Preview: Back in 2016 a cool brace by Son Heung-Min was enough to do the trick, with Boro getting one back, in what looked like a frenetic blood 'n thunder Prem affair. Holy schiatt that was a stupendous second goal from Son, probably the Spurs goal of that season. No wonder they say the Son always shines on TV.

To say that some of Boro's tackling was agricultural by the end would be an understatement, the one that could have broken Lamela's leg [good nutmeg Erik] was a Monsanto special.

Spurs dominated, Son, Alli, Eriksen getting plaudits on Sky, but Boro branded as rudderless, tho' had their moments. Downing cross found Gibson who apparently "wanted it more" [uh oh] than Sissoko and got one back.

Match kicks off soon so check back for reactions soon. Match kicks off soon so check back for reactions soon. Match kicks off soon so check back for reactions soon. Match kicks off soon so check back for reactions soon.

Match kicks off soon so check back for reactions soon. Match kicks off soon so check back for reactions soon. Match kicks off soon so check back for reactions soon. Match kicks off soon so check back for reactions soon.

League match
Spurs bounce back
Players enjoy sweeping win
Leeds United 0
Tottenham Hotspur 4
US TV:USA,Uni. Net:Fubo,Sling,Hulu. Feb 26, 2022 (21/22). NBC/USA Highlights.

Reaction: Spurs bounce back with a convincing 4-nil away win, admittedly against a side that is bereft of confidence and couldn't even score when it was handed to them on a plate.

Yahoo: Spurs crush Leeds.

THFC official match reaction.

Kane and Son were back in form and reign as the supreme attacking duo in English football currently, Winks & Hojbjerg shone again [thanks Leeds!], even Docherty was solid [+ scored and assisted]. Ben Davies made a memorable "save" sprinting back to foil a dillying Stuart Dallas, who for a second had an open goal until our Welsh international defender blocked the Irishman and prevented Leeds getting on the scoresheet. Both sides went for it. Spurs had more possession - even as the away side. Above all, a team performance and, amazingly, after a few minutes of even play the London side took control and never loosened their grip on the game.

Tottenham manager Antonio Conte's posture between the previous loss at Burnley and this visit to Elland Road seemed to work like a treat - "OK guys, I'm at my wits end trying to make things happen with Spurs - it's over to you lads - you go out there and prove me wrong. It's all yours."

But again, it has to be said, Bielsa's trademark style currently imprinted on Yorkshire's biggest and best supported club was the perfect side for Spurs to meet - if they were to respond to their manager successfully - and, as it turned out, to beat.

Despite the old school rivalry between the two most famous white shirted sides the British Isles has ever produced, a rivalry which often got out of hand on the terraces of yesteryear, I hope they stay up.

How many other "big" sides' fans will applaud their players off the pitch, dejected though they all were, rather than booing and jeering. They don't forget what their manager has done to get them back into the top flight. But now they're fighting for their lives to stay there, and there's a looming possibility of one or more of England's most legendary clubs - Leeds and/or Everton - taking a massive fall into the second tier.

More reactions from the globe and beyond on the ways.

Preview: Losing at Leeds in the corresponding fixture last season shattered any Spurs hopes of making the Euro champs league. Sound familiar?

BBC Football: "On a frustrating day for Spurs, Harry Kane had two goals ruled out for offside and hit the bar from a free-kick, while Illan Meslier produced an excellent save to keep out Serge Aurier's deflected attempt."

Let's see what happens this time out at illustrious Elland Road.

League match
Kane on fire
Kane brace + Kul early goal
Feb 19, 2022 [Season 2021/22]
Manchester City 2
Tottenham Hotspur 3
NBC highlights. FULL TIME

Reactions: More reactions throughout the night. Meanwhile, an incredible result and Tottenham have done the double over the best club side in the world, Manchester City, winning at home under Nuno and now away under Conte. Kane was on fire but this was a magnificent team effort and hats off to our heretofore beleaguered manager Antonio Conte. He's the man.

Spurs had five or so chances and yet managed to win away at Citeh even as the home side, considered the best in the world currently, absolutely laid seige to the visitors' goal almost non-stop.

Props to the Spurs fans up there [or who tried to get up there] especially as trains from Euston to Manchester were cancelled and a lot of Lilywhites never made it, while others had to switch to driving up at very short notice.

Second Half: Incredible finale, City equalize with penalty against Romero but Harry Kane wins the match! Easy eh? Breathtaking stuff.

Sessignon to Son to Kane who, onside, fires the Lilywhites ahead for a second time with just over half an hour left. Spurs with 2 goals out of four goal attempts, but realizing their potential to break and do damage when it counts.

2nd half bout to start. How can Spurs neutralize the City onslaught? City are successful partly because it's almost impossible to keep them out. They always have several players who find space as they bring the ball forward and seem to have several options at any given time when attacking.

First Half: There's no let up in this frenetic action. City have found their stride. Apparently THFC enjoyed only 33% of first half possession. Still, so far it's equal at one goal apiece.

33rd minute City equalize, Lloris parries a shot but straight to City's Gundogan who powers it into the net to equalize. Hugo not at his peak, but Romero is, what a defender, and Kulusevski giving it everything on top of scoring earlier.

Halfway thru the first half and City really applying the pressure. Now about three serious chances that could have equalized and several other lesser chances, but they're now controlling the game, their fans have found their voices, but Spurs quick on the break and that's the strategy.

City starting to exert some control and very close to equalizing, but not yet, still party time for the vocal away support.

Guardian Play by play: "Kane, perhaps with a point to prove after the transfer fiasco of the summer, looks well up for this tonight." He does - some sensational passes by him. Mr Unselfish, he's working for the team and they're all playing together so far.

Match is underway. First few minutes and Spurs so far the livelier but extremely early doors. That said, before 4 mins is up, Son is released to ultimately turn it in to Dejan Kulusevski to score. Sensational. What a move out of the back from everyone involved including Kane and Son.

Tottenham won the home corresponding fixture and we were all singing manager Nuno's praises, but that was his peak moment with this club and the side couldn't maintain that glorious high, ultimately Nuno became untenable as manager.

Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Check back for more reactions.

Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Check back for more reactions.

Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Check back for more reactions.

Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Match is underway. Check back for more reactions.

League season 2021/2022
Full time
Feb 09, 2022. Live US TV/Online: USA, Universo / Fubo,Hulu,Sling
Tottenham Hotspur
vs Southampton
Tottenham Hotspur stadium

Second half: Harry Kane comes close with a header risking a boot into his head and although he ran into the hoardings he seems to be okay.

There's a sense that the THFC players seem to be trying to tell the crowd they're totally committed and could use some positive support after the ripple of boos at half-time which did seem surprising. Yes, Saints played better first half but that's to their credit, and to their manager who set up well to foil the London side.

And then it all kicks off after the sensational goal from Heung-min Son, stunning assist from Lucas Moura, as an alleged foul took place that arguably was part of the sequence leading up to the game's third goal, putting Spurs ahead, but only for a while.

And yes, another equalizer from Southampton and as impressive as the previous one, it's all tied up with twen minutes to go. Absolutely sensational match. But it's by no means over. Broja crossed to the head of Che Adams and Lloris with no chance.

Steven Bergwijn gets the ball into the net but clearly offside as the action continues deep into stoppage time.

But that was it, breathtaking match. Crestfallen to see Spurs lose but this was against the most motivated and lively opponents to have visited in a long time and it was their day, almost everything clicked for them and the two last goals, turning defeat into victory for Southampton, were a double whammy that dramatically changed everything.

Only Villa 3 Leeds 3 could possibly have matched this one on the day. Stellar entertainment ending Spurs 2 Saints 3 but when you support a team, a loss really puts the dampers on it. For the neutral, outrageously good value for money.

First half: TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR Line-up: Lloris; Royal, Sanchez, Romero, Davies, Reguilon, Winks, Hojbjerg, Son, Moura, Kane.

Cristian Romero nets but several Spurs players, including him, were blatantly offside. Moments later, around the 15min mark, a pinpoint pass from Harry Kane to Reguilon who's close up shot saved by Saints keeper. The quarter hour action was non-stop as a cut back from Hojbjerg, himself well fed by Lucas Moura, causes an own goal [Jan Bednarek] to give Tottenham the 1:0 green light.

Great save on the 20th by Hugo Lloris from James Ward-Prowse to keep Spurs ahead as Saints fight back big time. It paid off with a stabbed equalizer. Nice goal, Bro, ja.

Preview: Just recently, back on Dec 28 [2021] Spurs drew 1:1 in the league at Southampton. Under the sub-heading of "Ten man Saints hold on" here's excepts from the reaction to that away match:

BBC Football match tracker: "It may only have been a draw today against 10-man Southampton but Antonio Conte (7, W4-D3-L0) is the first Spurs manager to remain unbeaten in his first seven league matches as manager of the club. He surpasses Jacques Santini (W2-D4-L0, August to September 2004) and Tim Sherwood (W5-D1-L0, December 2013 to January 2014)."

TheSpur: In a way Southampton's manager Ralph Hassenhuttl outwitted Tottenham's Antonio Conte by fearlessly making more changes to his side than expected after the Saints' impressive away win at West Ham. But at the same time Conte's belief in keeping mostly the same players and not upsetting the momentum also had some merit, but now, thinking back, the rigors of the fixture list seemed to have taken a toll on the Lilywhite regulars.

On the surface they seemed lively enough for the most part, but they didn't have the edge, the extra 15% if you like, that was needed to get this done. I also think back to the start and the visiting players appeared, on the surface, to be okay, but nothing was happening that troubled the Saints until THFC conceded the first goal, and even then it took a while to really get into gear.

Spurs win 3:0
League match
Teamwide success
Son adds #3 to Spurs tally
Reactions: "Only three things are certain in life...death, taxes, and Harry Kane scoring on Boxing Day." -- phainopepla, bbc match report reader comments.

TheSpur: "One thing to emphasize is how Tottenham Hotspur won as a team, playing collectively to create even more than the sum of their parts. It may have started without dazzle, but it became evident just after the half hour mark, especially with the incredible build-up to the first goal scored by Harry Kane." -- rob francis TheSpur

This was the sequence, as far as I can see, starting from a Spurs free kick inside THFC's own half: Hojbjerg --> Tanganga --> Hojbjerg --> Tanganga --> Hojbjerg --> Dier --> Emerson --> Dier --> Tanganga --> Hojbjerg --> Skipp --> Hojbjerg --> L.Moura --> Emerson --> L.Moura --> Kane. Spellbinding to watch. Even a Palace attempt to break up the sequence by tackling Skipp from behind failed to prevent our central midfielder from successfully keeping the possessional build-up going as he guided it back to Hojbjerg, the latter the engine room, almost an orchestral conductor, behind this brilliant sequence that led to Harry's fantastic finish.

In this match the entire Tottenham Hotspur forward line got on the score sheet with goal #3 from Heung-Min Son assisted by Lucas Moura, the latter surely cementing the Man of the Match award. Spanish international Bryan Gil on as sub to replace the South Korean goalscorer, manager Conte only too aware of the Southampton game just hours away.

So as the Lilywhites emerged from the half-time tunnel, they looked confident to solidify being two up with Palace a man down. By the way, happy Boxing Day ["Shopping day" in the USA]. Top of the list: more batteries, a generator, and some boxer shorts.

First Half: Spur of the Moment so far? Lucas Moura with an assist [for Kane] and then his own headed goal puts the Brazilian forward in pole position, but it was a team effort that really made this first half sizzle for Spurs, at least for the last 15 mins.

Oh wow it all exploded just after the half hour. Two quick and impressive goals put Spurs seriously in the driver's seat, Harry Kane with #1 and Lucas Moura with #2. Tottenham's ability to counter attack and, under Conte, ping the ball around, playing as a team with almost telepathic understanding, leaving the visitors wondering what just happened. And then Zaha gets red carded [two yellows].

MAN OF THE MATCH: Luca Moura [pic right], who, partnering with the other front men for Spurs, Kane & Son, and the other teammates, are looking like winners since Conte's arrival.

Preview: Chris Cowlin Tottenham Fan and London/football were among the online channels that reported a possible postponement of today's derby at the Lane owing to a covid outbreak at the visiting south-east London club.

As it turns out, of course, the match did go ahead but owing to a second power outage on this part of the Pacific central coast [did they not fix this last week?] it's only just becoming viewable. Good idea to charge up phones and computers in stormy weather [which includes any type of rain in California] but "above the cloud" recording still happens.

So in delay time it's the first half and nil-nil so far. Although the recording is flashing up results of other matches being simultaneously played, so far they haven't revealed the final score of this, so watching as if live.

Anyway great to have a THFC first team Prem match available on Boxing Day so watching to see how it unfolds and the stove now works again too - so coffee, tea, and food accessible in this part of paradise. Game off to a bright start but no score. COYS.

League match
Steven Bergwijn
writes final twist
Wow. Just wow.
Bergwijn wins it!
Wed, Jan 19, 2022 (Ssn 20021/22)
Leicester City 2
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Highlights. US TV:USA,Univ.Net:Fubo,Sling,Hulu+

SECOND HALF: When stoppage time began Spurs were trailing 2:1 and seemed like no way back. What an incredible comeback ensued.A last gasp brace for Dutch international Steve Bergwijn in yet another burst of unbelievable goal action that kept changing the dynamics of this majestic battle of the season.

Have to admit it was a terrific Leicester team goal that regained them the lead, all the way from the back of their own half. You have to admire how quickly they can bring it to the opponents out of thin air. They beat Liverpool in their previous home prem game, reflecting a very strong recent home run in both league and cup, and now this. Spurs have less than 15 mins to salvage something.

FIRST HALF: Lucas Moura superbly sets up Harry for his second but, well, if you're gonna fluff it, make it spectacular.

In a flip flop, with Leicester finally getting the upper hand and a goal up, now it's THFC's turn to score against the run of play with a memorable equalizer, taking advantage of an extremely high Foxes defensive line suddenly in disarray, botching their offside trap and leaving Kane free to sprint forward with the ball, cutting back to leave his chasing marker floundering. He unleashed the shot which bounced in off the far post. 1:1. What a goal, and what a match so far.

After Tottenham Hotspur pinned Leicester back for the opening phase of the first half but the home side held on and, out of nowhere, score. It was a mixture of an ultra rapid counter and the ball falling kindly for Patson Daka and the Zambian international forward doesn't hang about as Lloris' net bulges. The visiting support remains strong, there's a sense that there's more to come beyond chapter one [Chapter 11? --Ed.].

Seconds out of the ring and we're off and running. A Kane header over the bar, and then Harry unselfishly sets up Oliver Skipp, minutes later our center forward heads onto the bar. Promising stuff though the commentator labels his header a "poor miss", then very critical of a Sanchez headed miss as the London side storms forward but lacking the final touch.

Brendan Rodgers was brimming with confidence leading up to the match despite a greatly reduced squad availability. Meanwhile Spurs fans worldwide are mostly going for a convincing win for the Lilywhites. A win would put Spurs above Arsenal and into the top five and equal on points with fourth placed West Ham with two games in hand over them.

FA Cup
"I saw three goals
go sailing in"

Spurs catch Shrimps
THFC vs Brighton next round

Final: Spurs bounce back for 3:1 win. Shots on target 7:2. Reactions coming up.

Second Half: Bringing on the subs made an immediate and dramatic difference, leading to a spectacular Harry Winks free-kick that sailed directly into the net, the Morecambe keeper stepping forward but misjudged the flight of the ball. Moments later both Winks and Lo Celso came close with quick follow up strikes but still Shrimps held on.

But an error by Morecambe's #2 Brian McLaughlin allowed the ever lively Lucas Moura to steal the ball and put Spurs ahead for the first time.

Another steal, this time by Ermerson Royal, leads to Harry Kane nabbing a 3rd goal, a world class turn and shoot in almost no space, via Giovanni Lo Celso's assist, and it's curtains for the visiting side who nevertheless had provided a tasty first hour performance for their traveling support.

First Half: Well it will be an interesting second half as, at the interval, the mighty Tottenham Hotspur are a goal down to the visiting Shrimps of the modest Morecambe bay, MFC defender Anthony O'Connor scoring just after the half hour mark. Conte and the fans not happy, but Shrimps voices would have provided a happier vibe except 99% of their fans appear to be actually attending the match.

"I think we've underestimated our opponents by not doing our research. We're Morecambe unwise." -- Dr.Rocktopus, "Fighting cock"

The quandary for Antonio Conte is whether to risk putting on the Spurs stars with massive games coming up thick and fast including the NL derby and two more clashes with Chelsea. The fixture list back-up is one of many factors threatening to cause a Tottenham crisis.

League Match
Son+Sanch = Score
Fab freekick & header breaks deadlock
Sat, Jan 1, 2022
Watford 0
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Final score
US TV/Online: USA,Universo / Fubo,Sling,Hulu

Result! Antonio Conte told Sky Sports "We are building a team to try to be competitive in the future but we know we have to be competitive in this season too." There will, he reflected, be suffering on route to the promised land.

What a relief when the stalemate was broken but you gotta hand it to the Watford manager Claudio Ranieri, his team [for now, but job on the line, poor bloke] made it extremely difficult for Tottenham Hotspur for almost the entire time. One of the few times Spurs looked in with a chance to grab the win was the free-kick that led to the goal. Brilliantly executed set piece from Son and Davinson and all Watford's weary, worrisome work was wasted.

2nd half: Sensational free kick from Heung-min Son deep into injury time connects with the head of Davinson Sanchez whose snapping neck powers the ball instantly into the net. The deadlock finally broken and the visiting THFC fans behind the goal, towards the corner, erupt.

The whistle blows to declare victory as the full throated "Grand old team to play for" cascades down the terrace, and Spurs now just 2 points behind Arsenal [who lost home to Citeh] and Spurs enjoying two games in hand. Lilywhites unbeaten in eight premier league matches and fourth spot is a real possibility.

Late first half: Assistant commentator making the valid point that technically Spurs should have been awarded three penalties so far, but seems the ref considers the incidents "all part of the game, lads." We saw a Hornets player restraining Harry Kane with both arms. We saw a Son Heung-min shot seemingly handballed, and Dier pulled down backwards in the box.

Earlier in the half Harry Kane forced a save from the Watford keeper and as yet our own Hugo Lloris not troubled by anything Watford have to offer. It'll need a late first half goal to make a difference. Watford the happier so far.
"The thing
I like
most is..."

Early doors: Happy new year and right off the bat most of us just happy to have a Spurs game to watch in the wake of so much [mostly covid related] disruption in the wide world generally and football in particular.

Watford looking to contain and hit on the break. Watford manager Claudio Ranieri is trying to turn around a Hornets team in trouble.

Tottenham Hotspur have in recent generations tended to find this type of opponent as difficult if not always impossible to overcome. Let's see what happens.

"Glory Glory Alleluja and the Spurs go marching on" sing the visiting fans but so far no breakthrough.

TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR LINE-UP: Lloris; Emerson, Sanchez, Dier, Davies, Reguilon; Skipp, Hojbjerg; Moura, Kane, Son.

Please check back as the match unfolds and reactions after the match.

League Cup 2021/22: 5th Round
Semifinal v Chelsea
London derby + Arsenal host Pool
December 22, 2021
Tottenham Hotspur 2
West Ham Utd 1
USA live online @ ESPN+

Reactions: Glory Glory THFC. A win over West Ham and now we gotta play Chelsea in the semis with the first leg to be played away week starting January 3 and the 2nd leg home the following week.

Arsenal vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspur

Please check back for more reactions, more new ones coming in, as Tottenham Hotspur proudly enter the semifinals of the League Cup as the Lilywhites go marching on.

Crackers on LWOS, re Spurs under Conte: "I'm seeing something coming together."

TheSpur: Against Liverpool we saw a real Conte performance, and this win at home to West Ham in the League Cup shows it was not a one off, there is a huge positive change going on at Spurs. Everyone's pulling their weight. The players look like they wanna be there.

This was a tough game and West Ham missed some chances that could have sunk Spurs. That said, we had our chances too, took two of 'em, and unless it's pure luck which is unlikely, Antonio Conte has already, with so little time and so much chaos around him, made a massive impression on the players individually and as a side. There's an intensity that was lacking under Nuno and Mourinho, and seemingly mediocre players have been transformed into talented ones.

Long may this be the case for the Lilywhites. We'll see.

Meanwhile up on Merseyside, Liverpool somehow turned it around to beat Leicester on spot kicks and even that was a roller coaster ride. Now for the semifinal draw about to happen.

Second Half: West Ham turning up the heat with Spurs mostly employed in defence, so Conte replaces the two Tottenham goalscorers with the fresh legs of Harry Winks and Son Heung-min. Coupla impressive players to bring on from the bench. COYS.

Back in play again and both sides are continuing the end to end action. What a start to the winter holidays, but Conte looks like he's got a migraine. He's had a lot on his plate but the score is still Spurs two-one up.

Half time: Steven Bergwijn is a contender for the man of the match so far with a goal and being integral to the second score for Spurs as he set up Lucas. Also MOM material: Lloris close behind after several top draw saves when the rest of the THFC side seemed to have switched off following the first goal that gave Spurs a short-lived lead. But Tottenham were quickly ahead again with a goal from Lucas Moura, perhaps the third candidate for Spur of the Moment and strongly supported by votes from around the internet coming in up to and during the interval.

First Half: Spurs lost their home Prem fixture to the 'orrible 'Ammers 0:1 earlier this season but this first half thriller ensured that earlier headline of the season "Spurs show no bite" doesn't apply this time - so far. For all the criticism of underperforming that Dutch international Bergwijn has received this season, he's been the key to unlocking West Ham this evening.

We still showed signs of Spursiness in defence [someone's gotta jump when the ball is floated into the goalmouth] and this match, at this point, is on a knife edge.

No confidence conference
Spurs booted
out of Euro Conf.

What a waste
Conte not happy
What a huge waste of time and commitment. It doesn't seem the right time to apportion blame for this, but it doesn't instill any confidence in the European Conference and reflects the chaotic nonsensical world we live in as a result of human beings and covid coming face to face! Mindbending.

BBC Football goes on to report that "Manager Antonio Conte says the club are speaking to lawyers about the decision."

At least it eases serious fixture congestion although the insane holiday season remains unaffected and daunting for the Lilywhites.

BBC Football notes that "Antonio Conte's side have a very short turnaround between matches, with three league games scheduled within 144 hours of each other. Here's how Spurs' festive period looks:
Tottenham v Crystal Palace (Sun, 26 December)
Southampton v Tottenham (Tue, 28 December)
Watford v Tottenham (Sat, 1 January)."

Anyone noticed how Man Utd get the longest turnaround times? I didn't, but heard mentioned on a recent podcast [can't recall which]. Are ManUre too valuable to the biz to not be among the regular Top 4? They need a little "help" here and there?

Covid wallops Spurs
Now no Leicester

Postponements: Since the unplayable conditions took out the Turf Moor league fixture at Burnley, a bunch more more matches have been subsequently postponed due to the latest covid resurgence, including home to Rennes in the Euro Conference, Brighton [Prem] and now Leicester [Prem].

"The issue for Tottenham this season is that the more successful their season is under Conte, the more problematic the fixture calendar will become" says Andrew Gold on football/london.

So it's goodbye to Spurs football for a while longer, surely Liverpool at home over the weekend must be doubtful. The Prem needs to decide sooner as to whether matches are going ahead. Really feel for the fans who follow THFC [or any other club] all over England and Europe to find themselves left high and dry over and over again.

When the Lilywhites return to action let's stay confident that we'll be quite brilliant! Hey senor, you missed a goal!

Europa Conference 2021/2
Spurs in shock loss

NS Mura 2, Spurs 1
Spurs Euro fate goes to the wire
Euro futbol explained

Tottenham Hotspur were stunned by a second NS Mura FC goal - the last kick of the match. Kane had equalized to level up from the Mura's first. In the final seconds Davinson Sanchez could not cope defensively, slipped, and allowed Mura striker Amadej Marosa to turn him and score, deflected in. It now seems Spurs have to do at least as good as Vitesse's performance against Mura when the London club hosts Rennes in the final regular group game to get into the knockout stage of the competition.

Tottenham's second string players showed they are nowhere near the level required to make it in the first XI and even with a serious dose of heavyweights mixed in, it was just enough in what should have been a far more convincing group stage for the club, creating now a real possibility of elimination, as the Lilywhites lost to a Slovenian outpost town whose home ground wasn't even up to Euro Conference standard and had to be played elsewhere.

Previously....: Lucas Moura is the man, teeing up Harry Kane with a silver platter assist, and all our problems are over. Yes, "one of our own" has actually scored a goal, making a tight angle look easy. And just at the right time, and a good 'un at that.

It's all going pear shaped for sorry Spurs. A skillful Gilzean type move by young Slovenian Tomi Horvat, the Mura midfielder, leaves Spurs defender Davinson Sanchez in a spin, and Horvat promptly disposes of the ball in the back of the net. Then wreckless Ryan Sessignon takes out the legs from under a Mura player ["Thems not doing yer no good mate"] to earn his second yellow card and off he jolly well goes.

As expected at our club, honeymoons seldom last long and Tottenham manager Antonio Conte is facing a potentially grim outcome in the far reaches of covid wracked eastern Europe, but the home fans seem a happy lot and getting a big bang for their buck so far.

Meanwhile West Ham, a club transformed under David Moyes, won as usual, brushing Rapid Vienna aside 0:2 and guaranteed to go thru in the Europa league. In our Conference group, it turned out be a thriller as Rennes drew 3:3 with Vitesse.

So away to Burnley next and then a string of home matches against visitors Brentford, Norwich, and..... Rennes.

Premier league
Conte @ THFC. Both clubs
looked motivated
to bounce back
Conte brings optimism
Hard fought away point
Everton 0
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Sun, Nov 07, 2021 (Ssn 2021/22)
Goodison Park.
US TV: NBCSN. Online: fubo, Sling, Hulu, T'mundo Highlights

Reactions: "As much time as possible on the training pitch and being backed to bring in players who suit his system (and move on players who don't)." -- Metalhead, Spurs community

More reactions on the way but the first thought is that the vibe for Spurs was much better with the new manager in charge than previously. There does remain a big question mark over whether Harry Kane ever returns to recapturing his towering success prior to having a transfer blocked. If anyone can solve that one, Conte might be the person, but hard to see it happening.

But this was a good watch because there are real signs of hope and potential following the managerial change and actually enjoyed seeing Spurs play today - really loooking forward to our next upcoming matches.

Second Half: Second half came alive with the disputed Everton non-penalty as Lloris got a hand to the ball. Correct decision. Lo Celso scorcher hits the post. Everton player sent off deservedly for dangerous studs up on Hojbjerg, and that's it for Conte's first Prem match in charge, a hard fought scoreless draw. More reactions soon.

First Half: No score yet but Spurs had their real first chance in stoppage time of the first half. Early yellow card for Reguilon for bringing down ex-Spur Andros Townsend. It's been a physical game and lacking the cohesion that could propel either side from mid-table filler to upper level material.

So far as the first half progresses both sides about even but no sign yet of who might win the Italian Antonio Conte vs Spaniard Rafael Benitez showdown.

Antonio Conte gets thrown into the deep end with almost no time to prep with the Spurs squad and already it's his first time in charge of the north London club for a premier league match.

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris; Romero, Dier, Davies, Royal, Hojbjerg, Skipp, Reguilon, Lucas, Son, Kane.

Check back for reactions during and after the match. Check back for reactions during and after the match.

Europa Conference 2021/2
Conte saw
the good & bad
in crazy game

Spurs 3 Vitesse 2
Most eventful match of season award

Highlights [CBS] & Reactions: Very early days for a brand new manager who's had precious little time to talk to the players or even to figure out what even this Euro Conference thingy even is. But it never hurts to get a win from the very first game and for the opening thirty minutes Tottenham were indeed very hot Spurs. But then the new manager could start to see some of the challenges he has to overcome, and maybe that stark combination of the very good elements of the present side juxtaposed with the alarmingly sub-standard elements was the perfect way to kick off the Conte era.

2nd half. Wow. "A surreal night" said one of the commentators, and, to paraphrase: "If this is Antonio Conte's first match in charge, what's gonna happen next?" - the latest flashpoint an intoxicated fan runs single handedly towards the Vitesse faithful as if to join them at their end as the Dutch fans battle with stewards, the happy pitch invader is brought down, and a few minutes later Lo Celso misses a sitter.

Spurs hangin' on to a slender 3-2 lead and, to make it even more incident laden, Cristian Romero gets red carded for Tottenham and Vitesse have amassed TWO red cards now. What an opener for the new manager.

The Vitesse goalkeeper's red card was the craziest, he got sent off for handling the ball outside the penalty area "saving" from Emerson Royal!

1st Half: Spurs roared into a three goal lead and then conceded two. Son [14min], Moura [22min], Rasmussen o.g. [28'] for a 3-0 lead. Rasmussen nets for his own side [32min] and Bero [39min] brings this crazy game towards an "anything can happen next" vibe in this amazingly weird spectacle.

Spurs B team not up to it
Euro conference

Vitesse 1 Spurs 0

Reactions: "If it makes you feel better (it really, really helped me!), Jose Mourinho's Roma lost 6-1 at Bodo/Glimt today in this same competition. At least there's that." -- Dustin George-Miller, Cartilage Free Captain.

The objective was clearly to focus completely on the upcoming derby at West Ham United and hope to get by in the Euro Conf by showing confidence in the B team.

So if we beat the Hammers it's a thumbs up to Nuno, a draw leaves a hung jury, and a loss to the Irons and Nuno is guilty. And indeed it goes even beyond that, because a lot of the ultimate judging will come only when we find out if Spurs make it through into the knockout stages in Europe and, ultimately, if Spurs win the trophy then Nuno will be deemed to be correct in making this group stage affair a B team job without placing some top quality at least on the bench for this one if needed, which it was.

As the BBC states: "None of the outfield players who started at Newcastle even made the trip to the Netherlands for Thursday's match."

Let's just hope Nuno knows enough about our opposition to realize that, for example, Vitesse are not some pub team from deepest eastern Europe. They're a fairly successful side in a decent level domestic league of a highly developed nation.

First half: The Spurs reserves improved as the first half went on, but no score and almost no action in front of goal. Vitesse are able to penetrate beyond the Tottenham midfield but very little from them up front, and THFC showing even less signs of scoring.

Vitesse play in yellow and black home strip and boast Mason Mount as a former player who went on to achieve current success. Going into this game the Netherlands club basks in sixth place, equal on points with Feyenoord [who've played one less game] and six points shy of top placed Ajax. They are miles above the relegation places and their track record shows they may well end up in the Euro Conference again next season. Holland's version of Spurs, then.

One their favorite terrace anthems is "Bouw mee aan een steengoed Vites!" One cannot help but be caught up by this firmly held view.

Check back for more in this as yet uninspiring European Conference match.

The Spur's Premier league
It was a Spurs party
Lilywhites gatecrash Saudi celebration
Sun, Oct 17, 2021 (Ssn 2021/22)
Newcastle United 2
Tottenham Hotspur 3
Highlights US

The moment Newcastle United were 'saved' by Saudi Arabia.

The Match / Second-half: Newcastle United pulled one back, an own goal by Dier, but it didn't get full-on Spursy as, perhaps amazingly, the notoriously wobbly north London side successfully 'game managed' the final phase of the second half. But the hosts offered relatively little fire, down to ten men, just when they could have pulled off a shock draw. Was not be, and the visiting Lilywhites fans happily rejoiced and sang farewell to Steve Bruce's managerial career at the home of the new and controversial Saudi investment.

Some good performances. Tanguy Ndomebele's accuracy of passing was an impressive 92%. He's the engine room of this side when he's in form and before he tires. Cristian Romero is looking like an inspired signing. Skipp and Hojbjerg are solid players and Pierre-Emile's pass to Harry for Kane to dink the scoring lob was a fun watch. Kane was much more involved than previously this season. Spurs played very professionally overall but, gotta remember, the hosts were one of the least effective sides we're likely to face outside the Euro conference. Last but not least for instant reactions: heart-warming to see Son and Kane rediscover some of their chemistry and telepathy together.

The Match / Half time: Tottenham bounced back from an immediate and explosive Geordie start, the Londoners eventually taking almost total control as the first half progressed, nabbing three goals on the way. Should be a fascinating second half as Steve Bruce's revival stutters after only a few minutes of Geordie "new owner boost", so far, in the face of the mighty Spurs.

The Match / First-half: Newcastle got their new owner "bounce" right off the bat - Callum Wilson scoring a rip roaring goal that left Spurs momentarily reeling. But not for long, Tanguy Ndombele equalized with a scorcher, then Hojbjerg sets up Harry Kane to lob a second that VAR confirmed was onside and normal service, hopefully, is resumed. But not before a spectator was stretchered out of the stand with an apparent cardiac arrest causing a long break in play. The excellent news is the patient is apparently doing well.

Meanwhile in the seven mins between the emergency break and half-time we saw a welcome sight - the return of the dynamic duo with Kane providing a sitter for Heung-min Son to tap in. Brilliant build up by Tottenham that was poetry in motion. More of that and we're in good shape going forward in this game and beyond.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Tied: Ndombele & Kane. When Tanguy's 'on song' he's amazing -> and Harry's back with a Prem goal and a perfect assist. Both key players in helping steer Spurs to success over Saudis.

Match preview: Covid 19 didn't nab Sonny as originally suspected. He's ready to play in this Newcastle away day. Seems the covid tests returned negative on two suspected players.

From a previous corresponding fixture report by TheSpur: "Spurs are light years ahead of us because of one fat b@stard," moans Newcastle poster Kal." Well that aforementioned overweight individual just sold the club before it was due to play us. Typical. Buy low, sell, uh, less low. And now it's Saudi Arabia FC.

Since the sale of Newcastle United it's been mostly about them as they make a desperate bid to turn around their dismal opening phase of the season.

Cartilage free captain has an interesting in-depth take regarding the goings-on up in the north-east.

Check back for more as the latest tale of Geordieland vs Spurs gets going.

Premier action
Surprisingly solid Spurs
Spurs players fight back for their manager
Oct 3, 2021 (Ssn 2021/22)
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Aston Villa 1
THFC Stadium, London. NBC match hilites

Reactions: the general consensus is that most of the players did well, Nuno found a way to shape the talent better, and there is hope that Harry Kane can find his way back as a Premier league scorer and also assist more.

We also have Son Heung-Min who's a true star, reliably excellent even in tough times. By the way, Son's fellow South Korean international colleague, Hwang Hee-Chan, looks to be potentially rivalling him in the Korean sports star stakes as he combined with Mexico's Raul Jimenez to ensure Wolverhampton seriously sank our next Prem opponents Newcastle United. But given Son's brilliant assist today it may be hard for Hee-Chan "the Bull" to topple him.

Back to Spurs and Skipp, Hojbjerg, Royal and Romero all look to be capable of realizing our expectations of them.

On the other hand, Ndombele and Alli [Dele didn't appear today] are big question marks.

Tottenham bounced back at exactly the right time to prevent another potential crisis at the club. It's a shock to hear so much talk of "Nuno not good enough" and "Nuno out" with all the stuff swirling around the club so far this season that was beyond his control. All in all, he's done a good job weathering the storm.

It was the capitulation at Arsenal and being overwhelmed at home by Chelsea that really hurt him, but he's actually on track so far [the win against Man City maybe got people overly carried away]. Obviously the league games at Newcastle, West Ham, and Burnley, and then Man Utd at home, will give everyone an idea of how things are likely to pan out for our new manager. Nuno seems an adaptable guy and that strength may see him through and ultimately give him a Poch-like stature.

The first goal came from a solidly performing Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, Ollie Watkins equalized for the visitors, and finally a Villa own-goal under pressure from Lucas Moura.

Preview: Last home match against Villa it seemed like the end of an era as Harry Kane applauded the 10,000 Spurs fans allowed into the stadium [pandemic limits] and in turn received a standing ovation.
Last season home to Villa was farewell Harry Kane  
Or so people thought

Meanwhile this weekend Arsenal traveled to Brighton and battled to a no score draw, while West Ham lost at Brentford.

Well Harry stayed and in this "new-ish" season packed already with weirdness Villa have done a tiny bit better than Spurs so far this season - both destined, if judged on their first six games, to be upper mid-table to lower Euro competitions level. Decent, but not earth shattering.

Check back here at The Spur for lots of reactions as Sunday progresses into Monday. Check back here at The Spur for lots of reactions as Sunday progresses into Monday. Thanks!

Europa Conference 2021/2
Spurs subs
sink Mura

Spurs 5:1 NS Mura
Full time. Harry hat-trick!

Well, although the opposition was very small time compared to the level of any premier league side, it was good to see Harry shining and getting some superb supply from teammates, and in the last part of the second half it seemed the players were finally in the groove and establishing a solid understanding. Highlights.

Yet another goal with the seconds ticking down. The newly "inspired" Lo Celso assists Kane and now our world class striker Harry bags his hat trick, takes the ball home, and it's all over for this one.

Those subs of three of Tottenham's biggest stars snuffed out any hope of an NS Mura comeback after that brilliant goal from the Slovenian #11, since then Moura, Harry, and Sonny have created nightmares for the visitors. The latest sees Lo Celso [inspired by the new talent now on the pitch] releasing Son who crosses to Kane for the fourth Lilywhites goal of the match.

Moura assists and a classic poacher's goal from Harry Kane puts Tottenham up 3:1.

Spurs bring on Kane, Son and Lucas Moura soon after the NS Mura worldie goal that narrows the home lead. Makes an immediate difference and now NS Mura have a serious containment challenge.

Two up early doors and... it's in danger of going Spurs-shaped as NS Mura pull one back. Spurs sank into a funk after their second goal for some weird reason instead of tightening their grip. What is it about this club, eh? Small crowd and rock bottom self-confidence surely all part of the story. That said, it was a sensational scorcher of a volley from #11 into the net from a Spurs clearance and sometimes you just get "them kind of goals out the blue".

Match started with THFC on fire: Dele fouled inside the box by the visiting goalkeeper and Alli scores his own penalty; and when Lo Celso runs confidently into the box and picks his target to beat the Mura keeper it's 2:0 with the Lilywhites confidently in control. They've found their level!

Line-up announced. Gollini; Doherty, Rodon, Romero, Reguilon; Winks, Skipp; Lo Celso, Dele, Gil; Scarlett.

Perhaps a surprisingly strong Spurs team with Romero, Reg, Gil and Skipp to play this one against Mura with another critical Prem game coming up this weekend home to Villa, but as expected no Kane or Son to start but available as subs.

Mura are from Murska Sobota which looks like an attractive town in what seems, from various panoramic views, an unspoiled region of Slovenia, and the fact that their home stadium [this match of course is away for them] holds less than 4,000 spectators gives an idea of how deep the Euro Conference is digging to make up the numbers. The town itself boasts just over 11,000 inhabitants. Their players will gasp at the modern footballing palace that is TH stadium. How filled it becomes is another story.

Previously in the Euro conference campaign Spurs battled to a 2:2 draw away to Rennes while Vitesse [Netherlands] defeated Mura 2:0.

COYS! or Mismo Mura! Match soon underway.

Premier league 2021/22
Tuchel tanks Tottenham
A game of two halves

Son starts
for THFC
Sun, Sept 19, 2021 @ 8:30am Pac/USA time
Tottenham Hotspur 0
vs Chelsea 3
US TV: [none], US Online: Peacock
by Rob Francis

Reactions: Lappers82 [Cowlin viewer]: "We have more statues on the pitch than around it."

We Are Tottenham TV: "We stopped playing second half."

Peter Coppard [Cowlin chat scroll]: "I used to watch Jimmy Greaves at White Hart Lane in the late 60s - so exciting - Alan Gilzean, Alan Mullery, Mike England, Martin Peters, Pat Jennings etc. RIP Jimmy."

Chelsea eventually eased through as expected while Tottenham held up for the first half before the inevitable unfolded. Thomas Tuchel, who apparently grew up a Spurs fan, pulls off Mason Mount, throws on N'golo Kante, and it's curtains for Spurs.

Match: It took until the early second half for Chelsea to score [Thiago Silva 49'] and then it was mostly one way traffic, with a second following soon after [Kante 57], as the first allegedly carbon-zero top flight football match took place. An injury time goal by Rudiger just added to Chelsea's plus goal difference and leaving Spurs with minus 3.

Spurs were actually competitive in the first half but Chelsea's German manager Thomas Tuchel tweaked his side to kick into a higher gear after the break and combined with some poor moments of defending by THFC threatened a 2nd half meltdown.

With enough players fit Spurs could theoretically, on paper, have a decent side, but right now they're out of their depth against sides like Chelsea and the question becomes what it really was all along: Is Nuno the man at the helm that can mould the talent into anything special, and will the names on paper actualize their potential and deliver?

Tottenham Hotspur line-up: Lloris; Royal, Romero, Dier, Reguilon; Ndombele, Hojbjerg, Alli; Lo Celso, Kane, Son.

Jimmy Greaves, magical scoring ace, up to today Tottenham Hotspur's most legendary living player [also played for Chelsea], dies aged 81. What a player he was for Spurs, beyond outstanding, including a club record 266 goals, and the English top tier's all time highest scorer with 357 goals.

Preview: Two crucial factors, prior to this game, heavily favor Chelsea [unfortunately] to win. First is form, and second is availability of key players.

Chelsea are in top form and their manager has rapidly assembled a cohesive squad of superstars that look to seriously battle to win the Prem and even the Euro Champs league. They only have two squad players injured.

Tottenham Hotspur, by contrast, are in poor form, and a combination of overseas covid regs and injuries are making it extremely difficult to determine whom, of the players Nuno would prefer if available, is actually fit enough to start or even play on Sunday. This element of the unknown is the last thing the Lilywhites want as they struggle with just how they're going to shape up this season. Last time I checked no less than nine players have some kind of question mark over their heads regarding availability.

Of course it's not unusual for a lot of players in doubt of playing to wind up being green lighted but this season no other club has struggled with possible injured or unavailable on-field personnel the way that Spurs has. For this curse to reach a crescendo just as we face Chelsea followed by a reviving Arsenal could not be worse timing.

Another key issue is whether Tottenham can find a way to bring Harry Kane back into the frame. He's been knockin 'em in for England but almost invisible for his club, and the various reasons for that could fill a book, including lack of service, lack of chemistry between the midfield and attack, and his head not being "right" after failing to get a move to a "bigger" [richer] club like Manchester City.

Getting the chemistry back between various key players, such as the Son/Kane partnership is tough if you don't know whether one of the is even going to start, or be playing.

THFC Preview from Chris Cowlin, Tottenham fan.

CFC Preview from Younes, Chelsea fan.

Both sides Preview from We Are Tottenham TV with Blues Fans TV.

----------------------------------->Other Football stuff

Dutch woman Sarina Wiegman just made an impressive debut as new manager of England Women's international side winning 8-nil in the nation's opening World Cup qualifier at St Mary's stadium in Southampton. Admittedly the visitors were North Macedonia but a great start to her career as England manager.

OK back into the usual mark-up app now to continue reactions. So to continue the Guardian reaction, they mention how it was Tanguy Ndombele's back-heel that initiated the first goal to put Tottenham one up, Skipp feeding Kane who first timed it to Moura, whose cross led to Rennes' Bade own goal.

But after that brilliance, Tanguy was left stranded one-on-two by a quick Rennes give-'n-go to equalize. Then, deep into the 2nd half, Spurs keeper "Gollini spilled a low shot from Kamaldeen Sulemana, with Laborde enjoying the easiest of tap-ins" [Guardian]. 2:1 to the home side.

But with less than 15 mins of regulation time to go a Doherty center bounced off a Rennes player to leave Hojbjerg with a massive opportunity he gladly took. Spurs had salvaged a point on the road against a decent side, but in all honesty it was relief more than exuberance at that point.

Outside the usual fire-breathing Spurs forums and in the more moderate spheres of mainstream reaction there was a surprising amount of positivity about some of the THFC players' performances but overall the mood is subdued as questions are asked about Nuno and fears of a full blown injury crisis mount. People still rate Ndombele highly, and although Nuno seems not his biggest fan [and the player himself would rather be elsewhere], but he may actually turn out to play a key role in Tottenham's immediate fate. Hojbjerg and Tanganga are popular chaps overall, too.

Misgivings abound over Doherty, Davies, and, sadly, Kane. He excelled for England recently but, for a number reasons to go into later, he's on the park but that's about it at this point.

Next up the one which could be painful to watch. Us vs Chelsea. Please check back for future updates and reactions, and Chelsea preview.

PS: Apologies, in some of the quoted reactions the player names had to be abbreviated owing to temporary technical difficulties. Also, the first quote using the back-up markup was attributed to the BBC when it should have been the Guardian. It cannot be corrected at this point. One of those crazy working days but back to normal for the home game against Chelsea.

Premier league
Spurs run ragged
Tanganga red carded as Spurs collapse
Sept 11, 2021 (Ssn 2021/22). by Klaus Struggle
Crystal Palace 3
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Selhurst Park, London. Highlights [NBC US]
US live: NBCSN, Fubo, SlingB, HuluTV, U/verso

Reactions coming in: You gotta hand it to Tifo, mucho respecto, they saw this Palace trend ahead of the curve. For all the reasons outlined it was not THFC's day. But Palace were slowly simmering quite some time ahead of the season and it was mostly going under the radar.

Spurs knew they were coming into this game with a weakened defence and it got worse with the sending off of Japhet Tanganga. Showing almost nothing up front combined with a missing midfield and growing desperation at the back, and so many missing players including Son Heung-Min, it was, even so, an even tougher watch than expected, and the red card was the tipping point but obviously not the only problem. Forget the 100% record, this was, even under the circumstances, absolutely dire. Emerson Royal looked lively for a while as he made his debut but his brief spark failed to ignite the team, though the Brazilian did a decent job dampening wily Wilfred Zaha's danger for most of the game.

Spurs Women beat Man City. 1st time ever. Sept 12, 2021  
Women 100% so far
Odd how Paratici and sidekicks never noticed or signed up Odsonne Edouard from Celtic. Could use a dude like that to trot on and causally destroy the oppo. Two goals in eight minutes from the sub's bench. Only Sergio Aguero does that! That's one way to introduce yourself to your new club and gain instant hero status. And when you look at Zaha and Benteke's contributions up front for Palace it highlighted the forlorn and bereft Tottenham goalmouth threat, which was in fact non-existent. Conor Gallagher was also outstanding for the SE London side.

For many Spurs fans the complete absence of Ndombele and Gil was a surprise disappointment.

Please check for more reactions.

Preview: Going into this weekend Palace vs Spurs is the first match up which means insanely early morning viewing for most north American viewers but time-shifting is way to solve this.

Before a ball is kicked this weekend the famous Tottenham cockerel stands proudly aloft the Premier league table as the top flight's only club to take 100% percent available points. Palace start with more modest aspirations having notched only two points from three games and 14th in the table.

The main difference about our south-west London hosts is that Roy Hodgson signed off as manager after keeping the Palace ship afloat in the Premiership, allowing their supporters at the Holmesdale end, who usually sing and chant boisterously from beginning to end, the hope that in former Arsenal player Patrick Vieira their Eagles will will be a more exciting proposition to watch. For them, frankly, it's a brave but risky road they've chosen, but best of luck to you other than when you play THFC of course. Most casual observers of the Palace will know their up-front firepower best: Zaha, Benteke and Ayew.

Tottenham's challenge is that international duties amid the pandemic, along with injuries related to playing for national sides, have combined to cause significant decimation of our squad: Gio Lo Celso, Cristian Romero, Son Heung-Min, Davinson Sanchez, Oliver Skipp, Steven Bergwijn and Ryan Sessegnon are all out or in doubt.

Spurs Odyssey: "Who will partner Eric Dier at the back for Spurs at Selhurst Park? ... probably Japhet Tanganga, who has shown he can play anywhere across the back four."

Guardian: "Patrick Vieira should certainly be fired up against his former north London derby rivals, and will hope his side pick up from their creditable draw at West Ham to secure a first win. In the end, Harry Kane's superiority could be all Tottenham need to continue their barnstorming start."

BBC Football: Surprisingly Lawro predicts a 1:0 home victory, presumably factoring in Tottenham's availability woes following the brutal international week's incidents, but he cites the fact that Palace have steadily improved with each game so far this season. Personally, I don't see a Palace triumph but rather a draw or narrow away win.

Please check back for post-game reactions as this London derby plays out on an early September Saturday.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Please check back. Please check back. Please check back. Please check back. Please check back. Please check back. Please check back.

Prem league match
Hornets stung
by jaw dropping
Son free kick
Spurs 1:0 Watford
Son scores in his 200th Prem game
by Pat Pending

Absolute and mind warping talent makes the difference as an in-swinging direct free kick from South Korean superstar Heung-Min Son destroys [new link] heretofore plucky Watford.

BBC football: "The result means Spurs will top the table heading into September's international break." Yes: nice to see Spurs two points ahead of the nearest other clubs, however all SIX* clubs below us [who are all two points adrift except City who are 3 points behind] have better goal differences, notably City who boast a whopping 9 to 3 GD advantage over Tottenham. [*updated after the Man Utd result later same Sunday].

But the fact remains, at the time of writing, that Spurs are top of the league and Arsenal are at rock bottom. Look at the state of Arsenal: a dismal negative goal difference of 9 and zero points.

Preview: NBC has officially switched Arsenal games over to Comedy Central. Arteta is the right man to lead Arsenal all the way to the Championship itself. Never doubt him. Arsenal's GBP 120m transfer spend on "talent" is in safe hands.

Meanwhile the mighty Lilywhites eagerly await Sunday's match at the new White Hart Lane with Watford making the commute from suburban Hertfordshire across north London to the shrine of football and the wrath of Harry Kane, making his dramatic home season debut, and the ever lively Heung-Min Son.

THFC line-up possibility: Lloris; Tanganga, Romero, Dier, Reguilon; Hojbjerg, Lo Celso, Dele; Son, Kane, Gil/Bergwijn.

BBC's Lawro predicts 3:0 to THFC, with his guest going for a "scrappy" 1:0 home win. The other news linking the two clubs is of course French midfielder Moussa Sissoko's transfer from Tottenham to the Hornets. Meanwhile Spurs invest in a defensive midfield Pape Matar Sarr with a view to future involvement as he transforms into a loan player still wearing the maroon kit of his present club Metz in scenic north-east France.

Europa Conference qualifier leg 2
Pacos de
Spurs 3:0 Pacos de F.
Kane nabs brace, Gio LoC gets #3

Early Reactions: Harry Kane enjoyed a triumphant "return" to the hallowed Spurs turf after being sidelined in a bizarre 'behind the scenes' struggle for his services between moneybags Man City and Tottenham Hotspur's dealin' Danny. "We tried to open the door to negotiate but the big master of the negotiation, Daniel Levy, knows everything and he would not do it. Maybe I would do the same if I had Harry Kane in my team," said City manager Pep Guardiola -- an insightful compliment.

A good evening out especially since, as the commentators pointed out, it gave a lot of fans, who might not get to see the Lilywhites in person under normal circumstances, a golden opportunity to savor the live Spurs experience - arguably the best reason to participate in a lower level Euro qualifier because tickets are actually available. Gotta think of future generations and give them a chance to be part of the club.

Second Half: Lo Celso grabs a third THFC goal and the north London side is now the huge favorite in this contest to make it into the group stages in a very solid performance as we enter the final minutes. Son almost makes it #4, as does Steven Bergwijn [replacing Gil] who hits the post.

Spurs start the 2nd half two up. Way better from Tottenham so far compared with the first leg, in control of the game and threatening for a third goal, almost achieved by Gil, who is a fan favourite already.

Half time: Spurs lead 2:0 on the day and so it's 2:1 aggregate, all to play for. The Lilywhites have turned it around. The B team and newbie talent couldn't make an impact away in Portugal, but when you bring in Harry Kane to liven things up, most everybody around him suddenly improves as well. It's contagious. In the US the match is on Paramount+ [online] while the THFC official site is providing both a match tracker and a BBC Radio London audio feed.

First Half: Kane nabs a brace before half time. Harry Kane, now on a brace [2 goals] gets his second courtesy Lo Celso, and Bryan Gill [who's partnered well with Sessignon so far] provided the assist for the first goal.
Harry Kane stays at Spurs!  
An era continues

Preview: It's Thursday Aug 26th and Tottenham Hotspur's very survival in Europe is at stake. The anticipation for this showdown is subtle but nonetheless existent among supporters, if not playing second fiddle to the brilliant news of Harry Kane staying at Spurs, yet the question remains about the extent to which the club's manager is willing to allow a third tier Euro club contest to get in the way of the real prize that towers above all else: getting top four of the Premier league and securing a Champions league spot. That, and only that, ultimately matters in the modern era of top level European domestic club league football.

And with a 100% track record in the Prem so far, you can't argue with the plan so far. Indeed, perhaps we can do both -- bounce back today from a one-nil deficit AND enter the [eyes glaze over] group stage of the E-Con. Maybe that's the "Eco[n]" system in which we currently swim.

US viewing: Paramount+ online channel.

Meanwhile BBC Football spoke with former former Spurs central defender and Swiss international Ramon Vega, whom they report as reacting "that it will be difficult for some Spurs fans to forget about Kane's desire to leave the club as he showed his 'true colours'. Of course the fans are delighted they have a player that they've adored for the past six or seven years. From the perspective of an ex-player, I would be annoyed in the dressing room if one of the other players handled the situation in that way."

However TheSpur was hugely excited that our fans up at the Wolves game treated him as the legend that he already is at this club. We're not thick. We understand that he's got ambitions to win stuff, who wouldn't in his place? But let's see if under Nuno he can win stuff with us. And the overall vibe around the club has been stunningly positive so far this campaign. There will always be hiccups along the way but so far so good, let's keep the dream alive.

The Spur's Premiership
Prem perfection - THFC 100%
Dele goal spurs Tottenham
Aug 22, 2021 (Ssn 2021/22)
Wolves 0
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Molineux, Wolverhampton, by Rob Francis

Reaction: Nuno's up and running big time, an exemplary start with a 100% Prem track record after two games, but this was less impressive than against Man City, yet if you can go away to a decent high pressing side like Wolves, nab a penalty and hang on for three points, it's still job done.

As Ricky Sacks said on LWOS, it certainly wasn't swashbuckling stuff but it was great to see us collectively showing the will and desire to succeed as a group.

The Guardian on transfers, including Wolves player: "The Nuno connection at Tottenham has introduced the idea that their new manager, two wins to the good, fancies linking up with a former Wolves charge, Adama Traorde, to add speed, skill and more speed to the Spurs wing. Other Spurs links include Kvicha Kvaratskhelia of Rubin Kazan and a swap deal involving Tanguy Ndombele and the Bayern Munich midfielder, Corentin Tolisso. It would be a shock to see Ndombele play any part for Tottenham this season, and he may be involved in a deal including Lyon's Houssem Aouar which may return him to his former club."

MAN OF THE MATCH: Dele Alli. Yes he won and converted the penalty, yet beyond that he's been playing his heart out for the club under Nuno. Can he recapture his full natural magic? If so, wow.

Europa Conference qualifier leg 1
Pacos de
PdF file past Spurs 1:0
One home goal in uninspiring battle

It's over and with an almost complete change of cast from the City line-up it was like the polar opposite of what we saw in the magnificent win on the opening day of the Prem season just a few days earlier.

Good thing there's a second leg to this. Spurs will have to put out the first team and throw the kitchen sink at them: these spring-testers and upholsterers from the furniture capital of Europe are not just sitting this qualifier out. Spurs, by contrast, lounged around like couch potatoes. Unless I nodded off and missed some, there was one credible goal scoring chance apiece, for the home side it was enough to eke out a forgettable win.

Media such as the BBC happy to report that meanwhile "former Spurs boss Jose Mourinho is off to a winning start in the competition with Roma, who beat Trabzonspor 2-1". It was his first official game in charge of the Italian club. Let's see how the Special One does in his upcoming first league match in charge when AS Roma host Fiorentina.

Spurs trailing by a first half goal scored by da Silva de Jesus [dude, work on that name]. Jeez - could this be the briefest Euro season campaign of all time? THFC B team + coupla new signings but it's just not happening so far.

The Europa Conference qualifier leg one is upon us, away in Portugal with only home supporters allowed. Harry Kane not going. Pacos de Ferreira is the opponent taking their name from the district in Porto. Not available on TV in the United States, tho some sites mention Fubo [not happening], but the Tottenham Hotspur official website has the audio plus match tracker. The match is available on TV in the UK.

Pre season 2021/2
Cristian Romero

Romero is a Spur
Spurs beat Arsenal [MIND pre-season]

We are just a few fleeting days away from our official [non-pre-season] opening season fixture of, no less than, the actual premier league OMG. Think about that. Live globally. Harry Kane and which side is he playin' for? Anyway, we looked good in the MIND blowing pre-season "fake" derbies, even without Harry, and we accept where we are at, and in many ways surprisingly optimistic, in contrast to the gooners down the road, beaten mindfully by THFC, who are suicidal. Who's got it right/wrong? We're about to find out with Friday's warm-up of Brentford v Arsenal before the big one on Sunday.... the Kane derby!

Cristian Romero, Argentina international defender playing for Atalanta, signs for Spurs on a loan to poss buy deal valued at 42.6m GBP but positively greeted. Spurs talent spotting dealmaker 'svengali' Fabio Paratici may be onto a big win here as the Lilywhites seek to bolster the back with the departure of none other than Toby Alderweireld. We've been swooping what, three[?] Atalanta stars pre-season now.

Spurs sign Bryan Gil

Gil is a Spur
Very watchable 1:3 win @ MK Dons

Guardian article gives insight to "The workaholic world of Fabio Paratici".

Things going swimmingly with the signing of Bryan Gil and a fun and well played win over MK Dons in the pre-season warm-up with a 1:3 away win, offered free on the official THFC website via an amazingly professional yet entertaining presentation.

Seeing everyone on the field and on camera, including Nuno the new manager in good spirits, the players working for each other and raring to go, the traveling fans giving Heung-min Son a fantastic reception and the player himself thrilled to have re-inked with the club. Wow, this was the most upbeat thing imaginable on the planet today! And some remarkable goals too from both sides. Made us all hunger for more, and it's gonna keep on coming.....

More reactions soon to the signing of Bryan Gil and the club's pre-season.

More reactions soon to the signing of Bryan Gil and the entertaining visit to MK Dons resulting in a 1:3 win. Please check back soon.

Pre season 2021/2
Nu boss Nuno
debuts at Orient

Well into pre-season
Colch 0:3 Spurs; Orient 1:1 Spurs

SPURS: Dane Scarlett with a great first half finish for Spurs assisted by Lucas Moura and Harry Winks the architect. Orient's #20, Ruel Sotiriou [sign him, I've seen enough!], replied with an impressively cool second half equalizer as the opening pre-season friendly ends 1:1 at fellow north-east London club Leyton Orient. Orient vs Spurs via Spurs TV.

Watch the next few THFC friendlies, trips to Colchester and MK Dons, live for free on Spurs TV. After that it's gonna cost us to watch upcoming friendlies against the likes of Arsenal which reportedly is part of a double header with the Tottenham women's side also playing, plus a live crowd. Chelsea are the other "friendly", part of "The Mind" series wherein the three London clubs play each other once [proceeds to the mental health related MIND].

If you're fit you can walk between these two clubs as Orient host Tottenham Hotspur July 17 for the first season friendly and Nuno's first outing as Spurs brand new manager. It's on Spurs TV and here's the info from Spurs community along with their thread on the Orient friendly, dedicated to Justin Edinburgh, now in the pureland but much loved by both clubs. As Chris Cowlin reminded us on his YT channel [linked left column], friendlies are not about the result but getting prepared for the new season [highly paraphrased here but you get the drift]. Still, you can't help but be extra pleased if Nuno starts a winner. Doh!

July 17: Football Insider reports that Son Heung-min has signed a new contract with Tottenham Hotspur.

Nuno Esp. Santo new Spur boss
Tottenham Hotspur have a lot to be proud about to see Harry Kane be an integral part of defeating Germany to go thru into the quarterfinals of the Euros. At the time of this great achievement he was [and still is] a Spurs player. No one can take that away. Yes, he's been struggling for form and didn't seem too impressive for the first chunk of this match, but just when we start to wonder if injuries have knocked the best out of him he starts to interact with his teammates with that old intuitive telepathic understanding, topped off with a finely headed goal for England fans to celebrate and savor. Onward goes his national side career. But how will THFC replace him when the time comes, which seems very soon?

It just doesn't seem possible that Levy and Paratici really think Nuno Espirito Santo is the manager for Tottenham Hotspur. And yet, it's about to happen. Disappointing. We'll get behind him, but... really?

Not as bad as Gennaro Gattuso which I suppose is some consolation. But we should have been aiming much higher than these two uninspiring choices.

Fonseco and Gattuso's flirtations have to be shortest managerial links of all time as Gattuso gets added to the list of "managers who weren't". Said the Guardian following the Fonseca collapse: "Tottenham have opened talks with Gennaro Gattuso after their move to appoint Paulo Fonseca broke down in the latest blow to their search for a manager." Chris Cowlin's panel discusses this highly controversial turn of events.

Until the right person came along, we shoulda kept Ryan Mason as gaffer, especially after beating Leicester in the final Prem game and ending the season on a higher note of optimism than the club has hit since the Poch era.

PREVIOUSLY: Well, well, well. Home to Harry Kane? Moneybags Man City mosey south to the capital to take on Paulo Fonseca's Lilywhite & Blue army. It's stacking up to be an interesting full house at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium come opening game in August, a standout fixture that will dominate the first weekend of a brand new season.

And now back to the hiring of our new manager as 'reacted to' by various people including our former US keeper Kasey Keller.

Matt Hayes Tottenham blog after the two targets fail, for different reasons.

The Spur was stunned by the Mourinho appointment, but positive on this news having learned more about him. Says Rob Francis: "The current Spurs government have beaten any resistance I may have had towards anything they do in their current incarnation. For now, I simply live my life, and with Spurs, whose story I will always follow, I go with the flow." Sounds like a plan.

Tifo's take on new Tottenham manager Paulo Fonseca.

Meanwhile Fabio Paratici installed as managing director [of] football.

Get well soon, Christian Eriksen!
Thank you Danish medics
Conte a no go - reactions: That would have been disastrous bringing in Conte. What is it with our "failed at Chelsea" obsession? Missed Gab Marcotti's reaqctions to this - but the panel said it instead. Just no. No Conte. A marriage made in hell. "But he did so well at Inter, like Mourinho!" Whether we like it or not, Spurs and Inter are not interchangeable. Nor are Chelsea. Let's not keep hiring their dregs. Spurs leader Daniel Levy has an enormous challenge and the pressure appears to be forcing some dubious decisions. A souped-up "Mourinho on steroids" is not an answer, but the beginning of a more extreme turbo-charging of what we've just been through.

Post Season
Bees beat
Swans to
win Prem spot

Brentford & Dundee win playoffs
Congratulations to Brentford on winning the Championship playoffs for the final promotion place in the English premier league, and meanwhile on the other side of Hadrian's Wall it's excellent news for Dundee fans as the dark blues seal a place in Scotland's top flight.

Saturday 5-29-21 update: Congrats to Brentford - After 10 playoff attempts, they finally got a promotion via "the hard way!" Hilites.
Says Brentford Bee on Griffin Park Grapevine: "I'm raising a glass to all of the old time fans who never saw us in the top flight and aren't here to celebrate with us."

Brentford FC have become associated as the team that gets into playoffs and never wins them to get promoted that way. They finally did it, 2:0 over Swansea and they and their brand new west London community stadium can enjoy basking in the Premier league.

Bees captain Pontus Jansson: "I could go home to Sweden and retire now as this is what I have dreamed of. A lot of people questioned my move here but I saw something in Brentford and I brought things here that I learned from Marcelo Bielsa at Leeds. I brought his ideas here with me."

But let's also applaud Swansea City who, whilst barely in the game during this one sided match, have previously fought to save their beloved club from being destroyed by greed and incompetence, and now hold a 20% ownership stake themselves in The Swans via the Supporter's Trust. Let's hope they continue to be among the front runners in the second level and, better yet, eventually regain a place in the top tier.

Dundee FC beat Kilmarnock 2:1 on the day SPFL hilites and 4:2 on aggregate to go up.
Yes, full time at Rugby Park in the fight for the last promotion spot into the Scottish premier league. Dundee are up! So the local derby with United is restored and bigger clubs will visit Dens Park again and earn more money for the club. Charlie Adam, Dundee: "It's something I'm really proud of as captain, to take my boyhood club back to the Premiership, that's what I set out to do."

Original post: Great to see Alan Gilzean's former club Dundee FC beat Kilmarnock in the first leg of the promotion final to hopefully get the Dee back into the Scottish top flight, but they go to Killie with a slender 2:1 aggregate lead. 'mon the Dee!, Up with the Bees, and COYS! Lots of fitba to be sure. It ain't over 'til it's over.

Prem league action
Spurs turn it on
Spurs ease past Wolves
May 16, 2021 (Ssn 2020/21)
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Wolverhampton W. 0
Tottenham Hotspur stadium, London
US live online TV:NBCSN Net:Fubo,Sling,Hulu. 6a PacZone/US-Can

Match Reaction: BBC Football: "This dominant Spurs display was brimming with everything that was absent in their defeat at Leeds eight days ago."

Ryan Mason 2 Nuno Espirito Santo 0. The honeymoon was over since the defeat at Elland Road but getting to know each other on a more everyday level seems to be suiting Spurs fans and hopefully interim boss Ryan Mason alike.

Anyway this was a convincing win by the boys in white and midnight blue but Wolves barely got into 3rd gear and Tottenham were a long way from firing on all cylinders.

But you know, if you can still crank out a win when it's so crucially needed, if only to ensure finishing above Arsenal and scraping into a non-Champions League European competition of one sort or the other, then just about everything else is overlooked, no worries [at least, until we lose again]. And it's not everyday that Pierre Hojbjerg hits the back of the net. Plus Harry may stay just to beat Jimmy's Tottenham scoring tally. Sounds brilliant.

Please check back for reactions around the web soon.

MAN OF THE MATCH: That man who provided an assist and scored himself, and he played bloody well, too.

Preview: It is as if they invented a new third tier Euro competition to keep Tottenham Hotspur's season alive. Enter the Europa Conference League. For a lot of us, we just want to see Kane and our other celebrated world class outfield players -- Son, Bale, Alli -- all together showing how the future might have unfolded had they roamed the pitch together as one: free, dynamic, successful.

That's not how the future will unfold, but to see the Lilywhites finish strong in the last three encounters and dispose of Wolves, Villa, and the brand new FA Cup winners Leicester, would go far in rousing a disoriented fan base in need of inspiration. Failing that, just stay and finish above Arsenal,who are on a strong winning league streak but have only two games remaining, Palace (away) and Brighton (home).

Wolves manager Nuno Espirito Santo is one of many names linked with the full time manager's post at THFC but his side went through a dodgy period this season after a bright start, leaving them going into Sunday placed solidly in mid-table at 12th compared with Tottenham's 7th with eleven points separating them. However Wanderers have won 3 of their last five Prem matches, 1 better than the hosts.

Stay tuned for more preview and reactions to this match which, on the north American west coast, is an early Sunday morning start.

Premier action
Mason's Lilywhite Army
Blades blunted by Gareth hat trick
May 02, 2021. FULL TIME
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Sheffield United 0
Tottenham Hotspur stadium, London
NBC hilites

Reaction: Reactions start here. Guardian commenter mathgirl re boot stamp on side of Lo Celso's head: "Rugby ref. 'The contact is with the head, no option: Red Card.' Followed by a ten-week ban. It was just awful."

Meanwhile... Man Utd fans anti-Glazer protest postpones United vs Liverpool game and leads to confrontation.

Back to Spurs vs Sheffield Utd: Guardian match report.

Dier Hard, not606 forum: "Bale on Aurier getting two assists: 'Yeah he keeps going on about it, if he got three assists I'd have let him have the ball!'"
Next: Leeds (A). "Much may hinge on whether Harry Kane or Patrick Bamford triumphs in a much anticipated battle of two strikers""  
Guardian preview

The Spur: A fantastic win for an unshackled Spurs. The dour, sour approach of Mourinho is replaced by talented players expressing themselves and working for each other. Bloody good to watch. This is why I supported Spurs in the first place.

2nd half: Cherry on the Gareth Bale hat trick cake -- count on Son to furnish his own piece of magic, perhaps the finishing touch, enabled by Bergwijn's assist. Four-nil.

Spurs now three up and Gareth has his hat trick. Clinton Morrison BBC live tracker: "It was all down to Serge Aurier and that's two assists for him. It's brilliant play down the right hand side and he bursts between two people. Harry Kane makes a good run and and takes a few Sheffield United defenders away away and the ball into Bale's pass is brilliant. He was never going to miss and that's a hat-trick for Gareth Bale."

Goal #2 is a gem, Son beating the opponent to a loose ball in midfield and finding Bale whose long run and blasted finish just paid the Welshman's salary since his return.

Son Heung-min deemed offside after a superb long ball from Toby Alderweireld. It should have been a Spurs classic but as the commentators commendably pointed out: Son was leaning into the forward space as front runners and strikers do in order to pounce at the perfect moment, and VAR checked offside decisions need to factor this in somehow in future rule improvements.

Half time: Spurs still have the slimmest chance of a European Champs league pHalf time, Spurs leading one goal to nil.

1st half: Serge Aurier's dinked lob over an opponent leaving Gareth Bale in turn to flick impudently past the keeper and the magic is on: one-nil. Tottenham Hotspur are much more fun to watch without a certain egotistical hindrance in the way, and they're back to enjoying their football again. One up, and of course it would be delightful to get that second cushion.

Match preview: Spurs still have the slimmest chance of a European Champs league place [or failing that a decent chance of lower level European action] next season. So the campaign, going into this match, did not completely die with the club's disappointing loss in the League Cup final.

New manager talk swirls around the THFC media world.

WATTV match preview and predicted line-up.

How motivated will the Blades be to prove themselves when they're already relegated? For most of them, most likely, very. Some players may be desirable to other clubs and others will be deemed valuable to the club's ability to bounce back to the top flight next season. For the players, if not the club itself, the motivation in these situations remains strong.

A similar scenario exists for the home side. Those that had been demotivated by Mourinho are in a potentially new post-negativity era and the loss to City in the League Cup final was clearly devastating to most of the squad. Most talent plays to win not to lose.

In the reverse fixture it was good news for "hungry" Spurs with Jose Mourinho basking in an "overwhelming" performance according to NBC Sports.

League Cup Final
Spurs finally concede
Tottenham tried, but outclassed
April 25, 2021 [Season 2020/21]
Manchester City 1
Tottenham Hotspur 0
@ Wembley stadium. FULL TIME. Rob F reacting.

Reactions: My own reaction is to agree with the poster on some online platform wherein he stated the League Cup should be awarded to somebody outside the six English wannabe Super League clubs, since their [failed] rogue league would have effectively eliminated the entire League Cup competition, and so therefore he duly congratulated Brentford FC on their super League Cup success! Well it gave me a laff to mitigate the not wholly unexpected loss of the "fake Final" itself.

I also wanna congratulate Ryan Mason because he didn't have time to transform the side into what they could be, one of the most exciting in the world, but he actually outdid Mourinho at his own tactics. Our players were nervous and made errors and were overwhelmed, but they actually kept City at bay better than Jose would have done. Kane didn't look fully fit and that made it all the more difficult for the manager and the players, and Harry himself of course, to compete on a level playing field.

By the way, congrats once again to Hugo Lloris, several sensational saves.

Second Half: Tottenham held out almost to the end, but with around 8 mins to go, conceded a De Bruyne free kick which provided the LaPorte headed goal to break the deadlock.

First Half concluded: Boy do we need Ryan's magic half time talk, and still hoping we can make it to half time scoreless. We did!

Spurs under siege in the opening half hour but somehow hanging on, saved only by the post in City's best of many efforts. City targeted Harry Kane's ankle as a weak link on the one occasion he got to the ball and marauded forward.

Pre-match: ESPN FC preview, including speculation that Leipzig's Julian Nagelsmann is THFC bound.

BBC Football and other sites note Kevin de Bruyne and Sergio Aguero are available whilst Harry Kane's fitness and availability is being monitored, as THFC interim manager Ryan Mason put it, "hour by hour".

Guardian Football: "Whichever way it swings, the supporters of either club - if not, it seems, the owners - will be delighted to win a trophy."

Wembley will admit 8,000 supporters for this match. But obviously it comes at a time of serious discontent among vast swathes of both legions of fans who are still in shock over what these two club's owners and/or management, along with ten other clubs, just tried to do to Europe's beloved national football leagues without even consulting with supporters.

"Mourinho's gone. Spurs are free to express their best-attacking ability. We have nothing to fear, just play your best. COYS." -- VK, Chris Cowlin YT viewer.

Meanwhile, The Independent reminds us that just because the Super League got repudiated for now, the new format of the Champions League is just a watered down version of the same thing, as the "new format includes two slots for clubs with the highest UEFA coefficient who miss out on Champions League qualification, so long as they qualify for the Europa League or the new third UEFA competition, the Conference League.

Ranked by five years of performance, UEFA's coefficient rankings could be easily confused with the Deloitte Money List: it is dominated by clubs like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester City. These extra places in the Champions League are not a sporting prize but a financial safety net, a parachute to save the richest clubs in Europe should they fall off the top." Yuk. Bastardos!

Super League Crisis
Super league
a threat to the
future of the game

Stupor League in disarray
Football fan power prevails
Within less than two days the horrific greed grab of some of the most influential "Super League" mega-clubs, whose coordinated coup, heralded with a late Sunday barrage of newsflashes, is withering on the vine. Some of the "founding dozen" have scrambled to wipe their smug announcements from their media [while the more desperate of them are still on board, even as their idea crumbles around them], or announce, in effect, "False alarm. Nothing to see here. Move along sharpish." But the PR fallout from this debacle has probably only just begun. Meanwhile, football fans show they still do have a say in the beautiful game. Glory be.

At time of writing there are two English clubs who've declared their withdrawal, namely Chelsea and Citeh, the latter club stating: "Manchester City Football Club can confirm that it has formally enacted the procedures to withdraw from the group developing plans for a European Super League." Elsewhere, Manchester Utd's breakaway architect Ed Woodward has fallen on his proverbial sword. What are Spurs and Arsenal thinking, noses held high? "No great loss." LOL. [Note: the report of Barcelona pulling out proved incorrect]. Martin Lipton: "Here's one you wouldn't have put money on: UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin is 'delighted to welcome @ManCity back to the European football family'. My enemy's enemy is my friend....?" And where, again, did Man City 'go' to be welcomed back so warmly? I'm dying here!

Euro Meltdown
Football fans in uproar
The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters' Trust stated on April 19th: "We demand the Board immediately disassociates itself from the breakaway league. Only then can meaningful discussions about change take place. If the Board does not do this, we will have no choice but to call on new owners prepared to safeguard the past, present and future of our great Club to step forward and work with us."

Football lurches closer to the sterile "Americanization" of the European game that will lead to lots of repetitive flavorless and dead rubber matches, games that seem more like friendlies and the absence of "everything on the line" showdowns of consequence. In short, the fossilization of top level professional sport.

MLS is a classic example of how soccer fails to attract an audience if the regular season is little more than warm-up friendlies, and by the time of the playoffs people have long since completely lost interest. The big banks and corporations don't understand the self-imploding ramifications of their decisions, mistakenly assuming that what works for the NFL will work with football turned into a super league detached from the rest of the game, and which will die the same way as a head ultimately dies without the support of a body.

Alex Samuels, Spurs fan on WATTV: "You can't have a competition without competition." Samuels also reminds us that the UEFA's perennial incompetence has contributed to this current crisis. Combine that with the fallout from the pandemic, it's brought to a head something that's been brewing for a long time.

Proposed SUPER LEAGUE: GatehouseAmi [Guardian commenter] on the new proposed Euro Super League in which Tottenham is one of the twelve "founding" clubs involved: "I like the PL's long term prospects more than those of a Super League with no promotion relegation." Meanwhile, Jose is terminated as THFC manager.

The Spur's Premier action
Kane nabs a
brace of true
poacher's goals
Mourinho gone
Reactions to 2 big stories
Everton 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
April 16, 2021 (Ssn 2020/21)
Goodison Park, Liverpool. FINAL SCORE.
US TV: NBCSN. Online: fuboTV, SlingB, Hulu. H Hoofball reacting.

Match Reactions: "I think Jose also knows his time is limited, whatever people may think of the guy he ain't stupid and he knows he's not doing what was asked and that only ends one way for a manager." -- dier hard, not606 forum

Reactions on the way as Everton vs Spurs concludes a 2:2 draw.

Match over: Tottenham Hotspur yet again let a lead slide. At least, thanks to Lamela and Kane, they didn't collapse and fought back to nab a point, but that's not enough to get into the Top 4. Now it's gotta be a bid for the Europa league.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Shared between Harry Kane whose goalscoring prowess knows no bounds, and Hugo Lloris was oozing professional goalkeeping to keep THFC in the game.

2nd Half: But wait it's Harry to the rescue as Lamela finds the England ace with his incredible ability to be positioned and coiled ready to bury a great feed. 2:2, Spurs are level.

Seamus Coleman comes on as a sub and immediately sets up ex-Spur Sigurdsson who scores a crackerjack goal as Spurs fans fear the grim inevitability of losing their grip on victory or even of a draw.

1st Half: 1:1 at half time as Harry Kane scores a true poacher's goal to put Spurs ahead.... another story unfolding of THFC leading and then blowing it? Well an Everton penalty scored by ex-Spur Sigurdsson makes it even going into the half time break.

Premier league action
Tottenham's toxic Mouro
Will Harry Kane "leave Spurs"?
April 11, 2021
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Manchester United 3
@ TH Stadium, London N17. Final score.

Reactions: "It is striking how different the mood around Old Trafford is now to how it was in Mourinho's final season, largely because of the personalities of the managers. Like a toxic Charlie Brown, Mourinho bears with him his personal cloud. By this stage in his reign, his focus seems always to have shifted from getting results to making sure nobody blames him for the results. By contrast, Solskaer's name literally means sunshine. Whatever else may be said of him as a manager, he lifts gloom." -- Jonathan Wilson The Guardian match report.

"We've just watched Pogba and Shaw, 2 players who Jose ostracised and convinced many were shit, have a jolly up on our heads." -- Team Spirit, Fighting Cock forum.

A ray of hope from Guardian reader godfrey007: "All the bad Spurs managers win one league cup."

"Groundhog day again. As soon as any team starts actually competing with us in the 2nd half we have no answer." -- Brad Matthews, you-tube watcher of Chris Cowlin channel.

Check back for reactions here at The Spur as Mason Greenwood seals the result making it 1:3.

How much longer can this go on for THFC? Will the reactions reflect the general mood: Mourinho gone at the close of the season, and, sadly, the amazing Harry Kane too [link to the Irish Hotspur]. As always he was defending, attacking, and everything in between.

It was an expensive and ultimately disastrous choice of managers. The modern world means that every year the big get bigger and the small get smaller [in the corporate economic world and in sports] as we spin out of control. Let's see if the world reacts similarly to this opinion.

Second Half: Cavani gets his revenge for being disallowed in the 1st half. Teenager Mason Greenwood, on as a sub, providing the cross. 1:2, probably the winner. [Turned out he himself scored which did seal Spurs' fate.]

Sure enough, just as we thought, United powering back and not long after the break they equalize. Lo Celso replaced by French midfielder Moussa Sissoko.

Under Mourinho, Spurs have a massive problem holding onto leads, and United have a phenomenal away record, so this is going to be, uh, interesting.

First Half: Here we go. Match underway. 36th min controversial Utd "goal" disallowed. A few minutes later, Heung-min Son caps a brilliant Tottenham build-up to put the Lilywhites ahead. A cautious start first half turned into controversy from a well worked United disallowed goal and a quick response by Spurs to take the lead.

Club announces line-up: Lloris; Aurier, Rodon, Dier, Reguilon; Hojbjerg, Ndombele, Lo Celso, Lucas; Son, Kane.

BBC Football remind us: "Tottenham are seeking a league double over Manchester United for the first time since the 1989-90 season .... Spurs have won just six of their 28 Premier League home games against United - but three of those wins have come in the past five seasons."

Spurs vs Man Utd - one of the classic match ups in every year of the English fixture list.

Premier league action
Spurs slip in battle for 4th
Geordies 2 Lilywhites 2
Sun, April 04, 2021 (Ssn 2020/21) Live in US Online & TV
Newcastle United 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
NUFC fan Geordie twitter

Second half in action: Just minutes to go before full time and a quick Spurs break sees Kane hit the post. Instead, Newcastle nab the equalizer. That's how it ends. Please check back for reactions coming in soon.

Spurs start the second half 1:2 up and with Son Heung-min replacing Vinicius. Although ahead, THFC have dropped the Moho shell that has cost the side so dearly in earlier games and they've been actively seeking a third. Newcastle also looking too good to go down, but right now, Spurs have the valuable points.

First half in action: Both sides going for it. Not surprising that the home side have been in terrible form but suddenly find their mojo when presented with Tottenham, breaking thru in around the 27th min to take the lead which lasts 1.5 mins before Kane equalizes. And he's not done yet, within a few minutes he's notched a brace. 1:2 to THFC.

Earlier in the first half: Turns out Reguilon is ready to play again but not Son Heung-min, so Carlos Vinicius starts up front with Harry Kane. In the opening minutes Lucas Moura [pic] is the shining light for the visiting Londoners including an early chance just wide. Around the 18th min Newcastle almost score in goalmouth scramble but Lloris saves the day for now. Six mins later Vinicius "scores" but flagged for offside.

Line-up: Lloris; Tanganga, Sanchez, Rodon, Reguilon; Lo Celso, Ndombele, Hojbjerg, Moura; Vinicius, Kane.

Match preview: A couple of seasons ago in this corresponding fixture The Spur noted how Geordie fans were complaining about their paper thin squad and how their club is being run into the ground. "Spurs are light years ahead of us because of one fat b@stard," complained Newcastle poster Kal. Back then Spurs fans were also unimpressed with their club's lack of transfer signings.

But since then [Aug 2018], when Spurs went on to win 1:2 [when Poch was in charge], the gap between the two clubs is even wider, with Spurs, despite our wobbly current season, in a five horse race for the 4th Champs league spot, while Newcastle are only one place above the relegation zone going into Sunday's premier action.

More recently, the corresponding fixture for last season saw Tottenham, under Mourinho's guidance, enjoy a 1:3 win with Son scoring first, the Geordies levelling, and then Harry Kane nabbing a brace.

Son and Reguilon are available for this one.

Europa league action (Ssn 2020/21)
Zagreb 3:2 Spurs [Agg]
Spurs collapse
March 18, 2021. Rob F reacting.
Dinamo Zagreb 3 [FINAL]
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Final. 3:2 agg. DZ thru.
US TV:TUDN. Net:Fubo, P'mount

Post Match: It's all over in more than one way as THFC abjectly exit the Europa league losing 3:2 on aggregate. All we need now is for Alan Sugar to buy back the club and the final blow to this once great club is complete. Never mind, cheer up, we could be Birmingham City.

Jose must also stop blaming the players and take responsibility for this recent horror show version of a great club. His era ended sometime before his 2nd stint at Chelsea. That's now a long time ago. He's lost the dressing room. This was a performance by players who don't want to play for their manager and want him gone, sorry to say.

Match: Mourinho has turbo-charged Spursy. Yes we actually blew a two goal lead and in part two of extra time Zagreb nab a third [so agg is 3:2 no away goals]. The Spurs internet must be in meltdown right now. I am also melting down.

Preview: Sportingpedia: "Tottenham defeated Dinamo Zagreb 2:0 last week in London. That was the first competitive game between the two sides, who have faced each other just once more in their history, when meeting for a friendly way back in 2008. Then the Spurs trashed their Croatian opponents 4:0. To summerize, Tottenham have won both matches with more than a one goal margin and have managed to keep clean sheets in both encounters.

"Dinamo Zagreb quickly returned to winning ways after losing to Tottenham last Thursday, trashing Varazdin 0:5 away from home in a game of the Croatian league on Sunday.

"Tottenham lost the North London derby 2:1 to Arsenal on Sunday. Prior to that game Jose Mourinho's side was on a run of five straight victories, conceding a total of one goal in the process."

Heung-Min Son and Giovani Lo Celso are injured.

Evening Standard: "Two goals from Harry Kane has Spurs in the driving seat as they look to win the competition to lift some long-awaited silverware, in what remains their most likely route back into the Champions League. There will be a new face in the Dinamo dugout after former manager Zoran Mamic resigned after being sentenced to prison for more than four years."

Please check back for in-match and post-match reactions here at The Spur.

Prem action
Another big win
Bale and Kane get braces, Spurs romp 2nd half
March 07, 2021
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Crystal Palace 1
NBC U-tube Hilites [updated]

Full time and another big Spurs win with the lads on fire second half. Amazing. Tottenham like scoring four goals at the minute. Check back for more reactions.

BBC Matchtracker: "Erik Lamela lofts a cross into the box and Son squares it across the six-yard line for Kane to head into an empty net." That's goal numero quatro and Kane joins Bale on a brace.

Wowza, scintillating third THFC goal to make it 3:1 that is a worldie golasso. About 32 yards out into the top corner. Still a way to go to surpass Jimmy Greaves' all time club record but he's knockin' 'em in with style that lad.

Second half: We'll have the same again please: a Bale assist for Kane to score, like the first Spurs goal!

Spursy time as Christian Benteke equalizes.

It's all started jolly well with Gareth Bale scoring just after midway in the 1st half from an assist by Harry Kane. BBC Matchtracker: "Palace make their first defensive mistake and Spurs lead. Lucas Moura catches Luka Milivojevic out and feeds Harry Kane down the left. Kane rolls the ball across the six-yard box for in-form Gareth Bale to tap in at the back post."

Here we go!: Palace have a place in our hearts because in THFC's first senior match at Tottenham Hotspur's "astonishing" new stadium the Lilywhites won!

Europa league
Spurs 4:0 WAC
8:1 aggregate as Spurs sweep thru
Feb 24, 2021 [Season 2020/21]
Tottenham Hotspur 4
vs. Wolfsberger AC 0
Temp highlights

Matchday: Spurs go thru with a whopping 8:1 aggregate that stands in stark contrast to the dismal overall season for the club. The other big contrast is the players who have sucked in other tournaments have shone beyond belief at times in the Europa league, notably Dele Alli, Gareth Bale, and Erik Lamela.

The Lilywhites go into the last sixteen and of course to win the competition outright and thus get into the Champions league would completely turn the season around. That's gotta be the plan for Jose Mourinho because nothing else will be enough for him to remain at THFC given that the chances of beating Citeh in the League Cup final are extremely slim, and Top 4 is a pipe-dream.

Even winning the League Cup won't save him if that's the only good news -- this is a club run by people who are heavily banking on going deep regularly in the Euro Champs league. You don't build a world beating new stadium like this club has, spending a bundle on "talent" including manager, and then settle for wins over Austrian league teams or even a solitary League Cup final win. Financially that ain't gonna cut it after the ravages of a pandemic.

That's by no means to say this was not an impressive aggregate tally for Tottenham. It also shows that given the freedom to express themselves the talent is there in the team, just latent most of the time.

The talent pool also needs strengthening.

Mourinho: "We played well for large periods and all four goals were beautiful."

The match-ups for the Round of 16 are made this Friday. Who can it be next?

Europa league
Spurs WAC the Wolves
Europa KO begins
Feb 18, 2021 [Season 2020/21]
Wolfsberger [WAC] 1
Tottenham Hotspur 4
US Live! TV:TUDN; Net:Fubo,CBS-Access , hosted by Tao Jones

Reactions: It was a convincing win but admittedly and obviously Wolfsberger are the minnows of the Europa league at this stage. But don't take anything away from the lads they did what they needed to, went three up, did the Spursy routine and conceded a goal and looked dodgy for a while, but then sealed the 4th which gives THFC a massive advantage going into the 2nd leg.

Please check back for reactions from both The Spur and how the rest of the internet responds to this welcome win after so many disappointing recent matches.

Preview: Tottenham Hotspur play their first match in the knockout rounds "away" [but actually on neutral soil] to Austria's WAC football club who hail from from Wolfsberg, a bucolic part of amazing Austria.

Even though it's the first game of this "sudden death" [as it's called in the States] phase of this season's Europa league, upon which, in effect, the London club's only real chance of getting into the European champion's league rests, it's not exactly a match the entire footballing globe is obsessed with. Mainly because Spurs have been an unsuccessful yawn so far this winter.

Well amigos, blow out the cobwebs and let's kick some serious ass to bring our club back to life. Go Spurs bro! Those guys are WAC!

Prem league action
Spurs bag Brom
Son shines as Spurs Kane Baggies
Feb 07, 2021 (Ssn 20020/21)
Tottenham H. 2
West Bromwich Alb. 0
Rob Francis

The bottom line: Spurs are back thanks to Harry being back. The Kane/Son partnership was integral to pulling out of a terrifying Tottenham tailspin. At least we just missed the mountainside but the engines only sputtered back into partial life. Don't unfasten your seatbelts.

Records are for breaking and Harry Kane is getting close. As Cartilage free captain among others pointed out: "Bobby Smith scored 208 goals in 317 appearances. Harry Kane has now scored 208 goals... in 317 appearances. Wild statistic."

The chemistry of our two frontmen was in full evidence and a reminder that whilst they are truly exceptional individual talents, it's mostly together that they truly sparkle and whilst it's wrong to say the Lilywhites completely depend on them there's no doubt that this is the dynamic duo that gets Tottenham off the ground. For example, when Kane is around, observes The Guardian's Jacob Steinberg: "Son Heung-min comes alive on the left wing, hunting opportunities and giving defenders nightmares."

After this weekend's games Spurs stay at 8th but have a game in hand over many of the teams above and as such stay in contention for a top four place but it's obviously gonna be brutal to get in to next season's Champs league via this route or indeed by winning the Europa Cup.

Guardian match report forum poster hotsi partially echoed many supporters' sentiments typing: "A win's a win but still not convinced that Mourinho is the right manager for Spurs. All this result does is to paper over the cracks." Agreed, he's not the right manager for this club which is why there was a massive global howl of anguish when it was first announced. But this result does more than paper over the cracks, this win was desperately needed for the club over and above Mouro himself.

A win is indeed a win and it was all the more sweet as Arsenal lost yet again, victim to former Brentford whizz kid Ollie Watkins and his new Villa teammates, so a healthy gap remains between us and the goons. That said, as with us, they've got some serious talent on their squad who are not properly firing on all cylinders.

More reactions soon.

Preview: On Sky Sports the preview of the match centered around whether Tottenham Hotspur are the most boring side in the Premier league.

This is actually not going to be too painful to watch whatever happens. If we win, a nice 3 points. If we draw, the noose tightens. If we lose, the lever is pulled.

But don't watch for scintillating football played the Spurs Way because this side ain't coached by Bill Nicholson no more and the other lot are coached by Big Sam, respectively voted by pub pundits around the globe as the two most boring managers of all time. George Graham only made third place.

But there could be goals because WBA actually have high scoring games. As BBC Football points out "there have been 29 goals in West Brom's last 7 league games." Of course, WBA scored few of those, so the onus will be on Tottenham to bang 'em in.

Albion could be the expected handful, snapping and closing down in what passes for terriers in this pandemic. But Spurs may not fancy the physical commitment.

At least Arsenal are also in a tailspin, however they still do play what is recognizable as professional level football [League One level recently] unlike Spurs who amble aimlessly around.

Wish we had a free kick taker of the level of James Ward-Prowse - dear Lawdy what a cracker for Saints at St.James' Park. Becks eat your heart out. Remember when we had Eriksen? He recently took one almost as good for Inter.

The BBC's Lawro predicts Tottenham will win 2:0.

So with nothing to lose except a failed manager getting the heave-ho let's enjoy the game and who knows we might even win. I'll be the first to applaud if we win every game for the rest of the season and Mouro is manager for life.

Premier action
Zombified Spurs
Mouro's lost the dressing room
Feb 04, 2021 (Ssn 2020/21) with Rob Francis
Tottenham Hotspur 0
vs Blue Racists 1

Reactions: How much more of this dross can anyone stand? Once again, the best team did not lose. Even Southampton with only 9 players, whilst being utterly thrashed by Man United, showed more than we did. That's truly disastrous.

The Guardian writer captured the best word that describes the situation at Spurs so thanks to Barney Ronay for dropping the "z" word: "Jose Mourinho's rigid thinking brings zombified display from Tottenham" said the headline above the blog article which contained a paragraph in which he described the first half. Personally, I think it applied quite well to the 2nd half as well. OK, then, semi-zombified Spurs 2nd half display.

"Mourinho's really pushing his luck now. If we can't beat West Brom on the weekend, then we're in deep, deep ****." - PleaseNotPoll, not 606

The Special Dinosaur's days must be surely numbered. Caretaker manager to guide us to victory over West Brom?
"Tottenham have forgotten what to do when they have the ball.""  
Glenn Hoddle
Over the last ten league games our current form would leave us one place above the relegation zone and sinking like a stone.

And the football is abysmally dull with no supply line and no attack. Three consecutive losses. The players have been drained of any talent and desire.

Glenn Hoddle, Lilywhite legend: "Tottenham have forgotten what to do when they have the ball."

BBC Match tracker: "Toothless Tottenham." -- Clinton Morrison

This reminds me of when Leeds hired Brian Clough except Mouro lasted a bit longer before he became simply untenable.

MAN OF THE MATCH: Whomever is the new manager. Whomever is the new manager. Whomever is the new manager. Whomever is the new manager.