Trump's presidency ended when he tweeted 'No Stimulus'

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Previous posts and links
Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tries to show that he really is human. He eats a sandwich and virtually inspects the devastation in Puerto Rico.

Oct 2020
Supreme Court? Supremely corrupt
Amy Conehead Batshit accepted money from a hate group that supports the recriminalization of homosexuality in the United States. She was pressed on this issue in her 2017 federal judge appointment hearing. She claimed to be unaware of accepting it. How forgetful the right-wing "appointees", puppets willing to discriminate against vast swaths of the American people, seem to be.

Vox: "CNN conducted its usual instant poll with SSRS, and they found that 53 percent of respondents who watched the debate thought Biden won, and 39 percent thought Trump won."

Trump's dodgy China bank dealings
The New York Times reveals that Trump records shed new light on his business "pursuits". Many millions of dollars, over S15m in one transaction alone, were withdrawn by Trump from his company's Chinese bank capital account. The Hill reports that Nancy Pelosi has raised serious national security concerns around the Times' revelations.

Trump pays China big $ but pittance to US
Bernie Sanders: "While Trump paid just $750 in U.S. federal income taxes in 2017, he has paid: $188,561 in taxes to China, $156,824 in taxes to the Philippines, $145,400 in taxes to India, $15,598 in taxes to Panama, and Trump wants us to believe he puts America first? What a hypocrite!"

"There is something rotten in our tax system that allows someone like Donald Trump to spend years litigating the IRS so that he can pay little or no taxes owed. Donald Trump is the poster child of how the US tax code has been exploited and scammed by individuals who use taxpayer money to fund their legal battles with the IRS. Congress needs to address this issue and level the playing field so that every American pays his or her fair share of taxes due." -- STSI, NYT reader

"Donald Trump has 5 kids, 3 baby's mamas, lives in government housing, and has outstanding warrants." -- Elgin Charles twitter.

"Donald Trump's tax returns show that he paid his daughter Ivanka as a consultant, even though she is a member of the company which is against IRS rules." -- Politicus

Sept 2020
GOP BS "Too stupid"
Reporter Daniel Dale says Trump and the GOP's disinformation about Joe Biden is "almost too stupid" to merit fact checking. Sadly, there's no level of stupidity and dishonesty to which they can descend, and the bizarre thing is about 35% of the US population lacks even a modicum of savvy or critical thinking and eagerly consumes lying as if it's absolute truth, perhaps the single most salient reason why a potentially great nation is in deep **** at so many levels.

"Trump is a walking, breathing example of I'm OK, and everyone else can just fend for themselves." -- Joe Lockhart, CNN

Aug 2020
Even Repugs admit Trump colluded with Putin
Rob Reiner: "The corruption and criminality is voluminous. But I'll say this until my face couldn't be more blue: Donald Trump colluded with an enemy power to steal an election. And committed perjury in covering it up. Republicans on Intel Committee said so."

Rick Gates: Convicted.
Paul Manafort: Convicted.
George Papadopoulos: Convicted.
Mike Flynn: Convicted.
Michael Cohen: Convicted.
Roger Stone: Convicted.
Steve Bannon: Arrested.
Donald Trump: Impeached.

-- Lincoln Project

"Years ago, Gary Hart told me that in order to run for president, you have to be 'whatever the sane side of messianic is'. But in Donald Trump, we got the insane side of messianic, and we've had it now for almost four years. When Democrats chose their presidential candidate this spring, they clearly decided they wanted sanity, hold the messiah. So they chose Biden. The one who didn't have grand plans for government, but could certainly run one, certainly respect one, certainly improve one." -- Jennifer Senior, NYT, article: "Learning to Love Joe Biden".

Justice Dems win again
Justice Democrats are still winning as demonstrated by Cori Bush's primary win "notching the latest in a stunning string of upsets against the party establishment" as reported in the NY Times. In one of the most significant moments in St.Louis political history Bush beat 20-yr Democratic incumbent William Lacy Clay in the Missouri Dem primary. The Bernie Sanders element of the Democratic party is alive and kicking, and thus feared and hated by the established "Repugnicon lite" Democratic phalanx, many of whom have their fingers in the same till of corruption as the looting frenzied Trumpists.

The English Premier league's Arsenal Football Club slammed for "indefensible" staff cuts.

July 2020
"Unprecedented corruption"
The horror show of corruption, nepotism and mob-style graft has awoken many Americans to the harsh reality that US democracy's survival is heavily dependent on the people in power, including all three branches, being honorable men and women who make the own interests subservient to the greater good of what's best for their country. When a proudly rogue president takes power and can sufficiently manipulate the other branches to become impotent to fight back against dishonorable actors whose primary goal is their own enrichment with no interest in the damage done to the nation's fragile democracy, or the primary interest of the United States, then the protective system has been effectively captured and has broken down. This is what has happened to the USA in 2020.

The Senate is unwilling to step in to resist. The attorney general does not represent the nation but only the president's self-interested goals. The courts have been stacked and the Supreme court now makes decisions based on expediency rather than rule of law or the spirit of the constitution.

Robert Mueller: "Trump's commutation of Roger Stone's sentence is an unforgivable betrayal of his office".

Mitt Romney: "Unprecedented, historic corruption: an American president commutes the sentence of a person convicted by a jury of lying to shield that very president."

Bill Kristol: "In Donald Trump's America, Roger Stone is rewarded for lying and Lt. Col. Vindman is punished for telling the truth."

Nancy Pelosi: "President Trump's decision to commute the prison sentence of his long-time friend and political adviser Roger Stone is an act of staggering corruption."

Adam Schiff: "President Trump has engaged in countless acts that are both self-serving and destructive to our democracy while in office, but commuting the sentence of Roger Stone, a crony who lied and obstructed our investigation to protect Trump himself, is among the most offensive to the rule of law and principles of justice.

"With this commutation, Trump makes clear that there are two systems of justice in America: one for his criminal friends, and one for everyone else. Donald Trump, Bill Barr, and all those who enable them pose the gravest of threats to the rule of law."

A proto-fascist Federal government is here. Washington Post article headline July 20: "A Veteran had a question for the feds in Portland. They beat him in response. He wanted to ask the officers whether they felt their actions violated the Constitution. They then tear-gassed him and smashed his hand with baton blows."

Lt. Col Alexander Vindeman promoted to full colonel. Thanks Sen Duckworth.

This is what happens when the war on terror is inward, on America.

Covid corner: Paul Krugman: "Covid-19 death rates per capita in the European Union are only a 10th those in the United States - and falling - while ours are rising fast. As a result, they're in a position to reopen schools fairly safely."

Trump can't be trusted
"A president who can't be trusted in a crisis is no president at all -- but a president who actively makes crises worse when tens of thousands of lives and millions of jobs are on the line is an unacceptable danger to our nation," said Biden's deputy campaign manager, Kate Bedingfield. "And Donald Trump's admission that he slowed testing down to hide the extent of his failure highlights what is truly at stake in this election. We absolutely cannot afford a president who only cares about himself."

June 2020
Trump's now in BLM Plaza
Trump now works [if that's what you can call what he thinks he's doing in the White House] next to Black Lives Matter Plaza. The Philadelphia Inquirer: "'The section of 16th street in front of the White House is now officially Black Lives Matter Plaza', tweeted DC mayor Muriel Bowser. A black and white sign was put up to mark the change. The White House had no comment."

New York Times on overseas views of meltdown America: "A 92-year-old Italian, fondly recalling the GI's who parachuted in to liberate his country from fascism, says he now sees the ghost of Mussolini in TV clips from the United States. In Iraq, people are sharing photos that compare President Trump holding up a bible with Saddam Hussein clutching a quran."

"It makes me realize how easy it is, even in a Western country, for those in power to turn against their own people." Melissa Eddy, Berlin.

A competent national leader knows the drill in a time of acute crisis: 1] Empathy and compassion 2] Long term confidence 3] Provide a plan. With an utterly corrupt, incompetent and white supremacist American executive federal leadership, itself a cause of, rather than any solution to, America's gargantuan problems, we hear only a greedy, self-promoting drumbeat of demented pettiness, exhortation to violence, and extremist propaganda.

Meanwhile: Tommy Robinson arrested on suspicion of assaulting man who 'spat in his face' [link to video/article at the Evening Standard].

May 2020
Trump 'war criminal'
Gregg Gonsalves, an epidemiologist who works as an assistant professor at Yale School of Public Health says that Trump's negligence is so gross that he could be prosecuted for war crimes under international law. "So, what does it mean to let thousands die by negligence, omission, failure to act, in a legal sense under international law?" he asked. "And I am being serious here: what is happening in the US is purposeful, considered negligence, omission, failure to act by our leaders. Can they be held responsible under international law?"

Too Corrupt
"The crisis demanded a response that was swift, rational and collective. The United States reacted instead like Pakistan or Belarus -- like a country with shoddy infrastructure and a dysfunctional government whose leaders were too corrupt or stupid to head off mass suffering." George Packer, The Atlantic.

Mourning in America.

Trump is the plague
Late Spring brings forth a stirring of hope amid a pandemonic pandemic exacerbated by chaotic leadership in the globe's major rightwing run nations such as the US, UK, and Brazil. All three populations are seeing just how dangerous it is to have an incompetent government whose interests are in lining their own pockets [and those of their benefactors, big oil and big corporations] with no regard for the citizens themselves.

This, in the US at least, could lead to a political sea-change in the election which really is America's last chance saloon - things have to change, and bloody soon.

Meanwhile the White House is lining the coffers of Trump Hotels to have Steve Munchkin, yes the guy who was throwing freshly printed money up in the air with his leather-clad wife at the Federal Reserve's money presses, "protected" from .... rats? Is that what the rubbery faced Munchkin and the rightwing elites call Americans who have to beg for money these days?

Meanwhile the president orders one of the very hotbeds of covid contagion, the slaughter houses, to keep the pork coming. That's what it's all about for the GOP and the Trumpists - keep the pork, and keep the corruption, coming. Meanwhile, where's the coordinated Federal response to the plague? Where's the testing? Where's anything?

April 2020
GOP Socialism for Corps in full swing
As reported by The Guardian: '"50,000 people have died,"" reads capitalized text at the start of the anti-Trup advert running on Fox. "This is our president."" The advert then cuts to Trump musing about the potential ability of "very powerful light" in curing coronavirus. The advert ends with the words "Unfit, unwell, unacceptable" appearing on screen.' It's being run by Republicans opposed to Trump.

"In America we have socialism for corporations, and laissez-faire capitalism for the people. If conservatives were as libertarian as they claimed they'd happily allow these corporate entities to fail. After all it is their belief that the market is the ultimate decider." - kloutkulture, YT

Instead, we've needed a full scale national mobilization on behalf of the actual citizens since March 1st. We still need one FFS!

Vesak Day in May! "In a time of growing intolerance and inequality, the Buddha's message of non-violence and service to others is more relevant than ever." -- UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres
Props to the voters in Wisconsin who vented their seething anger with the state Repugs by voting to punish the scoundrels in the state's controversial local election that was shamefully manipulated by the Repugs. "The question is whether Republicans will recognize that their breathtakingly cynical gambit not only endangered voters but backfired politically," said Ben Wikler, the Democratic Party chair of Wisconsin (as reported in the Washington Post).

Time to dust off The Plague and give it a re-read in these covidian trumpist times. The need to read Albert Camus returns whenever the plague does, and even more so when there's two going on at the same time. Oyvay.

Cali leader shows how
TheQuake's Rob Francis: California governor Gavin Newsom is one of a myriad of reasons why I'm so enthusiastic [I would say "proud" but that tends to come before a fall] about being a Californian.

At the national level we are leaderless with an impostor president who's actions are determined by what he considers best for only himself, which includes a preference for aligning himself more closely with the interests of Russia, big US corporations, and the absolute wealthiest of Americans who gladly prop him up, with only naked hostility or manipulative obfuscation towards everyone else.

Meanwhile Governor Newsom shows how it should be done. He is an inspiration not only to Californians but to every sane American. In a world where we are struggling to find decent and game-changing top leadership, he is the benchmark, and surely a candidate for future leader of not just the greatest state in the nation but also for the United States as a whole.
As the Bay area goes, so may go ... the country.  

I'm very grateful that this amazing state is where I call home. I'm impressed by how decisions at all levels within the state of California are so much better organized and thought-out than many other states, specifically the "red states", many of whom have acted in a manner blatantly and deeply harmful to their own well-being and to the rest of the nation. All the way down the hierarchy, Californians have on the whole risen to the occasion and acted as fellow citizens with common interests and goals, led by other Californians at the state, county, city, and community and volunteer levels. Well done! The effort and self-sacrifice has only just begun, but California is a beacon.

Meanwhile [Associated Press] 4-11-2020: "President Donald Trump and his officials have made critical promises meant to reassure a country in the throes of the coronavirus pandemic. But Americans are still going without the medical supplies and financial help from the government at the very time they need it most - and were told they would have it." Also: trail of unmet promises.

USA leaderless & adrift
Putin couldn't resist rubbing it in as he sends medical supplies to the USA to embarrass his puppet Donald Trump. No matter how bad you thought Dotard was gonna sock it to the American people, it's been tens of thousands times worse.

One heavy bet was that the alleged sociopath would get the US into a serious military war [such as on the Korea peninsula or the middle east], but what's happened has been even worse. Having run down and looted the citizens of their hard earned tax dollars while liquidating the armaments of public protection against pandemic, he's exposed citizens to a wholesale slaughter of what could be hundreds of thousands of deaths and the meltdown of the economy into a full blown depression. Rome is burning, and Nero fiddles and loots. It's truly beyond words to adequately describe the crimes against the American people that he, his White house full of rightwing fascista and thugs, and the morally bankrupt and deeply corrupt Rethuglicon filth, are responsible for.

ABC reporter Jonathan Karl asked Trump about when "can everyone who needs a ventilator get one?". The president's response: "Don't be a cutie-pie. OK?" Much blood on his hands.

"Yes, I'm the great ventilator"
"We have a situation where states are begging for life-saving ventilators and the Trump team is in disarray." -- Seth Meyers.

"Ventilators keep oxygen going to the brain, the heart and the kidneys. All while we hope the infection will ease, and the lungs will begin to improve. These machines can't fix the terrible damage the virus is causing, and if the virus erupts, the lungs will get even stiffer, as hard as a stale marshmallow. 'I feel like I'm trying to ventilate bricks instead of lungs,' one intensive care unit doctor who has been treating Covid-19 patients told me.

"The heart begins to struggle, begins to fail. Blood pressure readings plummet, a condition called shock. For some, the kidneys fail completely, which means a dialysis machine is also needed to survive.

"Doctors are left with impossible choices. Too much oxygen poisons the air sacs, worsening the lung damage, but too little damages the brain and kidneys. Too much air pressure damages the lung, but too little means the oxygen can't get in. Doctors try to optimize, to tweak." -- Dr. Kathryn Dreger New York Times.

Jim Browning is his pen name for a wildly popular online project to expose the world of scamming sweat-shops, mostly out of India, has hit the mainstream media with attention from the BBC on his most recent work which did indeed include quite the scoop from Jim lad: gaining access to the CCTV system of a heavyweight scamming call center which he combined with his ability to poke around the scammers' computers after they themselves gained access to his. "Mr Browning" - the Robin Hood of the internet. By the way, if you get this type of scamming pop-up, force shut down of your computer, escaping the pop-up that "freezes" it. Saves you a lot of hassle! Also, go to your settings to ensure you don't allow your computer or browser to restore last visited page -- or you'll get stuck by that pop-up again [just activating "block pop-ups" is good but not enough, do the whole enchilada]. Thank me by contributing the money you would have been charged to a worthwhile charity.

March 2020
Trump disease
"Trump's fountain of disinformation." Leave it to Rachel Maddow to coin the phrase that aptly sums up the feeble denialist claptrap spouted by an alleged narcist sociopath who nominally bears the responsibility of being the US president, delivered with not an iota of compassion to the suffering he has amplified by the abject failure to react properly to the threat, but in contrast, actually exacerbating it.

There is an argument that the 1% who control America, with the Trump admin and the Repug senate as two of their myriad tools, are using coronavirus as their convenient means of genocide aimed at blue collar and lower middle class Americans, whom they have viewed as surplus to requirements even before the turn of the century. After all, the self-serving GOP [Greedy One Percent] wouldn't need to appeal to the proles if they conveniently didn't exist.

In any event, one of Trump's many blows to the health and safety of the American public was his administration's dismantling of the pandemic response group. This is likely to end up being the pivotal decision that precipitated the worst response to a disaster in American history and the consequences and fallout will reverberate for many bitter years to come.

Asked about firing pandemic leadership teams, Trump said "you never really know when something like this is going to happen" [ re Trump Fox interview.]

In addition to the stunning irresponsibility of the administration's initial denial that a national crisis was emerging, almost two further months were wasted before our "leaders" bothered to strive for nationwide availability of testing - and it's still nowhere near ready and totally insufficient! Further, where are the respirators, where are the ventilators? Where are all the extra beds for the pandemic? Where do all the profits of the private American health care system go to? Into the offshore back accounts of.... not the American people.

In the US, there exists a systemic problem. Further, Trump's bizarre decisions and pronouncements are either useless or making the situation worse.

This surely could be adjudged a crime against the American people whilst all the while politicans lining their own pockets and those of their 1% sponsors with our money, which should have been used for our safety. Another tax cut for the rich was an abominable response to a brutally real problem that the president tried to dismiss as an opposition hoax. Just wow.

Josh Sharfstein, who hosts a top shelf podcast on coronavirus, was himself a guest on another podcast produced by the Lawfare blog discussing "the role of coercion in managing these crises, how the U.S. government has performed (and not performed), and what we should be doing differently to get the corona crisis under control."

"As Fox moves to an acceptance of the coronavirus as a real threat to all of us, they decide to bench some of Trump's cheerleaders." -- Crooks & Liars. Notice that Fox [incl. Fox Business] have suspended the female on-air fake news liars, but not the male fake news liars. Murdoch go home!

Meanwhile in "God save the queen & the fascist regime" UK, Batshit Boris' handling of the pandemic follows the same hard-rightwing playbook of Trump's, mirroring the Yes minister skit.

Meanwhile, it's curtains for infamous flat-earther "daredevil" "Mad" Mike Hughes who failed to prove that the earth is flat, but he did demonstrate the effects of gravity. Don't try this at home, pop pickers!

February 2020
Bernie: America's last hope
MSNBC joins the Democratic national party [DNC], Repugs, and most of the old school population in panicking, hand-wringing, and hiding behind increasingly ineffective "reds under the bed" paranoia. Authentic populism is a movement this side of the pond, not the fake Trumpist version concocted by the corporate military-industrial complex, the 1%, and the avowed fascists. Disgust with the rightwing's battering of the environment, wealth hoarding by the top few, misogyny, racism, christo-nazism, lies presented as alternative truth - the disasters are almost too many to catalog.

America's a long way gone, but too far already? We shall see. The Dems are mulling changing their selection rules to eliminate Bernie, Trump is waiting to start his war or declare a national emergency and bring in the military, and Nazi Republican Army goons are running around waving their long guns [and short penises] in public.

If we survive all that, it's sad and terrible to also admit to the real possibility of the assassination or Rusky style "accidental" liquidation of Bernie. Without the one politician who actually tells it like it is, the momentum to restore and strengthen democracy would take a massive blow. But even then, the struggle to preserve freedom must continue, or the mafia runs the show for evermore.

Patriot game
"Patriotism means to stand by the country. It does not mean to stand by the President" wrote Theodore Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, as Steve Schmidt reminds us.

The next batch of Britons in Wuhan are to be flown to Milton Keynes. As StansaidAirport said on twitter, haven't they suffered enough?

The new decade flies in
The world's most useful, or useless airport? Depends on whether you need timely cosmopolitan medical attention or not, among other things. [image from]

Meanwhile The Atlantic looks at the continuing saga of the missing Malaysian airliner.

Can money & power ever make us happy? How much is enough? Our constant desire for more is part of our human nature. Or is it? [44]

We are far past the third anniversary of the Trump administration but the corruption isn't limited to the federal government. American oversight is also investigating voter suppression and official misconduct at the state level too.

December 2019
Britain Buys Batshit Boris' Barmy Brexit Backstop Bull
Brilliant journalist George Monibot assesses what can be done when citizens have been conditioned to vote against their own best interests.

Meanwhile as expected Donald Trump has been impeached but, since it is a given that Repugs will vote against removal of an obstructionist president who has abused his power, Pelosi and Schumer are deliberating on their next step.

But one thing's for sure, impeachment is an indelible stain on a president's record.

"Trump is still confused. He will not outwit Nancy. Presently she has nothing to gain by turning the impeachment over to the Senate. She will, and should, take her time waiting for the most impact. She is aware the Republicans are ready to find him not guilty so what does she have to gain by giving them a chance to vote. At the very least, the closer the hearings are held to the GOP convention, or even the election, the better. Nancy will not be bullied. Thank you Nancy." -- sbanicki, NYT reader

The Evil that they do
It's seemingly a never ending recurrence - Xtians caught up in serious abuse charges. This time the Associated Press is reporting on some 5,000 cases and potential payouts of more than $4 billion. Not to detract from the seriousness of this mind-boggling, horrific alleged behavior by Xtian orgs and leaders, but the reporting, the observations, and the writing style of this duo is often top shelf. Such as: "lawyer Adam Slater gazes out the window of his high-rise Manhattan office at one of the great symbols of the church, St. Patrick's Cathedral. 'I wonder how much that's worth?' he muses."

"The Bible is a great moral code until you start to read it," Tweet of God.

November 2019
Impeaching a fake: Trump in crisis
Guardian article quote: "White nationalist attacks have taken a heavy toll in recent years. The rhetoric of the suspected mass shooters in Christchurch, New Zealand, and El Paso, Texas, was deeply shaped by digital white nationalist discourse. The Christchurch shooting, which killed 51 Muslim worshippers, was broadcast on Facebook Live." This was in an article that highlighted Facebook's half-hearted 'efforts' to take down White Nationalist [White Supremacist] sites, albeit Zuck's Army did react to the pressure of The Guardian's spotlight and increased their commitment.

Legendary ex-Speaker batters Brexit
Former Commons speaker John ['Order order!'] Bercow says that now's he's retired he doesn't have to be neutral any more. Speaking at London's Foreign Press Association he said: "Do I think that Brexit is good for our global standing? The honest answer is no, I don't. I think that Brexit is the biggest foreign policy mistake in the post-war period."

Re November's impeachment hearings: "There were more smoking guns than you would find after a hunting trip with Dick Cheney." -- Timothy Egan, WaPo

State Dept integrity in crisis
"Marie Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine, has given a devastating account of the state department in 'crisis' saying 'the policy process is visibly unravelling' and the agency is being 'hollowed' out.

"Yovanovitch, who was addressing the house committees holding impeachment hearings, also delivered an indictment of 'the failure of state department leadership to push back as foreign and corrupt interests apparently hijacked our Ukraine policy'.

"While the impeachment proceedings are focused on the presidency, profound problems within the state department are also coming under scrutiny, as is the waning of US diplomatic clout around the world. Although she did not use his name, Yovanovitch's opening statement amounted to a searing critique of secretary of state Mike Pompeo's qualities as a leader." -- Guardian article.

Reminders in face of a corrupt regime
Impeachment quote of the week: "When you use your office for private gain, that is the fundamental definition of corruption." US Ambassador Michael McFaul, Stanford.

Reminder to politicians: Elections are not about getting politicians jobs, but representing and empowering the citizens.

"Trump isn't history's biggest scam artist; he's history's biggest dupe." -- Catherine Rampell in Washington Post.

Boris didn't die in a ditch
Batshit Boris said if he failed to keep his promise to take the UK out of the EU by October 31st, no ifs or buts, he'd die in a ditch.

What a surprise, another in the endless cascade of broken Tory promises, even though a myriad of suitable locations were suggested.

"During the 2016 EU referendum campaign, Boris Johnson claimed that the UK would save GBP 350 million a year from leaving the EU, which could be spent on the NHS. His claim, which he painted on the side of a massive bus, was then found to be 'a clear misuse of official statistics'. Dominic Cummings, who ran the Vote Leave campaign and now effectively operates 10 Downing Street, has said the false 350m claim won the referendum." -- Scram

October 2019
Howdy doody Rudy
Criminality taints Rudy Giuliani's role in Trump's Ukraine scheme. Rudy himself could expect to be contacted by authorities soon. His good looking goon duo are already on a million dollars bail. If they sing, Rudi squawks. The dominoes fall.

"In the spirit of Evicted, Bait and Switch and The Big Short, a shocking, heart-wrenching investigation into America's housing crisis and the modern-day robber barons who are making a fortune off the backs of the disenfranchised working and middle class. Among them, Donald Trump and his inner circle." --- Harper Collins [publishers] blurb for Homewreckers by Aaron Glantz, Oct 2019.

Kurds sell-out: "As with everything that Trump does with foreign policy, the US loses and Russia wins. Every. Single. Time. He is a traitor. Wake up." - macharius39

Trump & US Right stab Kurds in back - again

There's always a next time to sell the Kurds down the river. Trump is working for Putin, not the American people.

Trump's extortion of Ukraine is an impeachable abuse of power writes Frank Bowman of Just Security.

This WaPo article explains why the deranged doturd is freaking out, even though the anti-American Republican politicians are turning the other cheek even as he endangers and harms the national interest at every turn. So despite the cowardice of the GOP congress members making it unlikely that he'll actually be impeached, he's getting anxiety attacks over the possibility itself and the small percentage likelihood that it could conceivably happen. It's the fear of impeachment. It's also odd and creepy, but typical of him, that he fears this so much while impervious to any other concerns, even as he compromises our nation so seriously on an almost daily basis.

Just how bent is Billy [Dis]Barr? It's as bad as we thought. This dodgy dood is supposed to be the titular head and model representative of America's justice system FFS.

"Bill Barr, rotten to the core. Impeach both of his double chins." -- sonambulistmsm

Meanwhile, Mike Pompous-ass says State department officials won't show up for impeachment depositions.

September 2019
"Criminal abuse of power"

"Britain is careening headfirst into a Brexit shitstorm, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a racist wanker who looks like Donald Trump on an all-milk diet." -- Rafi Shwarz, Splinter news.

"The only reasonable response to the President's effort to force Ukraine to interfere in the 2020 presidential election is to demand the President resign and be prosecuted for criminal abuse of power after he leaves the White House. The President has deserved to be impeached for years. But last week's revelations have an immediate bearing on the President's foreign policy team and his top advisors at the White House." -- TPM.

Impeach the Mofo POS.

The bizarre Brexit of Boris
Plaid Cymru's Westminster leader, Liz Saville Roberts: "We need to make sure that we get past the 31st of October, and an extension to article 50 ... the prime minister is on the run. Boris is broken. We have an opportunity to bring down Boris, to break Boris, and to bring down Brexit - and we must take that - a vote for a general election would play into Boris Johnson's hands. It would allow him to ignore the legislation that is presently going through the House of Lords. Our intention is to be here, in this place, to hold him to account and to make sure that he abides by that law."

A string of consecutive Parliamentary defeats has left batshit Boris bereft and battered, as British politicians and public alike fight back against a disastrous no deal Brexit with a tsunami of angry opposition. Meanwhile the Tories fell over themselves expelling fellow party members for daring to put country before their rightwing political self-interest. Daily Mirror: "Former chancellor Ken Clarke said Boris Johnson would have to ask for a Brexit delay if the backbench Bill becomes law - unless he resigned."

The consequences of "misreading a stranger".

August 2019
Trump incites violence
From Sourcepolitics: "A new report from ABC News has revealed that, in at least 36 criminal cases, Trump's name was invoked in connection with violence, assault, or the threat of violence.

"In nine cases, perpetrators hailed Trump in the midst or immediate aftermath of physically attacking innocent victims," the outlet reported on Tuesday. In 10 cases, perpetrators of violence "cheered or defended Trump," while in another 10 cases "Trump and his rhetoric were cited in court to explain a defendant's violent or threatening behavior."

The network said it could not find a single criminal case where the names of former Presidents Barack Obama or George W. Bush were invoked in the same way Trump has been.

Reasons to be cheerful
Will Hutton puts things into perspective with his Guardian article The dying of the "rancid old order."

Elizabeth Warren has rightwing Dems scuttling.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Epstein, 66, conveniently "commits suicide" in protective custody.

Assault on America
The stultifying callousness of the fake president whose response is to further incite division and stoke ever more extreme racism, and the utter absence of action and responsibility to do their jobs by the corrupted and bought politicans to the mayhem and death perpetrated by the latest extreme right assaults on the American people is as horrifying as the domestic terror acts themselves.

America is in a very bad place and it can't get out - its right-wing politicians, and many mainstream Dems too, are addicted to gun money as if it was crack cocaine or crystal meth. Meanwhile American human beings are being relentlessly slaughtered by domestic rightwing terrorists, the leaders refusing, as always, to take any meaningful action.

"If you want to keep dangerous weapons out of the hands of the mentally ill, don't elect them President." -- God.

The Unholy alliance: Donald Trump, Fox news, & white supremacist terrorists.

What happened to the political center? [podcast]

Verdict for President so far
Elizabeth Warren: "The problems didn't start with Donald Trump. Donald Trump is part of a corrupt, rigged system that has helped the wealthy and the well-connected and kicked dirt in the faces of everyone else. We're not going to solve the urgent problems that we face with small ideas and spinelessness."

1. Bernie Sanders
2. Elizabeth Warren
3. Julian Castro
4. Kirsten Gillibrand
5. Andrew Yang
6. Tulsi Gabbard
Entertainment value = Marianne Williamson
Relegated = "Spineless Joe" Biden
Relegated = John "Faux News" "Muppet" Delaney

Debate night recap with Hasan Piker and Alex Nichols, as Bernie Sanders defends proper healthcare against rightwing media like CNN with silver spooned Anderson Cooper, and fascist Fox [fake] "News".

July 2019
Big Pharma = legal drug pushers
One of many of Trump's broken promises. So far, not one executive of a pharmaceutical manufacturer or distributor has spent a single day in jail [even as they fill the coffers of corrupt politicians, mostly right-wing GOP but not exclusively]. Some doctors have, being easier targets.

Rubin "Orbed" by Marianne
UPDATE: Despite consultant Creationist Cat's attempt to minimize Marianne Williamson's walkover orbing of Dave Rubin, the brain of the psychic feline's client ultimately imploded. Sad!

PREVIOUSLY: May the Orb be with you.

Frans Timmermans of the European Commission, and legendary social democrat, asked: "Has [Boris] Johnson gone to the doctors and nurses of the NHS and said: "I did promise you GBP350m extra a week; sorry, I can't deliver on that promise'?"

Brexit's backstop Unicorns When U.K. Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay suggested in February that Britain could avoid a Northern Ireland backstop by using advanced customs technologies, Sabine Weyand [EU Director-general for Trade] dismissed such plans as "unicorns" and "magical thinking."

Pseud's Corner
Adrienne Matei of the Guardian: "The sober events that Club Soda NYC hosts, such as a Kundalini Disco, or panel discussion on psychedelics and sobriety, are also firmly aligned with new age and wellness trends ... If you feel better when you're not drinking, the Oracle of Delphi is telling you something."

Going, going, gone
"Could the pound crash to $1? 'Boris Brexit' could make it happen" posits CNN Business as the Tories vote for batshit Boris just when the nation really needed stability and vision, not faux upper crust wannabe waffle. Instead, they got a bungling yet sinister Trump-like clown whose primary interest is self-promotion and a hair style that suggests repeated electric shock treatment.

Meanwhile just over half of Britons now favor remaining in the EU than leaving [54%-46% as of July 2019 What UK thinks poll].

Of Trump and Boris: "Both are loudmouthed children, whose professional success is a combination of immense privilege, unscrupulous opportunism and relentless self-promotion." -- Cas Mudde, Guardian. "The Donald and Boris love-in won't last unless the UK delivers for Trump." -- Richard Wolffe, Guardian.

Own Goal for the loons
"Don't watch much football, but did make time for the World Cup. Lots of great play on display, in my decidedly non-expert opinion. Still, the best bit for me ... was that Fox News broadcast. Own goal for the loons." -- AnglophileDe, Guardian comment

The Seth Rich conspiracy was planted by Russian intelligence, reports Yahoo News.

United States v. Jeffrey Epstein: "Funny how quiet the Pizzagate crowd gets when the pedophiles aren't imaginary" -- Bryan Tyler Cohen.

"MOVING LEFT = Universal health care, climate action, equal justice, affordable college, living wage, gun sense... MOVING RIGHT = Stealing babies, arming teachers, oppressing women, enriching billionaires, coddling white supremacists... I KNOW WHICH ONE I CHOOSE." -- Peter Dou

Northern Ireland votes to move from the dark ages to the pre-Regency era. Slowly but surely, there's a big world out there, try to keep up....

Trump's lame 4th of July
"Nothing says 'Independence' and 'Let Freedom Ring' like forcing its country's people to pay for armored tanks for a lawless POTUS who aspires to fascism and emulates dictators" --@TrinityResists. Meanwhile pictures of a desolate looking rainswept stage area and sparse cowering MAGAt crowd, an incredibly long-winded deadpan pre-scripted fake speech that conveyed no emotion or conviction was accompanied by a rather ordinary fly-by and some clumsy old fashioned tanks with portable crowd ropes around them, all made for a depressing experience. Trumpism is getting old and tired. He's lost the room.

When the camera and monitors that would have shown the sparse crowd mysteriously broke down, the final humiliation for the fat Republican fraudster was complete, and he waddled away, stooping, stoopid, and muttering.

Raw Story had a sightly different lens with which to view it: "The grim determination of Trump's fourth of July celebration was more terrifying than any Nuremberg-style spectacle could have ever been.

"It turns out Donald Trump is as good at being Joseph Goebbels as he was at being a casino magnate. His much-hyped Fourth of July program, during which Trump dishonored both Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. by acting out his fascist fantasies at the Lincoln Memorial, failed just as badly as the businesses Trump kept bankrupting through his career. It wasn't just the rain, either. Trump's speech was so boring that, despite being guided by a teleprompter, he lost his own thread and somehow managed to say that the American revolutionaries seized airports from the British redcoats in 1775."

"Trump supporters don't live in some other plane of existence where an obvious combover atop an orange face is handsome, or where listening to a narcissistic man-child ramble on for over an hour is interesting. He won in 2016 by being more of a racist troll than any of his opponents, and for no other reason. He could be five feet tall and only speak in a barely intelligible croak, but as long as he was locking kids up in cages, Trump's supporters would keep cheering him on."

Tory priorities: slavishly appeasing rightwing America
"The UK is a country willing to spend GBP18m of taxpayers' money so that Donald Trump could play golf in Scotland and visit Windsor Castle in the same year it closed about 130 public libraries." -- Tom Dart

Democracy undermined
A landmark cap-and-trade bill in Oregon is on life support after Republican senators fled the state to avoid voting on it and thus ensured a lack of quorum to pass any legislation. Worse: "The Republican senators -- with the full support of the Oregon Republican Party -- made common cause with armed domestic terror groups" [Esquire], including armed ultra right organizations who mobiled in both Oregon and Idaho. So there you have it, anti-democracy gunmen proudly negating the democratic process of an entire state, with threats of armed violence, politically controlling that state as police advised the Oregon state house to close down -- a chilling first act of impending American domestic fascism. But it couldn't happen here. Could it. Or did it. Just.

June 2019
Lichtman says Impeach or Trump wins
"The man who's always correct" Allan Lichtman shows how the mainstream media invariably gets it wrong in his recent prediction that Donald Trump will win the upcoming election unless Democrats impeach. This is particularly interesting as centrist darlings MSNBC, heavily funded by ads from big pharma, have been hyping the likes of Biden, Booker, Harris and O'Rourke, believing them to fit the bill of being both nominally Democratic but also toothless Republican-lite candidates [MSNBC is owned by conservative megacorp Comcast - a company that, as Hasan Minhaj recently said, "deserves a very special place in hell"] - who don't actually want to make the necessary changes this nation's citizens desperately need and want.

Face it - no privacy
By the admission of their own attorney, if you're an "all-in" Facebooker you willlingly gave up any expectation of privacy.
I'm not going to believe that Sarah Huckabee is leaving as White House secretary until she denies it herself  
James Poniewozik
The exact words from a Facebook attorney in a US District court: "There is no privacy interest, because by sharing with a hundred friends on a social media platform, which is an affirmative social act to publish, to disclose, to share ostensibly private information with a hundred people, you have just, under centuries of common law, under the judgment of Congress, under the SCA, negated any reasonable expectation of privacy." As reported in the Intercept.

Let's end tax exemptions for Xtian right-wing political shell company churches
"It is far past time to repeal tax exempt status from these snake oil selling charlatans. You can have freedom to believe any dopey superstition you want. I'm just sick of paying for it with my taxes and having it harm me with your dark age viewpoints that steal my rights. If your god is so great and all-powerful he doesn't need my money" -- dudebra, Splinter news poster. Pre-order now! "Outdated & Dangerous": Why American Christianity Vanished Up Trump's Ass.

May 2019
Barr threatens US safety; 50% Americans in $ meltdown
Why arguments against impeachment are bulls**t

"President Trump gave Barr blanket authority to access and declassify any and all classified information from the country's dozen and a half intelligence agencies in his quest to 'investigate the investigators' of the Russia scandal. There's hardly any way to overstate just how big a deal this is or how dangerous it is in the hands of a corrupt official like Bill Barr." -- The Intercept.

The bottom 50% of Americans now have only 1% of America's wealth.

It was a last second goal that won it, just as Merseyside's Tranmere Rovers, who will now be able to play Sunderland, got a very late goal to win their own promotion, just at one level lower. For Tranmere that's two consecutive promotions - only last season they were playing at "non-league" level.

Football's rotten masters
The shoddy state of FIFA and UEFA, and the ruling footballing authorities in general, seems to be a permanent stain on the beautiful game. For the powers that be the exploited expendable fans come bottom of the list. Just one current/recent example out of many pertains to the Europa Cup final: "While the Premier League clubs received 33,286 tickets, 4,000 were sold to fans worldwide and the rest have gone to the local organising committee, Uefa, national associations, commercial partners, broadcasters and to corporate hospitality packages." -- BBC Football. Ugh! As an adaptation of a Buddhist saying goes: "As soon as you want something, they've got you."

Here's another one to throw into the mix -- how families were to be separated from each other at the Women's World Cup finals and it's pretty depressing. Of course these brigands will always try to do token "damage control" after any media spotlight on this sort of contemptuous mayhem, but the rot is never cut out.

And when will the authorities get serious about all the alleged financial dodginess going on at the club level? Hint: Never.

Meanwhile this Liverpudlian 'Tuber is raking in the bucks for his video clip as previously featured here. But when will he concede that, before all this, Liverpool fans attacking the Man City bus was much worse?

"Trump sold himself to this country as a business genius. Turns out he's a reverse billionaire. Elizabeth Warren should start calling him Brokeahontas." -- Bill Maher.

"In California and Washington, the ranks of the uninsured have fallen to record lows because of Obamacare. Would any other sitting president go out of his way to reverse that lifesaving progress? He recently directed his Justice Department to try to kill the entirety of the Affordable Care Act." -- Timothy Egan, New York Times "Revenge of the Coastal Elites".

Pro-Brex Tories & Labs battered in local England elections
The pro-Remain Lib Dems utterly obliterated the despised, Brexit drunk, self-dealing Conservatives [and pro-nazi UKippers] throughout local England elections [Northern Ireland not in at time of writing], with the Greens and independents also gaining significantly.

It is a massive repudiation of the batshit Brexit suicide pact by the corrupt "big two" parties, and resentment against the infusion of dirty money to line UK politician's pockets slushed over by the American extreme right that currently controls the US.

To get an idea of how out of touch MAGAt brain Teresa May is she claimed it showed that the English citizenry want Brexit to speed forward as quickly as possible, even as she and her party's pro-Brexitism were the target of angry comments written on tens of thousands of the ballots.

"Stand for nothing" Labour's lame-ass Jeremy Corbyn is spouting the same tired old rubbish as Teresa May herself. The "big two" parties just don't get it, and likely never will. Britain is being broken before our very eyes by two hopelessly corrupt and beholden major parties.

As with Trump and the US Republicans, naked greed and rampant self-dealing has crazed the ruling elite to such an extent they have lost touch with both the people on the street and with reality itself.

Yangs Wang demonetized
Whilst the right-wing hate sites continue to flourish on YouTube, anything speaking to truth, or a way out of the nightmare the world finds itself in at so many different levels, is punished. Now Yangs Wang has been demonetized. The horror! YouTube exploits other people's hard work and then pulls the plug on rewarding those content creators. Fortunately not all the creative types trying to get the progressive message out there are dependent on the corporate masters for their crust of bread so the message continues anyway, at leat until they are all banned. If only some other platform that actually worked halfway decently could fill the void left by YouTube's effective creative demise, but Google have the technology down, while the alternatives are technologically pretty awful.

April 2019
American Xtians: "Hate is the answer"
The USA's biggest Christian charity reportedly channeled $56.1 million to purported hate groups. Meanwhile, the redacted Mueller report came out right before the Easter weekend as the fascist right hopes to hide behind the holiday break to distract and defuse the outcry.

League Table of healthy diet nations
by Rob Francis
"Israel had the lowest rate of diet-related deaths, at 89 per 100,000 people, followed by France, Spain and Japan. The UK ranked 23rd, with 127 diet-related deaths per 100,000 and the US was 43rd with 171. Uzbekistan was last, with 892" writes Sarah Bosely in The Guardian.

One of many interesting points is: more important than not eating junk food is eating the food your body really needs. This reminds me of being at the tennis center recently and one of the kids asking the group whether we'd heard of the new all-meat diet and would that help him play better? My opinion was that it was not a good idea and urged the student to at least include lentils. "What's lentils?". And this was in the nation at #43 in the league table, nowhere near the relegation zone. Lordie! as an FBI agent might exclaim.

March 2019
Trump reckons his ass is off the hook
"Donald Trump is positively thrilled that the Mueller investigation reportedly found no evidence that he conspired with Russia in 2016. He will probably try and make you forget about the part where Mueller did not exonerate him of any criminal activity." -- Splinter News.

"Barr says he's quoting Mueller when he says 'The investigation did not establish that Trump campaign members conspired and coordinated with the Russian GOVERNMENT in its election interference activities.'

"The key word here, of course, is 'government.' What Barr and his Repugnicons cohorts are counting on is that most Americans don't understand the nature of exactly how Russia operates in the post-Soviet era. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, Putin's government does can be directly traced to it as a governing body. All is done through oligarchs, cutouts, and shell companies.

"So, semantically speaking, I'm sure this statement, whose sole purpose is to whitewash American idiots, is actually technically correct.

"If you don't understand this, I strongly suggest you give yourself a crash course in Iran-Contra where you can pluck from the documents of the time many such jewels of semantic whitewashing...many, in fact, written by Barr himself." -- Pandora Awakend's Journal.

Let's investigate the fixed shambolic Brexit vote
As over a million anti-Brexit marchers descended upon London, the Guardian reports that "calls grow for public inquiry into Brexit" as the nation sobers up to the brutal reality of the chaos and self-harm about to be unleashed on a once proud but now shattered nation teetering on the precipice of social, political, and economic catastrophe thanks to Tory dereliction of duty.

A nation dependent upon others for food*, raw materials, and increasingly on manufactured goods, now giving up its status as financial center of the globe, can ill afford this diabolical decision. Even without it, the damage done will already be of gargantuan proportions and not entirely repairable.

*"'Food security in Britain is in long-term decline' says The Guardian. Figures from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs reveal the UK produces 60% of what it needs to feed itself, compared with 74% 30 years ago." -- The Week.

Also from The Week on March 24, 2019: "An estimated one million people marched through central London yesterday to ask that MPs grant them a fresh referendum on Brexit. Protesters carrying EU flags and placards called for any Brexit deal to be put to another public vote. Speakers at the rally included Labour's deputy leader Tom Watson, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and former attorney general Dominic Grieve."

The U.S. can still save itself from the ultra right-wing Trumpist White House travesty of looting by and for the rich, and rife corruption and self-dealing, but Britain's decision cannot be reversed by an apology or late realization that "sorry, we made a terrible mistake, can we come back as a basket case?"

"My government claims I don't exist. I'm demonstrating that I do and I'm not going anywhere," tweeted a volunteer medic [and doctor] at the march.

This is not America
Demonstrating what Splinter News called "efficiency & cooperation, the government of New Zealand announced legislation to ban all semi-automatic weapons on Wednesday, just six days after the attack that killed 50 people at two mosques in the city of Christchurch." [link to NYT article].

Manafort spells danger for Da Boss
An NPR reporter described Paul Manafort's sentencing as just dessert for "greed, opulence, and unsavory activity" and that aptly sums him up. Even though the following was not the specific cause for recent legal complaints against him, Manafort consorted [and benefited to the tune of millions of dollars] with a violent Russian puppet dictator who caused his Ukranian people to suffer through a brutally self-dealing reign of terror and looting of the public purse.

Worse for Trump's ex-campaign manager Manafort, alleged crimes connected with mortgage fraud are being prosecuted by New York state lawyers which will be "pardon proof" against Trump, so the newly convicted felon may have sufficient motivation to cooperate because Da Boss ain't gonna be dere to spring yez to use his mob-speak communication style.

US Federal Aviation Admin's invitation to the world seemed to be "Fly our friendly coffins" until global pressure sobered them and/or the White House up. What took you so long, Trump? $$$$$$$? The software fix for the nose down issue was delayed for 5 weeks because of Trump's shutdown.

Batshit Brexiteer
looks at
fiasco his
low IQ
helped create

May's Brexit deal battered
Tues, March 12, 2019: A hoarse and croaky Teresa May admitted defeat as her weird Brexit deal was sunk by a whopping margin, decried on the right by the batshit Brexiteers who crave a disastrous so-called "No deal" [in reality a WTO deal or more accurately a "special needs nation" deal for incompetent countries] and on the other side by those who wish to see the U.K. secure its brightest future by remaining as part of the EU.

A second referendum is the only way to go to unravel this current collective insanity. In the event of a Brexit, the Kingdom is no longer United and will inevitably break apart, creating a stampede for pro-EU Scottish and Irish citizenship by those leaving England - the business talent, the educated, the skilled, the more affluent - knowing that without the EU England is toast, a little Englander "no go zone" with roaming factions of rightwing warrior tribes battling each other for funds dangled by the US extreme right. Good luck with that trade deal with Italy, Poland, a right wing ruled protectionist and tariff crazed America, Russian and Chinese "investment", Saudi Arabia, and the United Emirates. Here's to you prime minister Tommy Robinson, let's hope Jesus loves you more than you can know! Will Scotland have the funds to rebuild Hadrian's Wall, to keep the English chaos out? Answer: yes, but not from Mexico. EU to the rescue!

Let's get rid of standard time
Joel Achenbach of the WaPo points out that it's not really daylight saving time that's drawing fire, it's standard time. In other words, make DST the year round time system and let's enjoy an extra hour of daylight in the afternoon. We're sick of politicians plunging the people into darkness when their lunch has barely been digested.

"Fox knew of Trump's hush payoffs before election. Then Rupert Murdoch spoke with his reporter."
says Sourcepolitics which in turn cites a New Yorker article entitled "The making of the Fox News White House."

Doddering Dotard too incompetent and dishonest to lead USA
DonOLD Trump, besieged by growing investigations that, at least, are likely to lead to post-presidential criminal indictment, has also shown himself - more than ever - an abject failure at representing the USA's interests in foreign policy. The latest snaps of him from Vietnam show a doddering, dementia-like appearance. This unhealthy, greed-crazed, deal flopping dotard is finished.

Oh, and Trump's siding with dictator Kim's mindbendingly cruel treatment of an American citizen, Otto Warmbier, is beyond words, beyond disgusting. Had he been an Xtian evangelist instead of a middle class Jewish American kid would Trump have declared war on North Korea? Oh wait..... that's already the status.

February 2019

Mark Hollis
Rarely do obituary type mentions appear on The Quake but Mark Hollis of Talk Talk, and then a solo recording artist, is someone to remember a day after his death [at this time of writing]. He was never comfortable as a new wave rock [or any kind of] "star", he tried to disappear completely from existence, and now he has, except for his legacy to listen to. Clip from RAI TV, Italy.

Born in Tottenham, mostly lived in Wimbledon with his wife and two kids -- thanks for existing!

Brexit likely shelved, Trump politically dead
Smug 2016
Brexiteer voter
now in
rueful mood

It's looking increasingly like the crackpot Brexiteers will be doing Euro-time for a while longer. They're lucky that the EU are providing the adults in the room, because the Tories and Labour party seem hell-bent on taking down the once green and once pleasant land that so many ex-Pats remember, but the powers-that-be seem sadly so utterly lost in this new era, with corruption and greed playing the same toxic role as it does in politics Stateside.

Across the pond Robert Reich's insightful article in the Guardian describes a feeling that is indeed in the air Stateside these days - slurring long-winded Donald Trump has lost the room. The exhausted, deeply disillusioned US public has already said "Begone!" before even a vote is cast next year.

Fox News wannabe but fake rebel *ucker Carlson resorts to cussing in a shocking hissy fit of aggressive and blind anger when he's owned by a relaxed guest, author Rutger Bregman, who doubtless has watched his book sales soar as a result - even Rupert Murdoch, the grossly flabby-looking owner of Fox News is reading it, looking deeply unhappy and ill! Frazzled furious *ucker Carlson lost it so badly he did not air the clip and actually tried to suppress it. Unsuccessfully! Bregman had taped it at his end. It will forever exist to the shame of tawdry tosser Tucker.

BBC's The Real Story asks whether referendums are ever a good idea, an excellent podcast that was also aired on its global radio outlets.

On the subject of great pods from the Beeb, this multi-part series End of days has been devoured by tons of listeners, addressing the assault on a Waco [Texas] cult led by David Koresh, whose members included almost thirty Britons. Miranda Sawyer of The Guardian: "I hadn't realised that many of the Waco cult victims were from the UK, mostly recruited from the Seventh-Day Adventist church. End of Days talks to their families and friends. There are moments when you want more specifics (the first episode is vague as to what David Koresh actually talked about), but it's a very interesting show."

Bernie's In!

Hallelujah! Bernie Sanders enters the race for Democratic president to be. Splendid. Here at Quake Tower celebrations erupted.

The Wall of Shame

The article by The Guardian written on the day Trump declares a bogus national emergency discusses the ramifications in play.

The now officially obese, bungling, lying fake president took a massive hit to his credibility after being effectively checkmated into backing down from a second government shutdown, but as the article suggests his attempt to salvage some face is unlikely to lead to a good outcome for anyone, himself included. As always, the hardest hit victims include the American taxpayers - the middle class - who are left to shell out to cover the egotistical stupidity of an incompetent and un-indicted co-conspirator, a child like pea brained idiot who's "running" [ruining] the United States by gross inefficiency and irresponsibility.

By announcing that he "didn't need to do this" the Washington Post points out he undermined his own case. Reader comment by Nooneasked seems to sum up the legal situation well: "Notwithstanding Trump's moronic comments. the case will probably be decided on largely legal grounds involving the statutory intent and purpose of the national emergency act. The President's best argument is probably that when Congress passed the emergency act allowing a President to redirect appropriated funds to deal with an emergency, while also including a procedure where Congress could negate a President's emergency declaration by joint Senate-House resolution, Congress thereby obviated the constitutional separation of powers issue which otherwise would prevent the President from overriding the appropriation power of the Congress. Furthermore, when Congress provided the legislative process for overruling a Presidential declaration of emergency, it rendered the validity of an emergency declaration a purely political question not reviewable by the courts.

"The best argument for opponents of Trump's emergency declaration is that whatever the largely statutorily undefined "emergency" may mean, no reasonable interpretation thereof could encompass this situation, where on Thursday, February 14, 2019, Congress specifically appropriated $1.3 billion for the wall, and the very next day, President Trump declared an "emergency" so that he could divert other already appropriated funds and spend $8 billion for a much more extensive wall. Whatever Congress meant in the statute by the term "emergency", it did not include allowing a President to simply and immediately override a specific funding determination by Congress, and have this Presidential decision overrule the specific majority vote by Congress on the precise issue, unless both the Senate and the House could by a two-thirds majority, also override a Presidential veto of a Congressional joint resolution disapproving the President's emergency declaration. In the absence of the statutory "emergency" the statute was not applicable here and no emergency declaration was permissible. This argument will probably prevail."

Brexit banter with Rob Francis: Hold a second Brexit referendum. Brexit is damaging to the British national interest, says Roger Cohen, saving me a lot of time because he's a professional scribe and knows the score, writing earlier this year in a much mentioned New York Times opinion piece.

Will the USA soccer league, Major League Soccer, ever not be boring?: Whilst various martial arts sports leap frog professional soccer in popularity among new generations [who also watch European soccer by the way], the MLS and its tiny but zealous army of online trolls continues to resist anything that would make it meaningful in any way, including denying promotion and relegation.

As the league continues to sputter along, completely off the radar of the American public even in heavily Latino areas where there is massive interest in the Euro leagues, the MLS conservatives will at least be able to go to their grave proudly exclaiming, despite the US being unable to even qualify for the World Cup against weak opposition, and the league being mind-bendingly dull, "at least we don't have promotion and relegation. We can die happy and fulfilled," with the other sports responding: "Happy trails, boneheads. And by the way, make the goals bigger!"

Some of us here at, or around, the Quake, do go and support our local MLS team as it happens, a club that's been around a lot - a lot - longer than the league itself, but that's just for the love of being at the futbol occasionally, plus the social aspect, and a bloody nice little stadium, to boot.

Eric the Red (Hat)

This West Virginia lawmaker Repugnicon resembles a cross between a "Deliverance" movie character and a gormless Al Bundy impersonator, without Al's humor, while regaling the interviewer with his apparently reasonable view that he will drown his son or daughter if they turn out be gay. How the inbreds laughed in Redneckland. It's okay to murder your family for such matters if you're Republican.

Al Bundy meet Ted Bundy in one bundle of fascist fun. He's an American Christian evangelical pastor, blinded by hate. That said, the batshit Xtian bible does say that if your children drink or disobey you, you should stone them to death, or you yourself will join them in hell. So he's only trying to save his own ass by looking for an excuse.

Now he's in trouble.

Repugs horrified by Green New Deal
Fox melts down over the Green New Deal and Samantha Bee reflects.

Who's really afraid of socialism?

Trump/GOP's "dealmaking" lost them $23.7b

Donald Trump's "Art of the Deal", when tested in action, cost him and his party the loss of 23.7 billion dollars by using his obstructionist, ego driven technique in an obsessive quest for more "Wall".

In Feb 2018, Democrats offered $25b, Repugnicons held out. In Dec 2018 Democrats reduced the offer to $1.6b, the 'scummers, now wanting 5.7b, held out, and in doing so, devastated the US with a shutdown, with long term damaging consequences yet to be fully realized. In Feb 2019 the Dems reduced the offer again to $1.3b, and the 'scummers appear to have accepted. If dumb Don puts his ego into the mix yet again and forces another hold-out, well, any future print run of his toxic book should be renamed "The Art of Being Dumb".

No wonder desperate right-wing groupies who bought Trump's bad faith book over the years are now realizing why their careers, if they ever had any, failed dismally to ignite using dumb Don's diabolical deal-sinking disaster of a negotiating technique. They're probably Jordan Peterson's biggest fan boys right now, scraping together every penny to paw through his turgid, tedious tomes, and waste valuable hours watching his vacuous, long-winded, endlessly rambling videos. Be careful whom you idolize.

Meanwhile, Trump's face saving gambit is now to invoke "executive action" to get more for his wall, signaling massive use of taxpayer money for gargantuan legal fees involved in the ensuing battle.

Blindly led MAGgots feel scammed by Trump's tax dupe

The MAGgots are revolting -- up in arms over being tricked by Trump's used-car salesman tactics that promised that goobers would benefit from his tax cuts [albeit only temporary for them but permanent for corporations] when it turns out only the top wealthiest citizens and corporations will. Many of his blindly devoted, but now furious base appear to be in shock when they saw that their refund was a few dollars more, or the same, or even less, if they got one at all. Some wonder how they can pay the layaway installments on their overpriced MAGgot hats! #GOPTaxScam

Trump can't see a problem because he's doing fine out of the tax scam, along with his wealthy backers, ensuring that tax bill deductions for their private jets are more than generous. How kind of him. The inverse version of Robin Hood continues to ride through his merry glen, with his band of cynical but merry men. "Still boggled that there was no 'crisis' from 2016 to 2018 when Trump decided to push for tax breaks for the wealthy instead of funding 'The Wall'." -- JamesFTInternet

Melanoma, Iwanka, meet RICO!?

Barbara McQuade, law professor from Michigan, writes that the highly publicized subpoenas issued recently by the Southern District of New York could likely be linked to a possible RICO case they're building [RICO = Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act]. This is why it's the real bombshell of the new year so far - it suggests that one or more of Trump's businesses or groups, whether officially registered or even an association of people, could ultimately be prosecuted for being organized crime enterprises. This ranks as one of the most serious crimes and the punishments can be very heavy for the individuals involved and found guilty.

The fact that a sitting president and/or family members could be caught up in a RICO swoop would have been considered the stuff of unbelievable fiction prior to the Trump regime.

There's been no shortage of mob speak from those associated with the currently ruling regime, spoken with pride and menace, but the people of the U.S. could exact retribution if it turns out that it's not just talk but criminally accountable.

Politicians need to remember they represent the people of the United States, not themselves, their families, or their wealthy backers. If the system is broken through financial perversion of the political process, the heartening news is that the judicial arm seems still functional enough to potentially bring bad eggs to justice.

"My impression is that in this country this kind of corruption has always been tolerated to the extent you're discreet about it. Don't rip off the citizens, don't demand bribes for building permits and stuff, but if you want to cut corners as far as self-dealing and so forth go for it but just for Christ's sake don't let it be a scandal. Trump was part of that world. But because he's mentally ill he thought he could ratchet it up to international scale and get away with it as a president. That's how much the genius dealmaker misunderstood the fundamental terms of this particular deal." -- mattinpa, forum post on TPM.


Medicare for who? Pelosi aide exposes Nancy as not being committed to Medicare for All.

Trump regime big wigs criminally implicated

Politicus article describes how Mike Pence and others are likely implicated in criminal charges based on subpoenas issued by the Southern District of New York, suggesting a possible penultimate move that's almost on the doorstep of Donald Trump himself: MSNBC video.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump's "State of the nation" speech reinforces how his foreign policy is a garbage fire.

U.S. flounders in league table of Freedom

The U.S. has fallen below Greece, Latvia and Mauritius in Freedom House's annual survey of political and civil liberties. "The current overall U.S. score puts American democracy closer to struggling counterparts like Croatia than to traditional peers such as Germany or the United Kingdom," says the report. More at Michelle Goldberg's article in the New York Times sub-headed "Under Trump, America is no longer in the top tier of democratic countries."

Is Kamela Harris the one?

Senator Harris. She's wonderful, she's amazing, say the media. But there's always a but..... examining Kamela Harris' rightwing past, with Mehdi Hasan: "Her record as a district attorney and as attorney general in California stands in stark contrast to the progressive ideals she now claims to hold." The Intercept podcast discusses.

January 2019

Stone busted, timid Trump wimps out

It finally happened, mouthy groupie celeb wannabe hanger-on Roger Stone gets the pre-dawn handcuffs unceremoniously clinked around his weaselly wrists, while timid tawdry Trump, "the world's worst negotiator" [Jennifer Rubin, WaPo], collapses at the feet of Nancy Pelosi and agrees to reopen the government without getting his wacko wall demands.

The story that got missed because of everything else: Michael Bennett destroys 'scummer Ted Cruz.

The wretched Repugnicons got absolutely battered on this recent Freak-out Friday since Trump's occupationist regime stole the White House. This surely is the beginning of a reckoning for the White House -- Donald has been reduced to the ineffectual, Russia loving, America hating POS that he is, and the Republicans now smell defeat both for themselves and their fatally misplaced coattail ride on the evil orange satan.

Thanks to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats standing up to the fake president our highly esteemed and respected government servants are going to get paid, no thanks to the Repugnicon traitors.

Payola corner

Musical flashback in time. Two songs alleged to have been promoted into the charts [US, UK, or both] via "payola", paying DJs or radio stations to expose them via airplay [or even the chart-makers themselves]. Both releases were deserving of chart acclaim either way, and an online search showed no current evidence of these rumors being either true or prosecuted, and if anything has added to the songs' mystique.

Ram jam "Black betty" allegedly payola'd in the UK; Chilliwack "My girl" legendary and iconic 70s/80s era AM top40 giant KFRC San Francisco alleged to have dubiously assisted this Canadian act's hit success in the US.

Rightwing's goal is to shut down America

The ultra rightwing Republican executive and legislative machine is not even bothering to hide its goal of permanently shutting down what it feels is unnecessary government institutions not just by appointing departmental leaders who are openly hostile to the goals of that government branch, which it has already mostly achieved, but by literally shutting down the whole thing, in which it has also - for now - mostly succeeded.

In a similar vein, reader fbraconi commented on an article by opinion columnist Paul Krugman of the New York Times: "One of the few positives of Trumpism is that it has stripped American conservatism of all of its ideological pretenses. Its core of racism, sexism, xenophobia, environmental exploitation and greed has been fully exposed. The reason Republican leaders sound like morons is that Trump has shown them they don't have to couch their aims in elaborate sophistry; in fact, their voter base responds more enthusiastically when the message is delivered raw than when it is wrapped in sophisticated political and economic theory.

"The president and the Republican leadership barely bothered to offer any policy rationale when they tried to repeal the ACA, passed massive tax cuts for the rich, pulled us out of the Paris Climate Agreement and set about dismantling environmental regulations. Why bother developing intricate policy arguments and memorizing arcane evidence when making things up on the spot works just as well?"

In Some More News: "The fake border crisis, Steve King, and our lying, racist president".

A Washington Post podcast discusses Trump's secrecy around Putin being part of a much broader pattern.

"You're nicked"

Cohen to spill the beans on Trump

CNBC was one of the first to break the news that rodent-like Michael Cohen will publicly deliver the goods on dastardly Donald, whom he now hates. Seemingly his cultish worship of the orange satan is finito. Make sure those home-cooked lentils are steamed and ready to serve, pop pickers.

February 7 was to have been the big day but got postponed, but his testimony may still occur before the Mueller report. However, will Cohen's testimony taint what he's told Robert Mueller's investigation? There are problematic issues.

"Then, just like a Bolt
out of the blue...."

Are friends electric

Green Car Reports: "In all, electric-car sales have taken off, and hit a milestone, reaching 1 million sales in the U.S. in November, with half of those in California." Just arrived to market [instead of just being theoretically available as before] is the much anticipated Hyundai Kona electric vehicle.

GCR reader rbbartho posted: "I own a Chevy Bolt and very happy with getting nearly 230 mile range, 120 MPGe, no gas stations, oil changes, or maintenance. Go EV's.....they're only going to get better."

Pseud's Corner: Cringey right wingers cornered by even more cringey pseudo intellectual Jordan Peterson
The intellectual destitution of the north American right is nowhere better encapsulated than in fake philosopher and pseudo intellectual Jordan Peterson seen here boring the pants off high level right-wing "celebrities", including lens shattering Donald Trump Jnr, who have no idea what he's babbling on about, partly because, as usual, he's spouting meaningless rubbish, but also, even if they were listening to someone profound [which Peterson isn't] it would be totally going over their heads.

Take a look at them, they're wide boys [and girl] who don't look like they generally stand around nibbling avocado and cucumber sandwiches while discussing the intricacies of quantum physics and string theory.

Being right-wing looks like a very awkward place to be. Cringe factor: 100%.

Looking back at 2018 one last time and, giving us a boost as we prepare for the new year is the delightful memory of last year's election that turned Orange County completely blue as the GOP got wiped out in the mid-terms. In the supposedly immortal words of Ronald Reagan: "Like I've always said, Orange County is where good Republicans go before they die." And die they did.

MSNBC beats Fox "News" in the ratings. One thing this article does is actually mention demographics. There are armies of American trolls and Russian bots continually trumpeting about how Fox News has generally been above MSNBC over the years. If they trot out any numbers at all they cite the generic totals not the "break-outs", the age brackets, which is what advertisers buy.

A TV or radio outlet can be winning overall numbers and, yes, still go out of business or change format if they can't deliver a strong age delineated target audience of "not old people". But since Fox "News" is not even regularly #1 even in the generics any more that means the trolls will move on to other topics to be fake or disinformative about.

This is all the more impressive since Fox, like CNN, practically gives their "product" away. Many Americans have to go out of their way to proactively seek out and consume MSNBC.

The downside is that it's not viable to watch MSNBC in real time other than Rachel Maddow's first segment because you'll get brain damaged from the endless commercials, and life it too short to be wasted on attempts to sell you rubbish products. That said, Fox's products are even worse, and many aimed at geriatric people, a sign of their woes.

December 2018

Can a passenger land a plane?
A video showing a passenger landing a [simulated] plane says the answer is "no", because they prepped her before hand and that it took longer than usual. Er... well, um... interesting anyway. Remember, seatbelts save lives.

"Why is anyone surprised that Trump's willing to shut down our government when it's clearly not the one he works for?" -- Stephen Colbert.

Just what the world needed, a new Fox news channel.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes reads a Twitter user's tweet: "It's hilarious that Trump hates being president but can't quit because then he'll go to jail."

Did you know: the average net worth of a Briton stands at around $280,000 including real estate according to a recent Guardian article: "the average Briton saw their wealth, including property, increase by 1% [over the year] to GBP213,000."

America in crisis
Putin wins Syria, Trump stabs ally in the back

Trump/Ryan/McConnell trifecta in numbers:

--> 4M working age Americans lost health care
--> $1.5T corporate handout
--> $779B deficit
--> Worst Dec stock market since 1931
--> 17% increase in hate crimes
--> 2,654 migrant kids taken from families
--> Over 40,000 gun deaths in 2017
          Representative Joe Kennedy

America just conceded defeat at the hands of anti-US Putin-led Russia as the collusionist Republican government stabbed another of our allies, the Kurds, in the back. Putin is pleased about beating the USA in Syria but ecstatic to see Mattis gone.

The unravelling of a impostor presidency is an ugly thing. It's gonna get worse before it gets better. The United States is in freefall.

"My President changed military policy to something Putin wanted without even consulting the military while simultaneously threatening shutdown over a racist ineffective wall the majority of American taxpayers oppose and all I got was this lousy 500-point stock drop." Says John Fugelsang, who also wrote "Any person who sincerely claims they follow both Jesus and Trump probably knows very little about either."

Donald Trump, Dec 20, 2011 tweet: "Iraq in political turmoil one day after we leave---I told you so."

The fake president is determined to use what he sees as his best and only weapon to survive the tsunami that's about to wash him [and possibly us] away, to take the US into a state of complete chaos, and, if he feels like he's going down, which he is, to take us all down with him.

Now for the real test of America's strength. How do we deal with a president who is acting solely in the best interests of a hostile, foreign power, backed by a political party that won't stand up to him? What mechanisms, if any, can come into play to get us out of the nations' worst crisis since the Bay of Pigs.

He's certainly bringing home the bacon for his hero and boss, Vlad Putin. At the price of the very survival of the democracy and security of the United States of America.

You Josh me - another possibly bent Repug?

"Most Republicans wait until they come to Washington to join the culture of corruption - but Missouri Senator-elect Josh Hawley decided to get a jumpstart by engaging in possibly illegal activities during his campaign for Senate. The attorney general of Missouri, Jay Ashcroft, is investigating Hawley for misusing public resources to help his Senate campaign after the American Democracy Legal Fund (ADLF) filed a complaint," writes DD Martin of the American Independent via Sourcepolitics.

Previously: It's rare to start the day without seeing endlessly depressing newsfeed story titles without a single shred of hope, never mind inspiration, to hold on to. But to get two consecutive pieces of positive tiding in a single day - unheard of, surely.

Even with the ultra right feralist, I mean federalist, cultists now sitting on the Supreme Court, that once hallowed body actually [in effect] defended Planned Parenthood in a ruling that protects the rights of citizens to sue states for cutting off public funding to that kind, caring organization. The fact that we now say "thank you" on those rare occasions when we don't get screwed over is itself pretty sad, but let's not turn negative quite yet.
We are a better people than the voices we're hearing from the Republican leadership  
David Jolley [R]

What was the other one? Can't remember now but trust me, it was heart warming. Oh yes, the EU high court saying Britain can reverse Brexit. It's one thing, however, to lead a horse to water..... without it prefering to drink from the nearby bucket of kool-aid offered by the alt-right US backed stable boy instead.

The story of Teresa May chickening out of her vote on her batshit Brexit plan doesn't quite classify as "dancing in the streets" material unless it ultimately leads to a proper [2nd] vote on Brexit now that the citizens of the UK know just how bad it's gonna be, without the wool pulled over their eyes by the blatantly dishonest propaganda that propelled the previous one. That said, poster SydenhamFox makes an incisive counterpoint in response to the linked article: "I think Polly Toynbee underestimates how right wing a very significant amount of our population is. Most of my family are seemingly impervious to logical debate. They want a hard Brexit come what may, even if it makes them worse off. I just don't get it myself. I think a People's Vote could very well be a disaster for those of us who would prefer Remain. This is not about the 'Leave' voters being misinformed last time. It's about a new kind of populism. We need Parliament to get a grip on this, possibly cross party, in the national interest. Not a new referendum." Unfortunately Syd is too vague with his solution, so second referendum it is, then.

Or..... take advantage of the EU court ruling and just say "Sorry, pretend none of this ever happened. Blame Steve Bannon, Tommy Robinson, and their UKipper buddies", even though it was the Tory party putting themselves above the country, as usual. Tell the EU: "We won't ever kid you about leaving again, nor will we seriously consider leaving unless we ever get our act together. Since that will never happen, we're in for the long haul mes amies."

Nick Ayers telling Trump to take a running jump with his offer of Chief of staff also looks like the Republirats are starting to abandon the sinking SS Trump ship and doggie paddling to the shore while they still can. Not, however, really unmitigated good news because the caliber of people who may ultimatelty fill those empty positions [if any do] will just get lower and lower than they already are, filled with even worse criminals, spies, swamp dogs, anti-democracy vote stuffers etc.

Finally, quick hey to the visionaries at the Phoenix police dept, they charged a blind man with assaulting one of them. It's a weird story, and apologies, this happened in June, not sure why it's being fed as a current story. Charges dismissed. Blinding result.

"America has to prove that it can indeed survive a criminal presidency"

Groovin' with Mr. Blow, New York Times article: "It is very possible that the president of the United States is a criminal. And it is very possible that his criminality aided and abetted his assumption of the position. Let that sink in. It is a profound revelation."

The death throes of Trump's totalitarian tempest

What's just gone down is a very big deal as Frank Dale of Think Progress touches upon in the linked article. He writes that "these latest developments in the Russia probe - which are believed to be the first time in our lives that a President's own DOJ' is saying the commander-in-chief has 'directed a felony' - come a week after Cohen revealed Trump and his family apparently pursued a huge real estate deal in Moscow through the summer of the 2016 campaign.

"Amid the many details in Cohen's latest plea deal with Mueller was the disclosure that Donald Trump Jr., the president's oldest son, likely lied to Congress about his family's business in Russia."

None of Trump's usual defence mechanisms can save him from the gathering storm, or from Stormy and Karen for that matter.

"Republicans in Congress can't save Trump, his attorney general can't save him, and no amount of desperate tweets can save him. Accountability is on its way, and it's arriving very soon," opines Paul Waldman in the Washington Post.

Despite what one of Trump's lawyers famously said, Dana Millbank pointed out back in November that, sadly for the lying fake occupationist president: "the truth still is the truth". And, in a rare political story that should have a happy ending and restore faith that the American system of governance can withstand an oligarchic onslaught as damaging as Trumpism, the truth is finally catching up with [as yet] unindicted co-conspirator Donald Trump.

The Trump Organization and the Trump family empire are being legally battered as we speak.

All hail President Pelosi..... there is such a world [at least, until Bernie takes over]. "The United States presidential line of succession dictates that if the President and Vice President are found unfit for office, then the Speaker of the House of Representatives becomes President." [Sourcepolitics]. Mehdi Hasan of The Intercept asks if this is the Democrat who can beat Trump in the rust belt in 2020?

When it comes to helping residents reach their full potential, a recent report discussed in the Washington Post's Wonkblog ranks the USA as 25th for men and 32nd for women, as measured by World Bank's Human Capital Index. Even Slovenia and Italy rate above the US, as do many others.

Oregon's a total trip

(CNN via KION-TV) - Oregon's Secretary of State has just approved language for a potential ballot initiative that would legalize psychedelic mushrooms.

Now organizers need to get 117,578 signatures to actually put their initiative on the ballot. If they get the requisite number of signatures, Oregonians could vote on the decriminalization of psilocybins, or magic mushrooms, in the 2020 general election.

If Oregonians were to approve the initiative, it would decriminalize psilocybins and allow for the licensed manufacturing and administration of the substances. In recent years, some studies have shown that "magic mushrooms" can have positive effects, especially those undergoing cancer treatments and chemical depression.

Trump now firmly in Mueller's sites

"Trump should be freaked out right about now," says the Washington Post as Michael Cohen strikes a plea deal regarding his lying about the Trump election campaign's Russia project.

Says the TPM website: "It puts Cohen in touch with Trump, Trump's family and high-level Russian government officials about efforts to develop a new project in Moscow just months before Election Day."

"We can expect even bigger bombshells - and White House threats against Mueller - in the coming weeks," says the New York Times: it "ratchets up the pressure on Congress to protect Mr. Mueller."

It is indeed..... Mueller time, as President Trump emerges as "individual 1" a person of interest in the Mueller probe.

Young whites are leaning more & more Democratic

The New York Times cited a study by Catalist that found that between 2014 and 2018 white voters aged 18 to 44 shifted sharply in favor of the Democrats. In 2014, whites 18-29 supported Dems by 1 percentage point; in 2018, these young white voters backed Dems by 26 points, a 25 pt swing.

Whites 30-44 went from voting Rep by 21 points in 2014 to backing Dems by 9 pts in 2018, an even larger 30 pt shift.

The Republican party depends on overwhelming white support to remain competitive.

Batshit Bannonites brokered "Britain breaking" Brexit balls-up

Smug 2016
Brexiteer voter
now in
minority opinion
Rule Britannia, stiff upper lip as the UK goes under. Sterling getting battered, a land in chaos, predictions that Brexit will hurt what's left of the UK economy even more than thought, turning a second world nation into a third [that's the bottom rung by the way, chaps], the news gets more dismal by the hour.

For those of us who long ago left for brighter shores, we wagged our fingers and exhorted: "Don't **** things up more than they already are." Guess what happened? They ****** things up more than they already were. Bloody marvelous.

But of course the right-wing leaders who "masterminded" it in cahoots with American far-right zealots, alleged including cultist followers of former White House svengali Steve Bannon, duped the people, gots scads of $$$ from dodgy American right-wing sources [several hell-bent Brexiteer politicians including at least one UKipper already under scrutiny, probably more to come], made out like bandits, laughing all the way to the very banks whom, we are now assured, won't actually collapse with all their ill-gotten gains stashed inside.

Bannonites have no particular interest in the United Kingdom's wellbeing. Rather, Bannon's avowed goal is "to drive a stake through the heart of the EU." The American alt-righter is having a much tougher time of that elsewhere in Europe where mechanisms to thwart outside foreign influence are sturdier, but Britain was a pushover [apologies to Scotland, they're collectively as aghast at the suicidal death-wish of Englanders as most everyone else].

That said, the majority of Englanders now say, after the bus ad slogans were proven to be lies, they'd vote to remain in the EU, and not long ago almost half a million people marched on the streets in a massive show of pro-EU solidarity.

In Cali, your
vote counted!
November 2018

The Blue Wave happened after all

For the first time ever, over 100 million voters turned out to vote in the mid-term elections. And the message was clear. Other than the 35% hardcore RepugniTrump voters, who actually believed the scum's lies that they were going to protect preexisting conditions when they had actually voted in congress to get rid of it, the great majority of Americans are sick and tired of the Trumpist/1% owned GOP's wholesale self-benefiting rape of our nation.

The biggest story of the mid-terms surely has to be that, with the House results completely in, it was indeed a Blue Wave, with the Democrats [including a pro-Dem Independent] boasting a total of 235* [*corrected to include the Independent] of the 435 total seats, including a whopping 40* [updated] flipped seats, as indicated by Politico election results.

Blue is the new Orange

The new Orange is Blue is perhaps the second biggest story of the post-election results. California's Orange County, long regarded as a GOP bastion, went completely Democratic.

Two new Dem winners: Golden, and Porter
by Rob Francis

Yet more wins for the Dems, many of whom were trailing, including Maine Democrat Jared Golden beating Bruce Poliquin, with Katie Porter [D] over Mimi Walters [R] in previously hardcore Republican Orange county, Calif. Also, a fraction ahead in Orange County Calif is Gil Cisneros [D] leading Young Kim [R] by a whisker, Gilly having trailed and been almost written off a day or two ago. Now even disappointed me [about the Senate] is going "just wowza!" over the house.

Mail-ins and absentees often help the Dems, but in Maine the "ranked choice" state system [considered the most valuable for voters] swung the result in Golden's favor.

So, in the house, at the time of writing, Dems are up to 232, a significant jump from last time I looked [225], so now a big 33 seat advantage over the Repugs. That, and some more likely [D]'s predicted, moves the house into a true Blue Wave, with So Cal's Orange County's Repug house candidates completely wiped out, just as in New England. Both all blue and true.

Not so in the Senate, where the odds were stacked heavily against the Dems, where it's Dems [including 2 independents -- hello Bernie] totalling 47, four seats shy of the 'Pugs who, as expected, already clinched the Senate.
Golden leapfrogs Poliquin in Maine to win for [D]. Sinema [D] defeats McSally [R] for Senate in formerly red Arizona.  
The Quake

Also, a note to Florida's anti-democracy Repugs: unlike the bent red states, in California every vote counts, including mail-ins.

A classic case in point is the stunning comeback of super Tony Thurmond, the Dem supported candidate for schools chief, who until recently trailed rightwing financed Republican lackey Marshall Tuck by a whopping 86,000 votes. As the mail-ins and provisionals continue to be aggregated, Super Tone has edged ahead by a few thousand. I was proud to have been a mail-in and this gives me reassurance that, yes, California counts every vote and is a beacon for true democracy in contrast to the rightwing fascistic outrages of the Rick Scotts of this world. We got sunshine AND democracy!

Also fantasmagorical is that Costa Mesa welcomes enthusiastically their new democratic congressman.... Harley Rouda [pictured]. As mentioned below, the Dem House win keeps growing.

It was a heck of battle to weed out the loathsome and smug Republican specimen, Dana Rohrabacher, but it happened. Seriously awesome.Yes, after 17 years, the deeply disliked old boy Dana Rohrabacher was tossed out by the formerly ultra-red Costa Mesa district of California. Known for his yelled racist on-film comments, being proudly pro-Putin and pro-Russian oligarchy, along with a shopping list of other dislikable attributes, he just became the latest casualty of the Blue Wave, another of the despicable hard-right rotters whom Democrats ensured the doors firmly hit their asses on their way out.

Dem House win keeps growing by Big Farmer

Got busy and was out of town for a while, so naturally delighted to see that the Dems victory count in the House grew by three more since I last checked in, up to 225 at the time of writing. Niiiice!

So, like everyone, mixed feelings about the results but the most basic goal was achieved: taking the House. The endangered fabric of American democracy is saved - for now.

In his meltdown after reality set in, Trump glimpsed the delusion of his immortality and impermeability, but like Adolf Hitler, who never surrendered even when the avenging wolves were right on his doorstep, he quickly resumed building back up the walls of his ego. Runaway greed and and self-fabricated delusion, especially in psychopaths or people with psychotic tendencies, are supremely difficult to overcome, even if he wanted to do so based on expediency and the promise of better outcomes.

So the battle rages on and the question of American democracy's ability to survive and recover from the Trumpist onslaught will remain an unanswered one for at least another two years. And then, perhaps something more ominous still - the real danger of a right-wing totalitarian onslaught led by someone who actually knows how to avoid being ultimately sunk by their own psychological flaws, as was the case with Adolf, and probably will be with Herr Trump.

Also: The Guardian's Today in focus looks at what it takes to take on the EU and win or lose, as the case may be, plus a look at US women in the mid-terms.

Will Dems get a bone: the House?

Will this election push back on the collective American psychosis? Even if the Democrats do take back the House, it's just a bone unfortunately [but vote anyway, of course!], and still leaves the nation in a long-term vice grip in which the right-wing is well on the way to permanent rule of the majority by the minority. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, the supreme court, "citizens united", absence of genuinely left major media to challenge the consumerist escapist illusion that keeps America in denial of its civilizational crisis born of its unbridled ultra pro-corporate capitalist consumerism. The right wing show goes on with or without Donald Trump. Like everything else in the utilitarian world of the right, he's expendable when he's no longer useful. Dem bones!

Alcohol's toll on a drunk driving cop

Flashing back to 2016 and a gripping arrest of a drunk driving sheriff's department lieutenant who doesn't get off the hook just because he's a ranking law enforcement officer. Compelling footage for so many reasons at so many levels. This multi-time drunk driving cop is still on the department payroll albeit pushing papers.

Peculiar fusion

Greg Sargent wrote in the Washington Post: "The public has seen Trump's fusion of ethno-nationalism and orthodox GOP plutocracy put into governing practice, and is rejecting it," citing studies by the Economic Innovation Group and CNN.

The GOP efforts to put, at vast advertising expense, the most palatable misrepresentation of this "peculiar fusion" as a last ditch effort to keep the entire Congress "probably won't be enough for Republicans to keep the House. But whatever is to be.... the need to lie so relentlessly about all these matters itself constitutes an admission of failure. The public has seen Trump's fusion of xenophobic ethno-nationalism and orthodox GOP regressive and plutocratic economic priorities, and is rejecting it."

October 2018

So much right wing terrorism, people forgot the Kroger shooting

With so much mayhem, horror, and death being perpetrated by proponents of the divisive Trumpist Republican right, much of the media forgot to mention, or gave only short shrift to, the shooting at the Kentucky Kroger grocery store. It couldn't possibly be that black Americans are less important, could it?

BBC News: "A 51-year-old white man tries to enter a predominantly black church in Jeffersontown, Kentucky. But when he can't get in, he goes to a nearby supermarket and shoots dead two elderly black people."

When confronted by another shopper, who was believed to have drawn a gun, the racist murderer chided him to hold his fire because "whites don't kill whites."

Gun slaughter continues as alt-right POS shoots 11 innocent people

"Trump sympathizers have beaten, shot, stabbed, run over, or bombed innocent people. The president is radicalizing a generation of angry men." -- The Intercept.

Words have long since failed to do justice to adequately describe the grief, despair and utter outrage that the United States powers-that-be will not protect their own citizens against the filthy rich lobbyists, gun nuts, and alt-righters who have free reign to shoot up anyone they don't like without even a whimper of response. Tragically, it'll be the same again even after another horrific tragedy this time at a synagogue in Pennsylvania.

This time "the crime" of those slaughtered in the eyes of the Republican loonie murderer, drunk on alt-right and indeed White House manufactured fascist hate propaganda, was to try to help downtrodden people no matter their ethnicity or religion. For the selflessness of this genuinely spiritual and loving community, they paid with mass death.

Utterly disgusting, and every American, myself included, should hang our heads in shame for not doing what even Australia finally could do -- stop the insane gun violence, the mayhem of slaughter and rivers of blood, and make our country a safe place free from right-wing terrorism. How is this a civilized society if the general public is imprisoned by marauding armed hate-fuelled bullies?

POS Repugnicon male in 50's hauled in for domestic terrorism
Cesar Sayoc [left],
crazed by Trump
stoked hatred

Middle aged racist male stripper and Florida pizza delivery man Cesar Sayoc, who slept either at his mother's house or in his "hate van", the archetypal Trump loser, hauled in for questioning along with his vehicle covered in pro-Trump and anti-left death-threat stickers. Top job by the security forces who showed they're still on the side of safety for the American people. This is the best thing to know right now.

The sick American right-wing, amid the stock market's drunken fluctuations, economic bubble warning signs flashing, their pet allies murdering journalists without strong response from the White House, Putin boasting he manipulated Trump to herald the end of America as a world power [and being invited by Trump to celebrate with him], GOP rigging the election, clearly the Republicans will stop at nothing to bring to an end America as we know it, and an end to American democracy, now with their latest weapon - out and out domestic terrorism stoked by a deeply dysfunctional "president" who has consistently urged violence against fellow Americans and cannot bring himself to confront "this bomb business" and accept his responsibility. We need a real leader. Desperately.

Most important mid-term election in recent history

For many it will be a referendum about the most petty, venal, misogynistic, wannabe dictatorial "president" ever. For others, it was the spineless manner in which the Republican Congress, supposedly representatives of the people, allowed [and indeed indulged themselves in] a wholsale looting of America for the benefit of themselves and the 1%.

Whatever happens, check back as The Quake builds up to the "Super Bowl of Politics: Fight to save America from Amerikkka". The enemy of democracy, the "new" soft fascist Trumpist version of the GOP [Geriatric Oligarchic Pedos], must be utterly destroyed. Let's put an end to the celebration of rank corruption that right-wing ruled Amerikkka has become.

The shite right are rushing to kill the left/liberal vote. US elections are run by partisan actors, some of those bent actors are themselves on the ballot, Florida, Georgia, and Kansas are just three examples [there are several others] where this is occurring. That shouldn't stop us from giving 100% to the cause. Voting is the most basic and important step we can take. Some our votes will be suppressed by the right. But vote anyway.

Unmasking bad guys

The internet researchers unmasking Russian assassins. NPR radio link to audio file.

Donald Trump is, and always has been, a bad businessman, but luckily for him, daddy's unbelievable success and wealth has allowed the orange menace, to this day, to be a massive and destructive pest, ultimately infesting the entire global population's quality of life. Trump University and Trump Vodka are well known disasters of his, but here are many more of his biggest flops, including an airline.

Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington [CREW] are among the heroes who brought attention to former ambassador Haley's "personal relationship gifts" received while trogging around and annoying people abroad. Is there anyone on the Trump team that isn't bent? The hollowed out State Dept is spineless to act unless the Dems win Congress and have some clout to get justice for the taxpayers and a non-beholden political leadership.

"The man [Trump] is the arsonist and the fireman. When he's the fireman, he claims he's achieved something. He's put out the fire." -- Sidney Blumenthal.
Self-pitying, hysterical,
conjuring up conspiracies,

Fight back!

Former Bush official Eliot Cohen wrote recently in the Washington Post that "perhaps the collapse of modern conservatism came out most clearly in Kavanaugh's own testimony - its self-pity, its hysteria, its conjuring up conspiracies, its vindictiveness. No one watching those proceedings could imagine that a Democrat standing before this judge's bench in the future would get a fair hearing. It was, rather, personalized grievance politics."

Tom Nichols: "To those conservatives who are willing to look away from Kavanaugh's bizarre, evasive, immature, intemperate, weaselly, disrespectful answers to the Senate, that's not conservative, that's just tribal loyalty over prudence and principal."

"Instead of acting like the minority and like victims, Dems need to go on the offensive and act like a majority. Investigate, interview, and use the power of the media loudly, with courage and fervor!" -- Allie Katz, as reported by Jon Queally, Common Dreams

Angela Calvillo, contributor to Crowdpac: "The 19th amendment guarantees all American women the right to vote, now let's amend it to secure a woman's right to her reproductive health."

Let's reward Dems who are progressive, and punish Republicans wherever and whenever possible. Senator Collins voted "yes" on Trump's Supreme Court nominee, the unhinged and blatantly agenda-drunk, booze crazed Brett Kavanaugh.

Support Collins' future challenger in Maine on Crowdpac. The enemy may have most of the billionaire's on their side and unlimited dark money from corporate donors, but ordinary American citizens can fight, and do whatever we can, to take back our nation from the right-wing greedsters and con[servative] artists who have rigged the US political system. Be a hero today.

Jennifer Rubin on Susan Collins: "It's one thing to cast a safe vote; it's another to embarrass oneself and sound gullible about a nominee who revealed his partisan stripes."

The KavanNO Debacle: The sham investigation.
The odds are that the disastrous Kavanaugh nomination will be pushed through but it's unlikely boozy Brett will have a smooth ride even after he achieves his self-interested ultimate career goal. The latest sham investigation's only use is to allow key Senators on both sides to throw an excuse at their electorate for voting whichever way they do. Even after his election to the Supreme court this controversy is likely far from done and dusted, especially if the Dems do well enough in the mid-terms to put some feet to the fire.

Matthew Miller of Politico Magazine asks us to "consider who [was] in charge of the FBI's invesrtigation: Director Chris Wray, who attended Yale Law School with Kavanaugh...and, like Kavanaugh, joined the Federalist Society...Rosenstein's ties to Kavanaugh run even deeper -- they worked together on Ken Starr's investigation of Bill Clinton in the 1990s."
New York Times

Brett Kavanaugh is a willing pawn in the radical right's "stealth bid to reverse-engineer all of America, at both the state and national levels, back to the political economy and oligarchic governance of midcentury Virginia, minus the segregation" as historian Nancy MacLean puts it. The billionaire backed originalist libertarian cult's historical inspiration -- James Buchanan -- represents "the true origin story of today's well-heeled radical right."

Dumb gibberish from Dumbald Trump: "Hurricane Florence. One of the wettest we've ever seen, from the standpoint of water."

Trump firing up GOP misogynists

"By mocking Christine Blasey Ford at a campaign rally, Trump is simply following his calculations for his 2020 campaign. He either knows or doesn't care how the Kavanaugh appointment will turn out. Instead, he is simply firing up his misogynistic followers and those who enable them. He doesn't care, really.

Nothing matters to Trump. Not common decency. Not the fears women have of being targeted and assaulted by men like Trump. Nothing. He doesn't care. He knows that speech like what he said at the rally yesterday will get cheers from the people who are like Trump, want to be like him or, in some cases, are afraid of people like him but have to live with them.

Will his calculations work? Possibly. Things have changed. No longer is being a boor and a braggart a cause of failure. If you can reach enough people who are just like yourself, you can win in today's climate. So, Trump plays to his peers and ignores others' fears." -- Mineral Man, Dem Underground

September 2018

Privileged Rage & Lies of the "Right"
Europe 17.5 USA 10.5 in
Ryder Cup 2018, HILITES

Saturday night live hearing rendition.

Kavanaugh is lying. His upbringing explains why. [Washington Post article].

"A witness who is not credible lashes out at his accusers and assumes a more reasonable demeanor under neutral questioning. That is exactly what we saw with Kavanaugh. While a falsely accused man has every right to be angry, Kavanaugh's rage - whether he is innocent or not - played poorly in large part because it was infected with self-pity and devoid of insight." [Politico article].

Freak-out Friday

The nomination moved forward but with the bar association, Yale, and the general public calling for an FBI inquiry which we now are getting [one week, though? Surely this will take longer?]. It's hard to believe this completely inappropriate candidate can really get away with hanging in this long. Go. Step down. Never come back.

Cancel Kavanaugh. Brett Kavanaugh showed himself to be irrationally angry, immature, politically motivated, and blinded by self-interest and greed. He places his own self-aggrandizement and selfish agenda-laden career before the good of the country. Horrible, diabolical choice for Supreme Court. Shame on all Republicans.

Thursday or Friday, or one day next week, will likely live in infamy as a battered America looks at how the breakdown of its political mechanisms now leaves us with a nation "led" by people whose goals are the polar opposite of the wishes of the people. At the time of writing, loathsome Brett Kavanaugh is -10pts with registered voters [this from a highly right biased pollster: Fox], and the great majority of Americans want Rod Rosenstein to stay and for the Mueller investigation to keep going to its conclusion. But in the current US, the people's will counts for little and has almost no proper representation.

Vlad Putin will be watching, popcorn and vodka in hand, as the rest of the globe wonders, yet again, "what the **** just happened over there?". There is an explanation, but it won't fit into a sound byte, and there are also solutions, but they have no sufficient avenue of expression or actuation of executive and judicial remedies that could rectify the situation.

In November we have a chance to maybe save the legislative branch from complete capture, but even that's not guaranteed, with voter de-registration, fraud, and suppression being aggressively perpetrated by the corporate and 1% backed right-wing.

Even if the legislative third of the pie is rescued, it may not be enough. But it's crucial for any hope of saving the US from this tailspin into disaster.

US BIG BIZ still dictating the fate of Brexit: Their massive infusion of propaganda money duped sufficient numbers of gullible UK voters into leaving the EU, now they want to make sure it's a hard Brexit, and the greedy and grateful right-wing British politicians are compliantly taking their big bucks. UK = bought and paid for, a long time ago.

Swampiest Swampman starts singing

"New details revealed Friday show how far beyond the law Manafort went in pursuit of his goals" wrote the Washington Post, and those goals involved dastardly deeds by the truckload, and the Trump swamp is squirming: now that the world's currently most famous criminal is ready to spill all the beans. The serious swamp stuff that is emerging could, as a by-product, sink tawdry Trump's occupation of the presidency of the most globally important nation on Earth [still].

The roller coaster ride may be far from over but it's time to be proud of being American again as, so far, the national mechanisms to thwart rampant foul play and corruption seem still up to the task. Without them, corruption eventually brings down functioning democracy to leave a nation to drown in the cesspool of a mafia run totalitarianism propped up by "the 1%" who alone benefit.

The man who's always correct [part two]

Our first rolling entry of the year began with: "The man who's always correct -- Professor Allan Lichtman, and the case for impeachment."

At that time it was hard not to think, "yeah but the Repugnicons ain't gonna impeach the crook, maybe the good professor has gotten too cocky by half. Well, OMG, he's on track to be right again. Too much being right. Actually, he talked about probabilities and did mention that the Republicans were wimping out at the time, and he did say it was a "case" for impeachment, not a guarantee, but, with mid-terms 'n all, he's uncannily on the ball with his always thorough predictability models. A beacon in a political world of chaos and confusion. Here's a more recent appearance of his, this time on the MSNBC morning show.

Russian trolls spent years tweeting about Obamacare.

Any good news? Any? Well, maybe, kinda...

In the face of all the disgusting actions of the Repugnicons and the fake president Trump's Blight House, whether it be diverting money for cancer research to expanding concentration camps for asylum seekers, subverting the nation's health care options, rampant and unashamed corruption, and any number of outrages perpetrated on the American people, is there any actual good news? Occasionally, a positive story does sneak through. "We are about to drive a lot of dark money donors into the light - it's gonna look like the climax of a Harry Potter movie where the creatures shrivel in the sun," writes Jon Queally of Common Dreams in an article about more potential transparency regarding dark money and who's providing it.

Oh but wait there's a catch. As one poster responds: "People - rich or poor have the opportunity to support their political cause - mine or theirs, but when the dollars are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars - either through personal or corporate accounts, this should be revealed. Doesn't appear that this decision moves us much further in that direction." And there was us thinking the Supreme court had actually tried to do something to thwart the complete monetization of political power. Dream on.

The Kavanaugh Nomination: The Hard Right's push to rewrite the Constitution

Adherents of the "originalist" hard-right movement appear to share a quest to, among other things, permanently quash progressivism and actually change the constitution to reflect a Messianic vision and execution of iron rightwing authoritarianism over the US. The Federalist Society, who pick the judicial nominations for the new era Trumpist Republicans, have focused on capturing the supreme court as soon as possible and for ever.

Their planned election of Brett Kavanaugh plays a crucial role in their master gameplan which right now includes garnering a majority of supreme court judges and make possible such drastic changes which will effectively impose an ultra right westernized version of Sharia law onto the US.

The weirdness and outrages perpterated recently by the right-wing and Federalist Society [like many hard right organizations the name is deceptive] is not haphazard madness, other than perhaps aspects of Trump's own declining faculties and mental illness. It's a concerted long term plan and it's coming towards fruition. The organized far right feel they must get control of the supreme court this time around before the post-election "real" [progressive and "non-bought"] Dems can do anything to stop this multi-pronged assault. For progressive and mainstream secular America this will mean giving ground that may not ever be recovered.

That's why defending what's left of our democracy, already unacceptably gerrymandered, is something every American of every generation must struggle to protect and restore on an ongoing basis. It never stops. An extremely organized and financially overwhelming multi-billionaires backed Federalist Society [like many hard right organizations the name is deceptive] onslaught will not voluntarily cease their goal to permanently impose their distorted and misguided vision onto the rest of us.

Fascism doesn't happen overnight in a sudden secretly concocted coup, though violent repression will be an ingredient at, and beyond, the endgame. It happens incrementally and then speeds up just as the majority are realizing something is very wrong. By then, it's often too late, as a previous generation of Germans, Italians, Spaniards, and Japanese, to name just four, discovered. The price, for them, was catastrophic.

On the bright side, millions of lost lives later, the darkside didn't hold sway forever. But the price to a nation that's been "fashed" will be colossal and it could include not just brutal repression of individual liberty but also your very life, and those of your kids and grandkids. Welcome to the battle.

Utterly lacking in compassion or empathy, Kavanaugh refuses to shake hand of father of slain daughter shot at Parkland.

August 2018

Trump & Republicans eating it

Another wacky week ends with an ABC/WaPo poll that says just 36% approving of tosspot Trump's job performance. Even Fox were in damage control as the poll they commissioned did not give them the fake pro-Tramp numbers they wanted and showed even rightwing nutcases are starting to smell a presidential rat.

Meanwhile, in fake news land: "There's two types of people. Those who watch porn and those who lie about watching porn," babbled pro-Trump Republican conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, inadvertently admitting to falling into both categories after his cell phone screen got caught showing trans porn by his "doc cam" peering down onto his desk from behind. This time he didn't have to fake being entertaining. I guess there's now a third group of which he is the leader: those that watch trans porn and don't manage to keep it a secret.

Republican candidate for Florida governor, Ron DeSanitise's first address following Andrew Gillum's Democratic primary victory to be Ron D's rival for the same job included a racial slur. A look at the 'Scummer's recent past catches him hanging out on a white nationalist group's Facebook site, suggesting his verbal monkey business was not accidentally uttered or just an unfortunate turn of phrase.

Going back a bit, Noam Chomsky on the amazing primary upset of recent times as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stunned the Democratic establishment.

New subpoena for Cohen spells big trouble for Trump family

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow did a great job explaining the low-down on how this story emerged, but props that she credits the gum shoe reporters at the New York Times who, back in May, were at Albany state courthouse and realized something potentially explosive was about to ignite, which now looks set to inflame the tawdry Trumps' weaselly world.

Dozy Donald can't pardon his way out of this potential Excedrin sized headache which makes it the biggest threat that he and his family may have to face so far. It's being worked by the legal beagles of the New York state tax department, and so the bent fake president can't use his super power of the pardon to get himself or his family off the hook.

It involves the Trump's so-called, ahem, "charity" foundation. Nothing to do with money laundering or tax evasion, then.

"This week, it seems more likely that America is heading toward a gradual recovery from the trauma of the Trump presidency. For Republicans, there is a last chance over these next two months to finally show some guts and principle by separating themselves from Trump." -- David Ignatius, Aug 23, Washington Post

Weasel Wednesday: Wittes warning for Trump

Trump can't fire his way out of this one, writes Benjamin Wittes of The Atlantic. Cohen's Tuesday bombshell of fingering the deranged Orange orifice has the weaselly POTUS in a very serious pickle.

If Trump still thinks his ticket to ride is still to spout "no collusion" he's gonna soon wish it really still was only about collusion [if he has the mental capacity to take in what just happened on Tues Aug 22]. The pressure just got way more intense than that.

Gotta love Wittes' response to Trump's tweet. DJT: "If anyone is looking for a good lawyer. I would strongly suggest that you don't retain the services of Michael Cohen!" BW: "This is the first presidential tweet I can remember with which I wholeheartedly and unreservedly agree."

What if the Pope took a truth serum?

What if the Pope was given a truth serum for a day? Here's what the press might report under such a scenario: "The Roman Catholic Pontiff today announced the end of the Roman Catholic Church worldwide. Speaking from a balcony to a crowd of worshippers, he said: 'We have failed utterly to act as Jesus taught us. Our priests have committed sexual abuse crimes against children all over the world, and the Church itself has covered up those crimes for centuries. We cannot call ourselves Men of god, for we have long acted as representatives of Satan. The Roman Catholic Church is no more. It is hopelessly morally bankrupt and is now defunct. We encourage the faithful to abandon their faith, as I have done today." [Announcement inspired by Mineral Man].

That said, stories of non-Roman "Christian" child abuse and cruelty by pastors, officials, mega church hucksters, evangelical used-car salesmen, cult leaders, Witnesses, hit the global news in a constant stream, mostly [but not restricted to] often horrific accounts from the USA.

Why are Trump political hires so immoral?

As the Trump regime lurches from one scandal, dogfight, and lawsuit to another, the Washington Post asks why, oh why, oh why-oh? "We've certainly never had a president who was so eager to tell everyone that his administration is a wretched hive of scum and villainy." Indeed.

Sacha uses "pervert detector" on Roy Moore

Master of disguise Sacha Baron Cohen uses new techology, a "pervert detector", on unsuccessful Republican Congress candidate Roy Moore, who's bid was buffeted by sexual misconduct allegations, and who subsequently threatened fire and brimstone if the Sacha clip was ever aired. It ran on Showtime.

In "some more news": If you don't want to be called a fascist, stop supporting Donald Trump, a fascist.

USA obesity crisis almost 10 times worse than Japan

Fat people in Japan are not very common. In most global communities they're everywhere in plentiful quantity.

Why do Japanese citizens seemingly have little problem looking like normal humans whereas most of the rest of the world are so overweight? "What I've learned" youtube channel has some observations.

Oh wow. Did you see Japan vs Belgium?

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