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2018 New Year's ceremony at a Shinto temple in Japan

February 2018


Washington Post: "Thirteen people are accused of working for a Russian propaganda organization and posing as Americans to support candidate Donald Trump and attack his political opponent, Hillary Clinton."

Does this mean that the light of freedom shines ever more pentratingly into the murky self-dealing back halls of the occupationist House on Trump? That remains to be seen. But the bad 'ombres are feeling the heat. Oh boy, are they feeling the heat. For instance, as the Post goes on to say: "Robert Mueller's indictment of a Russian plot to disrupt the 2016 election deals a fatal blow to Trump's insistence that foreign interference was a fiction created by Democrats."

Ray of hope: investigation authorized into White House security clearance debacle

Lawrence O'Donnell of MSNBC described it as a situation where, once again, "the inmates are clearly and openly running the asylum" as pressure mounts on the clown show that has been John Kelly's attempts to discipline said asyl..., er, White House.

How much of America's confidential intelligence has already been compromised by White House operatives without security clearance may never be fully known to the public.

But the news that finally the Republiscum have caved and authorized a congressional inquiry into the dysfunctional White House security compromise shenanigans suggests that the tide against Tronald Dump's occupationist regime may be turning in a visible way.

This may possibly be a milestone, a light at the end of the tunnel appearing in the distance, welcomed by those that yearn for American autonomy to be restored, along with belief in the democratic process, our security, and competent governance.

Meanwhile any meaningful gun control reform died a long time ago in the Unites States, in fact it never lived in any truly meaningful way, and we see that no amount of senseless slaughter, averaging one human being [mostly children of course] butchered by school shootings every 2.5 days. And we, collectively, won't lift a finger to change things. You can vote for the people who are most likely to effect change, and it never adds up to anything. The massacres continue, and we set about building a border wall. The danger comes from within.

Trump assault on America continues

"By releasing the Nunes memo, Trump betrayed the intelligence community to save his own skin." -- Phillip Carter, Slate.

The Daily DC examines the crumbling of America's institutions on the day of the release of the ill advised "Nunes memo".

January 2018

Another New Year is here

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg tries to show that he really is human. He eats a sandwich and virtually inspects the devastation in Puerto Rico.

The man who's always correct -- Professor Allan Lichtman, and the case for impeachment.

Who does Trump stand up for? Bill Maher had a succinct answer while interviewing Fire & Fury writer Michael Wolff: "When will white men born to great wealth finally catch a break?"

The horrifically ill-advised, self-serving "tax cut" was passed to appease the ultra wealthy benefactors of the "captured" Republiscum party, at the expense of everybody else, along with its cynical hobbling of the ACA health care system.

Sufficient voters who blew off the 2016 election, assuming from polls that fake occupationist Dotard Plump would not get elected, will hopefully be motivated in the mid-terms to get our nation back on track, health-wise, psychologically, economically, socially, internationally, and in sheer sense of basic decency, because the wheels have well and truly come off under the current Republiscum regime.

We witnessed a wholesale and unforgivable looting of America by the Russian aligned and "on the take" politician power-brokers from which the working and middle classes may never fully recover. But a lot can be won back and steps to further progress can be achieved. Thing is, it's never going to happen of its own accord.

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