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March of our Lives

May 2018

EU wants to tame Facebook

Walled online communities have never held any appeal to yours truly, but the public at large have collectively sold their souls to the likes of Facebook. The Euro Union is not FB's biggest fan, at least not in its incarnation that meets increasingly weakened US public protection. Starting May 25th, Europeans can withdraw their consent for personal data being used and demand that any company forget them.

Not so fast. Facebook moved all its data to America to escape regulations. But not so fast again. The EU is set to soak them, really soak them, financially. So while Americans may not benefit from the Union's privacy crusade [not yet at any rate], member European communities will be flush with $ to upgrade their transport systems and infrastructure generally, something US'ers could really do with, but are unlikely to ever get.

Cohen swamp account ignites pay to play scandal

Michael "Fixer" Cohen allegedly boasted "I'm crushing it" as corporate and shell money poured into his possible "pay to play" donation account to get into Trump's favor. Washington Post article: "The story is straightforward enough. After Trump's shocking win, corporations suddenly realized they couldn't rely on traditional lobbying channels for access, and Cohen raced to capitalize on it. He overtly marketed himself as the president's fixer to potential clients, and presented himself to companies as someone who was knowledgeable about Trump's, er, thinking on questions important to their bottom line."

Amazingly enough, slush and shell accounts can be entirely permissable in the US, another indication that politics is bought and paid for in modern America, if anyone was still in doubt. For Cohen, it's certainly easier and much bigger money than hustling New Jersey taxi medallions.

But as Sam Seder asks: where did any outflowing money go? Among many other questions, another that begs an answer: is Cohen a registered lobbyist? Oh sorry, AT&T and fellow opportunists weren't "lobbying". Got it. And yet the swamp, more than ever, spins out of control. You, dear federal taxpayer, get to foot the bill for the corrupt Republicans' lavish lifestyle while "consultants" and White Housers rake in the dough. Internet, phone bills, prescription drugs too high? They sold your info? They "lost" your info? Tough ****. Pay to play

Public DNA raises issues

The California East area rapist [a former cop], also known as the Golden State killer, most prolific serial predator in US history, just got caught [April 25] after decades in the shadows. This new way of working with DNA could blow open many more cold cases.

A Reddit poster posits the question: "Should those in law enforcement be required to submit DNA samples as a part of employment?" Apparently they already do in England, according to jessicamshannon who thinks "it's a very important step for law enforcement to take and very necessary."

April 2018

Repugs still complicit in Trump fiasco

"GOP leaders stand silent as President Trump trashes the rule of law, attacks federal judges and declares America's free press the enemy of the people. These lap dogs even remain muzzled as younger Americans are chained to a future of crippling debt." -- Joe Scarborough, Washington Post

April 9: Trump's Black Monday

Every citizen who's proud to be American and has been horrified at the corruption, criminality, and even possible collusion [or even treason] since the Trump election campaign and subsequent Republican election "victory", is breathing a massive collective sigh of relief. It's almost euphoric. It's Donald Trump's Black Monday, as the FBI seizes records of the Grump's personal lawyer in three simultaneous pre-dawn raids on Cohen assets.
Trump, Manafort, Flynn and others have to be mentally incompetent. How else can you explain that they got involved in presidential politics knowing they had all those skeletons in their closets? Put yourself in Trump's shoes. You have spent your career laundering money, raping women, and dealing with criminals, and so far you've gotten away with it. So what's your next move? Place yourself in the biggest spotlight in the world and invite your criminal accomplices to join you. Subject yourself to the most intense media scrutiny in history. What could go wrong?  
wizbing, forum poster

DMD of Scottsdale Arizona comments on an article in the New York Times: "When the history of this period is written, Robert Mueller will go down as an American hero, whose integrity, fearlessness and commitment to the rule of law will serve as an example to us all."

The scandals and revelations are now coming thick and fast as the outraged Grump is shooting his mouth off more than ever, cornered like a guilty right-wing rat [no offense to actual rodents].

Orwellian Fake News script

Forum poster Ongoing responding to an article in the Washington Post entitled 'The real problem with Sinclair's fake news script' wrote: "Western oligarchs like the Mercers and the Kochs are making common cause with Russian oligarchs to destroy democratic governance and turn the United States and other democratic countries into Latin American style oligarchies with a very small segment of very rich people, the majority of the population destitute and no middle class. Sinclair is a hard right propaganda organization.... the next step in a dictatorial propaganda ministry."

Meanwhile, the Blue Wave washed away another Republican election hope on Tuesday [April 3] when Democrat leaning Rebecca Dallet convincingly won a Wisconsin Supreme Court race by over 11 points.

March 2018

Trumpism: brainless, sinister, clownish

"There is nothing more freeing than telling the truth, and it must be done, again and again, by those of us who refuse to be absorbed into this brainless, sinister, clownish thing called Trumpism, by those of us who refuse to overlook the fools, frauds and fascists attempting to glide along in his slipstream into respectability." -- Mona Charen, booed by "fellow" conservatives.

Meanwhile, Wolf PAC has persuaded a handful of "blue" states to request an Article V convention with the hope that it will reform campaign finance law.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee on the Internet. He invented it, what does he think of it now?

The kids are alright & they're all that's left

There is great news amid the carnage of the Trumpian wrecking ball that has placed the United States' environment, social fabric, democracy, healthcare, education, and soon its economy, on life support.

That good news is that, for all the media control by the billionaires and the right wing military-industrial cartel, for all the capture of social media by hostile foreign actors, the youth of America has not only survived the 24/7 brainwashing but is providing the beacon of liberty and safety that could inspire the rest of us to get America out of the distorted, nepotistic, and corrupt nightmare it's degenerated into.

Impressively, its not a generation of college aged youth like it was in the late 60s and early 70's, these are middle and high school aged children who are bringing wisdom and a thoughtful and well articulated path to lead a nation out of despair and frustration both at the insanity and horror of the constant gun massacres, but also at the utter depravity and disfunction of the "bought and paid for" US socio-political wasteland.

It's inspiring and actually mind-blowing to see the energy and vision of a new generation rise up like never before. They feel they've got no choice. Their very lives are on the front line and the adults won't act to protect them.

The extent to which the American system is able to be salvaged at this juncture is of course in question. Taking the money out of politics isn't on the horizon, though we must continue to fight its corrosive effects. But the kids have shown that accepting our fate is an option that leads to wholesale slaughter.

USA obesity crisis almost 10 times worse than Japan

Fat people in Japan are not very common. In most USA communities they're everywhere in plentiful quantity.

Why do Japanese citizens seemingly have little problem looking like normal humans whereas the US, and the UK for that matter, struggle with their weight [prsenet company often included]. "What I've learned" youtube channel has some observations.

Mad oh numbers for Rachel

MSNBC evening host Rachael Maddow is now one of the hottest properties on TV. Not just cable, but the whole works.

Whilst right-wing trolls trumpet Fox News as the #1 "news" channel [albeit usually a narrow margin, usually over MSNBC], the right as usual don't tell the real meat of the story, that Fox's "set in their ways" geriatric demographic is of far less interest to advertisers than the younger and early midlife adults which Maddow's program delivers in droves.

And now she's not only been scoring regular leading viewership numbers among cable shows, but she's recently been threatening to break into the Top 10 of all television offerings [hitting #12 at the time of writing], beyond just scooping up cable's most prized demographic.

And now back to Scousers [Liverpudlians] behaving badly. Former Liverpool star and current TV futbol pundit Jamie Carragher gobs on a troll [or actually the troll's daughter in the passenger seat]. UK males behaving badly. Wag response: "Jamie did not spit, that's how a scouser talks." Ouch!.

Guns, Hicks, Kushner, Carson, & Nunberg

The classic Sam Nunberg meltdown on MSNBC.

The tide is noticeably turning against the occupationist Trumpists and it seems even his handler has given up on dirty Don who's always behaved as if highly compromised by his idol.

The Russians nonetheless scored a huge hit on these United States by getting their poodle elected, and even the most cursory surf through the political internet reveals the hostile botnicks and troll farms are still active, though not promoting the Grabber much any more. Their horses are now the likes of the NRA, fundamentalist Xtians, the Syrian poison-gas spraying regime, batty populists and mass murduring dictators, right-wing football thugs [including trained militia] with their darting eyes now lasere-beamed onto World Cup mayhem, Brexit pornmoters, anti-EU bot swarming, disruption of eastern European democracies, support of anti minority and gay organizations, pro misogyny agitation, and a host of other schills and shells.

Let's give props to the most talented writers and comedians who are providing nightly insight into the shambolic state of Republicanism and the ongoing train wreck that is the hollowed out Trumpist regime.

The Right can't fight the future. Actually they can, Daily Beast, and they are, they just won't ultimately win by means of reactionary populism, and that's the only effective [though increasingly lame] horse they have.

Trump assault on America continues

"By releasing the Nunes memo, Trump betrayed the intelligence community to save his own skin." -- Phillip Carter, Slate.

The Daily DC examines the crumbling of America's institutions on the day of the release of the ill advised "Nunes memo".

January 2018

Another New Year is here

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tries to show that he really is human. He eats a sandwich and virtually inspects the devastation in Puerto Rico.

The man who's always correct -- Professor Allan Lichtman, and the case for impeachment.

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