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February 2018
04: Liverpool (a) 2:2 draw
07: Newport (h) [FA Cup R4] 2:0 won
10: Arsenal (h) 1:0 won
13: Juventus (a) 2:2 draw
18: Rochdale (a) [FA Cup R5] 2:2
25: Crystal Palace (a) 0:1 won
28: Rochdale (h) [FA Cup R5] 6:1 won

March 2018
03: Huddersfield (h) 2:0 won
07: Juventus (h) 1:2 lost
11: Bournemouth (a) 1:4 won
17: Swansea (a) [FA Cup, Qtr final] 0:3 won

April 2018
01: Chelsea (a)

07: Stoke (a)
14: Manchester City (h)
20: Brighton (a)

Originally scheduled dates. Some fixtures get moved owing to TV rescheduling.

Some Spurs season highlights:
Spurs vs Palace
Newport vs Spurs [FA Cup R4] 1:1
Spurs vs Manchester Utd 2:0

Check those channels for other THFC & Prem highlights etc.

The Spur's Premiership
Saints 1 Spurs 1, Full time
Harry equalizes after Davinson own goal
Sunday, January 21, 2018
Southampton 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1
8am US Pacific. USTV NBC; online Fubo etc.

Atmospheric and intense in an English football sort of way, with traditionally lousy January weather, but the result doesn't do much for either side. Spurs desperately need top four to stay in the champions league to herald their new stadium, and Southampton are in serious relegation trouble. A point each doesn't change the underlying plight of both sides, they probably won't be realized on present results.

"Spurs have lacked composure in midfield today, while Southampton have buzzed about well, disrupting rhythm and taking up intelligent spaces." -- Daniel Harris, Guardian.

"Son has been quiet, unusually so given his form. Unable to affect things today, and Cedric on that side has done well against him. Think it's the right decision to bring him off." -- BBC match-tracker.

Pre-match: Another Spurs match live on USA television, but seemingly switched from NBC to NBCSN. But since much of the modern world opts for online access the concept of actual linear TV channels seems oddly antiquated.

In the home league fixture against Saints this season, as recently as late December, Spurs lambasted the south coast side 5:2.
Harry Kane is 2 goals shy of 100 in the Prem. He could equal Matthew Le Tissier's So'ton record of 100 Prem goals  
BBC [edited]

Saints have, in recent history, been generous in giving points to our north London side, but it's one those fixtures where Spurs fans feel somewhat spooked by any show of glibness or even confidence. "Take nothing for granted," is our back-up motto.

But SAM the Univesity of Liverpool computer [featured by BBC] has no truck with superstition and spews its crunchy numbered verdict as a 0:1 away win, with THFC enjoying a 59% likelihood of winning, while giving Saints, in turn, a dismal 18% chance of bagging three points.

Southampton fan site & forum.

The Spur's Premier action
Cenk Tosun
flops in debut
for Toffees
Poch's magical Spurs
Harry breaks record as Spurs dismantle Toffees
Tottenham Hotspur 4, Everton 0 [Result]
Sat, January 13, 2018 (Ssn 2017/18)
Wembley, London
Rob F reacting, US TV NBC, online Fubo etc 9.30am US/Pac time

Early second-half brace for Harry Kane, the first a brilliant run and feed from Son, the second a bit lucky but a case of a striker being instinctively in the right place, and frankly it's game over for the Merseyside visitors with around half an hour still left.

Aurier, Son, Dele, combining superbly to tee up Eriksen for the fourth and really the best combined sequence of magic. Great for our goal difference because if we tie Liverpool on points, five would put us above them.

First half: Mostly Spurs, EFC finding their feet. OK here we go, here we go, here we go - the one we wanted for primetime NBC, the ever nimble Hueng-min Son finds the space, pops up, and taps in for Spurs with a lovely ball in from Aurier.

Other than that, Harry had a chance, but a rather plain first half. Gotta watch out in the second hald for the inevitable, you would think, burst of Toffee activity. So a second, preferably for Kane to equal top scorer club record [I thought this already happened against Wimbledon? OK, I get it, now we're talking about specifically the Premier League, when soccer was apparently invented.]

Commentator seems to agree with the estimate of people looking at ticket availability yesterday online of around 70,000 [actually 76,000+]. Not quite as a many as Liverpool, but way above average for Spurs at Wembley, and evidence that even with the new ground to be so much bigger than the old Lane, it still may be tough for many to get into the big games starting next season. Meanwhile, wait for Man Utd and Arsenal home at Wembers this season for some nice attendance figs!

Half time goals from the completed matches show West Ham ran riot [onfield] at Huddersfield. Moyes is turning them into a good side. Stop it already.

Pre-match: In the away version of this fixture earlier this season, in September, Tottenham Hotspur beat Everton 0:3 under the headline "Spurs do the biz" and yours truly noted "for all their spending Everton appear to be no better than they were before, whilst it seems like we are well in gear and, despite our dodgy early home form, one of the best sides in the league."

Since then what "seemed" to be true was pretty much right on the money.

Sam Allardyce has got Everton just about clear of the brutal relegation fight between about half the league below, whcih was his #1 priority of course, but "inspiring" is not a word one would associate with the Toffees' current incarnation.

He'll likely park the bus and hit on the counter. He's better than most at that, but it could be a grinder of a game, to be honest.

They have a new expensive 27m quid signing, a striker called Cenk Tosun [pictured above right, not easily confused with the bloke who hosts the Young Turks], born in Germany but plays for Turkey. He was bought from Besiktas and Sam says there's a good chance he might be a big flop, or, in his exact words: "it might not work". Oh kaaaay.... sounds like a deal, if not a steal.

Shady Spur lurks
always close to
the scene
Spurs beat Dons 3:0 in FA Cup, next: Toffees on Sat in the Prem

Major props to people like Chris Cowlin and "Wrsh98" for the highlights of the FA Cup match with Spurs home to AFC Wimbledon in the FA Cup 3rd round, which massively made up for the fact that this match was not televised live globally. Finally the official highlights went up on YouTube so the previous link is now to that.

The 4th round FA Cup draw sees two major David vs Goliath match-ups in the form of Yeovil Town hosting Man United, and our very own Tottenham Hotspur helping Newport County rake in the bucks. Cool little ground with a mix of old and new. Should be fun, and no worries about not being televised live on Sat, Jan 27th at 7am pacific USA time.

Brilliant Jan Vertonghen goal, Tottenham's third, the star turn of the afternoon, adding to Harry Kane's earlier brace.

By the way, what was televised and duly recorded on Fubo DVR [looking forward to settling in this evening and watching it] was Arsenal getting tonked at Nottingham Forest. Accidentally saw the score before watching, but actually, given the result, that now only adds to this being a great day.

Back to the THFC vs Dons match, the first goal featured a great cross from Moussa Sissoko combining with Kane's intuitive timing that so frequently puts him in exactly the right place at the right time to finally break the deadlock. Special mention to Kieran Trippier for a stellar pass to Sissoko that ultimately led to the breakthrough.

Jan's goal put the final seal on it but in-form Hueng-min Son, who came on in the 2nd half to rapturous applause, hit the woodwork with a deflected shot late in the game, as Spurs never called it a day until the final whistle.

So now it's back to our crucial Prem season this Saturday and the visit of Everton, who, as it happens, are also making plans for their own new stadium alongside the waterfront of the Liverpool dockland area. And thus does the world continue to turn....

Pre-Wimbledon match: Welcome to the New Year which means our new stadium is only months, not years away [hoped to be ready August 2018.]

Our visitors to Wembley this Sunday are in a similar situation. They got the fantastic news that after some fifteen years in exile, playing home games miles outside of their own borough, AFC Wimbledon recently got the green light to construct a new stadium, I think it'll be about 11,000 capacity, at their spiritual place of origin, Plough Lane.

I have a soft spot for them for several reasons, including that one of their long-time supporters has been a huge fan of this site for almost decades, and beseeched me to support AFC Wimbledon as they attempted to survive when they, the true Wimbledon fans, broke away from the cold corporate traitors who sold them out and moved to Milton Keynes.

I did indeed give them several shouts on this page way back at the time, but being a Spurs site I couldn't do continual coverage because, well, this is a Spurs site.

But it's great to be able to mention them again [we have played both them and MK **** during the intermittent years], especially as we currently share that same excitement of returning to our ancestral homes and in both cases to what will be brand sparkling new stadiums to replace the old grounds that once stood before.

They recently got promoted to League One but are struggling to avoid relegation this season. But when you think how amazingly they've risen through a bunch of levels in the football pyramid it's pretty impressive stuff, and either way they're likely to remain a permanent football league member for [we trust] ever.

I will love visiting their ground in due course. It's gotta be built first, but meanwhile the joy of visiting both the new THFC stadium and the new Plough Lane ground are two things to really relish in upcoming years.

Getting back to the FA Cup game today, it's not on TV/online even in the UK, never mind the rest of the world. However, with Spurs fans doing so many vlogs these days and digitally capturing a lot of the action for You Tube, it's likely that we'll see a lot of the play fairly quickly after it happens.

The Spur's Premiership
MCFC waltzing to the title & sheikin' all over
Sat., December 16, 2017 [Season 2017/18]
Manchester City 4
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Full time result
by Rob Francis

As The Spur anticipated, City are too much for anyone else in England right now. De Bruyne and crowd are simply on fire. God may not be on their side, as Jesus fluffed a penalty, but equally no Messiah descended to lend a helping hand to the lost Lilywhites.

Of course it helps if your side marks the opposing players when defending corners, but we've got time to learn that kind of stuff in Enfield at practice. Rome wasn't built in a day. Neither was Lazio.

Here'a a technical analysis from Kyan1te. One thing he mentions is that Spurs tried too hard to take the game to City leaving themselves stranded, as opposed to the Manchester derby where United were too negative. Both City's opponents paid the price for their respective mishandling of the league leaders.

We didn't capitulate, actually we kinda did, but a very late Eriksen goal restored some semblance of respectability. But we have a decent shot at top four which is critical for our progress to a shiny new stadium where we need to retain our many quality players by dangling the Euro Champs carrot. Without that we've got a talent retention problem from manager through to the squad.

The world isn't a fair place. Some kingdoms were located on oil and some places were not. If the former, then toys like a major English football club can be bought.

Meanwhile, Burnley next Saturday.

Pre-match: Man City are making a mockery of financial fair play and all the fake efforts to stabilize the league to prevent zillionaires from buying the title, which leaves the two Manchester clubs and Chelsea as the only candidates in the foreseeable future, other than a freak but well deserved blip when Leicester took the title. It took a while for the Citizens to buy their way to the top but, after years of massive, obscene financial injections, it has happened, as it surely must do over time.

They've got the title but we need top four and we've not gained sufficient points against lesser sides to be able to ride the losses to these super-sized opponents that we usually endure.
Last season
Son shone
again on TV

That said, City are the only supposedly bigger, read wealthier, side that we've tamed in recent years. But few people would bet big money on us winning this one. If we somehow get a draw that would be miracle. Looking forward to seeing how we do in the stiffest test of the season so far. City are on a hugely impressive winning streak and, although we've bounced back in the last couple of games, they are by far the form side that nobody has been able to knock over for quite a while.

Last season's corresponding fixture at the Etihad was a rollicking big fun affair ending in 2:2 and as a Mancunian caller said on Talksport after the match, "football was the winner today". the Spur's headline was "Spurs spurvive City onslaught".

Two goals down and outclassed by a City side dramatically superior on the day, Spurs nonetheless bounced back to ultimately take a point with a beautiful second equalizing goal, this time pummeled in by Hueng-min Son, deliciously set up by Christian Ericksen by way of a magically deft redirection from the ever alert Harry Kane.

Moments earlier the visitors benefited from the ref's crowd-stopping denial of a blatant penalty foul by Walker, one of many "curious" decisions, thought that was not the adjective being employed in Citizen circles.

The ref was not the only one feeling kindly towards the Lilywhites. Fate itself conspired some wonderful results elsewhere, notably Liverpool losing at home to Swansea [eat your heart out Bob Bradley], and United held to a draw at Stoke.

The Spur's Premiership
Ole Aurier, Spurs Serge ahead
Spurs 2:0 Brighton [Full Time]
Dec 13, 2017 (Ssn 2017/18)
Tottenham Hotspur 2
vs Brighton & HA 0
Wembley, London HA9
US live online: NBC Sports gold premier pass Rob Francis reacting.

2nd Half: Eriksen cross to Son whose header is deflected into the goal. Nice. We didn't get Spursy. Gotta run, lunch break is over, catch you soon.

1st Half: Oyez, ovey, ole -- at long distance THFC right back Serge Aurier floats the ball, kicked from between the fouling legs of a Brighton defender, towards the Albion goal, it sails over the keeper's despairing leap, and descends dramatically into the net. Flukey goal maybe, but impressive nonetheless, and the desperately needed breakthrough is achieved deep into the embers of the first half.

Tottenham Hotspur, who really need to win this one to stay competitive in the league, gratefully trot off with the lead. Half time.

Pre-match: Can Spurs follow up Doug Jones' magnificent win for the Democrats last night. The Londoners will need to beat a decent Brighton side, but one that may not park the bus like most other visitors.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs annihilate Stoke
Sublime Spurs Stoke'd by tsunami soccer
Dec 09, 2017 (Ssn 2017/18)
Tottenham Hotspur 5
Stoke City 1
Wembley, London HA9
US live online: Fubo. Rob Francis reacting.

Second half: Standing ovation for Son Hueng-min as THFC cruising to a triumphant, dominating victory.

Even Hugo Lloris' lack of form and flapping off his line to concede doesn't much spoil the party as the outfielders bask in the glory of the most emphatic Spurs win of the league season. Didn't stop the Potters fans singing "Five nil and you ****** it up," for want of anything else to express. Their side had all but given up by the final whistle.

Hey even Christian Eriksen getting into the scoring act from another fast and flowing Spurs counter attack. Stoke shellshocked.

Another big round of applause for Harry Winks subbed for Sissoko.

Erik Lamela comes on, with THFC four goals up, to rapturous applause from the fans, Alli goes off but this win may well see him returning to form from the confidence gained by such an amazing and strong team performance.

The fourth shows Son and Kane once again combining with a cross and finish respectively of the highest caliber, and a brace for the Spurs striker.

Two goals in two minutes scored by Son and Kane and the glory days are back! Crisis over.

The second perfectly described by Mark Schwarzer on the BBC match tracker: "That's exactly what Tottenham needed. For the second, it was a really good ball from Winks onto Alli, and then his ball through was even better. Son looked like he'd made the task more difficult for himself when his touch took him away from goal, but his finish at the near post was excellent."

The third surely clinches the game with Ben Davies delivering a beaut of a center to find Harry Kane's towering header.

Spurs showing they can break and score like the best of them. Also, these are team created goals combined with individual talent, the best combination.

First half: Brilliant start to the game with a goal and almost complete control throughout. Of course, a second would really get the champagne corks popping -- still a bit too close for comfort.

Joy from the left in the form of a marauding run from Heung-min Son and a pinpoint cross that found Harry Kane and a Stoke defender equally positioned to bundle it over the line, either deliberately or accidentally. Given to Ryan Shawcross [pictured], own goal. They all count. One nil to the Tottenham.

Since then THFC maintaining control for a while but as the first hald unwinds the visitors from the north Midlands have been creating some dangerous chances.

The commentator just gave away the West Ham vs Chelsea result which I had DVR'd on my Fubo online dashboard to watch later, but that's okay, I can still handle watching the launderers getting beaten, albeit by the spammers. Great goal for Bournemouth at Palace from ex-Spur Jermain Defoe in a riveting game including an incorrectly awarded penalty fluffed by Christian Benteke.

OK that's it for now, time to watch the game that's just starting, Newcastle vs Leicester.

SPUR OF THE MOMENT: Son Heung-min. Great goal, provided sublime crosses, never stops fighting, never stops creating.

Pre-match: Cast, if you will, your mind back to December 29, 2013 in the season 2013/14 and it was Tim Sherwood's first home win as manager of the legendary Tottenham Hotspur, to none other than Stoke City.

Spurs of course had been struggling under the negative tactics of Andre Villas-Boas. Remember him? AVB must have died inside watching Tottenham's tactics after Soldado scored the penalty. "Back in your shell, back in your shell" he may have been muttering, fantasizing about drafting in a phalanx of defensive midfielders. How he pined for the 0:0 that was the result in his last home game against the Potters.

So AVB's demise precipitated the installation of the Shermeister and rapidly the club's fortunes began to bloom. A new manager that believed in the Tottenham way, and allowed the players to express themselves, even got Soldado onto the scoresheet, albeit from the penalty spot.

We always knew our players had talent and Tim brought it out of them. Spurs had something in the range of 20 times the number of shots on goal that glorious day, and resulted in two more goals for a 3:0 win.

Dembele was certainly not lacking confidence, created his own chance and took it, helping Spurs on their way to a resounding victory.

Did I mention Aaron Lennon's wonderful goal? It was a brilliant collective build-up in which Adebayor was the prime creative force, producing one of the best Lilywhite goals at the Lane of that season -- not that there was a embarrassment of riches to choose from.

How we thanked Spurs for the Xmas gift of a manager that believed in the Tottenham way, and, as mentioned, allowed those players to express themselves. We knew they had the talent.

"Super Tim", known as the "Messiah" to his friends, even allowed Lamela to come onto the pitch. At that point, if AVB was watching, he probably broke the television. Remember TV's?

So can we bring back, or rather emulate, those heady days of 2013 for this match today [Saturday]? Spurs extravagantly expressing themselves in the Premier league and bombarding the Stoke goal to run away with a convincing home win against a "lesser" team?

Only time and the match will tell.

European Champions League 2017/18
Spurs best in the Champs League
In Europe, Spurs can do no wrong, so far...
Tottenham Hotspur 3
vs. Apoel Nicosia 0
December 06, 2017 by Gerry Attrick

Three-nil again against Apoel. Here's Chris Cowlin 's coverage. The Guardian notes that after 17 matches "Fernando Llorente is up and running as a Tottenham Hotspur goalscorer" to bag the first.

Guardian poster MCB efffuses: "16 points! we've won the champions league! ... that is how leagues work right?" Answer: should be, mate, but in the real world they haven't screwed enough money out of the punters yet. Besides, I wanna see THFC in the KO stages. That will be edge of the seat drama from beginning to end, no matter what happens on the pitch.

BBC: "Son Heung-min added a second before the break, curling in from the edge of the box after playing a one-two with Llorente.

"Cypriots Apoel, who needed to avoid defeat to have a chance of claiming a Europa League spot ahead of Borussia Dortmund, offered very little throughout."

Reportedly 42,000 showed up which is actually amazing that for a dead rubber game we got a significantly larger crowd than the capacity of our recently demolished ground. Which is another reason to be so ecstatic about our new stadium. We had way more supporters than capacity. That problem will be dramatically eased come August.

Looking forward to see the delayed online TV match this evening [one of those rare Spurs matches this season that I didn't find legally live].

Well we're masters of the Champions League so far. Shame about the Prem, but roll on Stoke this weekend.

BBC: "Tottenham, who finished with the highest points tally in this season's Champions League group stage with 16, can now look forward to Monday's last 16 draw, which takes place at Uefa's headquarters in Nyon, Switzerland at 11:00 GMT."

Who will we draw? At worst I reckon Bayern, then Juve, at best Basel, Porto, or Shakhtar, but could also be one of Porto or Sevilla.

Pre-match: In the away match of this group stage encounter with Apoel Nicosia The Spur concluded "Harry & Co too much for Nicosia" as Harry scored a hat trick for a 0:3 win.

The Guardian noted that "Tottenham were troubled by Apoel but the home side had no answer for Harry Kane's brilliant ruthlessness."

On a more general note Wikipedia reveals: "Apoel FC is a professional football club based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Apoel is the most popular football team in Cyprus and they are the most successful with an overall tally of 26 championships, 21 cups and 13 super cups."

And so a dead rubber match reflects just how phenomenal Spurs have been so far in this season's top European competition, and it's clearly the one contest that towers over all else for our manager, and if we go all the way it would be the biggest equal moment in the club's history along with winning "The Double" in black and white.

That's a long shot, but the players and gaffer have delivered spectacularly in Europe so far, and the impending knockout stage is likely going to be the pinnacle of the season for us, game by game. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, let's get this one chalked up and then back to the bread and butter of the Prem with Stoke and Brighton both at home, and then Man City away.

Countdown to debut of brand new Spurs stadium

Roll on August 2018. Exciting times as the countdown begins because soon it will no longer be years, but just months, before the grand old club of Tottenham Hotspur will be in an equally grand but also brand new stadium, partly sitting on, but going well beyond, the site of the White Hart Lane we have known and loved.

Major respect to the current visionaries at the club who are doing so many things so well, including the plan to provide rail terracing for a section of the vocal home support. The era of the old fashioned Park Lane End, Paxton, and Shelf terracing may be long over, but it's a tribute to the vision of the club and the way that the leadership and fans are able to work together to provide an authentic, atmospheric supporting experience, and a true sense that the club is as much part of the supporters, who pay a big chunk of the expenses, as it is to those who have a more direct financial business interest.

Even the most veteran fans are feeling a buzz and sense of excitement similar to when we experienced our first live game at the Lane, all those years ago. The phrase "exciting times" is much more than cliche as a new season begins.

Of course, we've gotta make it through a season at a substitute "home" first, not regarded as ideal by many fans, not least they sense that it will be every visitor's Cup Final to play at Wembley stadium this season [another factor being the difference in the dimensions of the Wembley and WHL pitches unless it's made the same].

And now for some big pre-season friendlies coming up.

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Glory days: Jurgen Klinsmann enjoyed two spells at Spurs in the 1990s

'Tottenham is a way of life and I didn't know that until I got there,' he said. 'I signed my first contract and thought, "It's cool to be in London". And then after two weeks I said to myself "Oh my gosh, what is this here?"

'The supporters are very special. They live and breathe for that club. You go to White Hart Lane and there are 36,000 people singing. It's not just one section. It's the whole stadium singing. You go there and think "Wow".'

The Spur's FA Cup
Spurs nab FA Cup Semifinal spot
Trophy opportunity beckons
US TV, various online
March 17, 2018 (Ssn 2017/18)
Swansea City 0
Tottenham Hotspur 3

Verdict: A consummate victory for Tottenham Hotspur. Lamela and Eriksen showed great understanding as they combined to create the first goal, with a strong finish from the Danish midfielder dispatched from just in front of the penalty area.

Lamela turned from provider to scorer for the second and again his deft skills were on display for all to see. Worries that his previous injury had robbed him of his talent proved, thankfully, unfounded.

Spurs added the final goal in the 2nd half with stellar and unselfish work from Lucas Moura to provide Eriksen with his brace. Very nice goal as well.

Second half: Swansea only had one effort in the 1st half which wasn't even on target but holy **** did they unleash a cracker about a minute into the 2nd half calling for a double-save from Dutch keeper Michel Vorm.

But things soon got worse for the struggling Swans as Eriksen buries another A-grade goal to put THFC three up and now a brace for Christian and counting.

First half: Watching on delay about five hours later we've reached half-time and Spurs in complete control with two quality goals [and Lamela was one of 'em] and proof yet again that the cliche of Spurs=Kane is not true, once again adding that Harry Kane is a world class player, and not just a great goalscorer and striker but all round team player. Right, that's that sorted. Now let's enjoy the 2nd half, just don't go Spursy on us!

Pre match: Tottenham Hotspur have shown they're not a one man team so, although it's a massive blow to be without Harry Kane for this and future matches, they've got so much talent all over the park it's not disastrous.

The real danger for the London visitors to the Liberty Stadium is their manager Carlos Carvalhal because he's turned the Swans from bottom of the table no-hopers to 14th in the table [prior to this weekend's action] and among the less likely of the many relegation fight candidates to go down. Along the way he's picked up some stunning Premier league results including wins over Arsenal and Liverpool.
Spurs have never played Swansea before in the FA Cup  
Fun fact

Previously, in the league game in Wales, Swansea's few chances came around the middle of the second half with a spell of serious pressure, but a sublime Spurs second goal, with a laser guided cross dug out by Harry Kane and served, as if on a plate, to Dele Alli, whose second attempt to capitalize found the Swansea net. The vociferous travelling Tottenham fans behind that goal, having endured monsoon-like conditions along with the locals, erupted in delight.

We've got a great record against The Swans and that has continued so far in the league this season. One issue of concern in the away Prem game against them was the inability of some of the Spurs players to stay onside at crucial moments.

But when you win with such a classy second goal in such lousy weather, it was not a time to be overly critical, but of course Harry won't be there to dig for us this time. It's down to the rest of our global talent.

Planet Swans forum

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs bite Cherries
Tottenham at their Sunday best
AFCB tend to
get tonked

Bournemouth 1
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Sun, March 11, 2017 (Ssn 20017/18)
US online: includes Fubo, & on TV, NBC highlights

Chelsea next and Tottenham Hotspur, after a sluggish first half, ripped and roared back into action in the 2nd half to KO the chipper Cherries.

"Nice one Sonny, nice one Son, nice one Sonny, let's 'av anuvva one!"

Speedy recovery to Harry Kane, injured. But THFC showed they're not a one man team and went on to score four without him. But obviously we need Harry Hotspur for Chelsea and beyond, it's down to the wire time as the season hits the home straight.

More updates soon and a look forward to upcoming matches.

Pre-match: A scintillating Sunday menu of televised/online football starts with watching Watford go to Arsenal for a hoped for shock victory [6.25 Pacific time USA] -- they did win the reverse fixture I recall -- then the big one as the lovable Lilywhites take it to the south coast to face Bournemouth, with US coverage starting at 8.55am Pacific time USA, topped with the "pride of the Canaries" Las Palmas triumphantly hosting Villareal, all washed down with an afternoon Inter victory over never-say-die Napoli. Lots of fitba.

In the reverse fixture played last October the Bournemouth manager fumed over Spurs scoring the lone goal with what he considered the only time Spurs "got in", with Christian Eriksen scoring in masterful style.

Meanwhile Hugo Lloris was called upon to make a couple of top shelf saves as Spurs struggled but just about succeeded in getting all the points.

But here we are with another crucial tussle, televised live and online in the USA, and in front of a sold out south coast semi-traditional ground.

Spurs of course are desperate for a Top 4 place to return to the Champions league next term, while the Cherries need a point or three to stay sufficiently above their relegation haunted competitors.

BBC Football's Lawro predicts an 0:2 win for THFC: "They can take out their sense of injustice [at the tough loss to Juventus midweek] on Bournemouth, who I fear might face a bit of a backlash here."

Guardian football: "Bournemouth become the first team to take on a wounded Tottenham who are nevertheless undefeated in 11 league games and desperate to take another step towards qualifying for the Champions League for the third season in a row."

NBC Sports you-tube match preview and a Victor Wanyama goal to inspire us.

European Champions League 2017/18
1st Leg
was 2:2
2 Amazing sides, only 1 could go thru
Rob Francis reacting
Tottenham Hotspur 1:2 Juventus
March 07, 2018
Can Spurs eliminate Juventus?

Well somehow my entire reaction to this huge match got accidentally deleted somewhere in the blogosphere never to be retrieved.

Since I can't rewrite that masterpiece owing to time constraints, I'll get to the gist of it with a bullet point summary:

* Another amazing leg against Juventus full of dramatic twists and turns.

* The more experienced side won. Both teams were great to watch but you have to give it to the Italian side, brilliantly coached, talented players playing superbly as individuals and as a unit.

* Spurs can be very proud of both performances against Juventus. It shows that Poch has done an outstanding job in putting Tottenham Hotspur on the modern world map.

* We absolutely need to get back into the Champs league and so making Top 4 in the Prem is essential.

* We have been told that unless we win a trophy it will split up the team and lose us our world class manager. Actually, Top 4 is more important. But winning the FA Cup would be immense, too. Let's do both!

I'm not pushing my luck and adding more right now because time's run out and I just blew my afternoon tea-break on the previous masterpiece.

More soon. The season goes on.

Pre-match: It's the big one to decide whether Spurs go thru to the next round which would be a giant step towards an unbelievable ultimate possibility: a Champions League final.

Still a few steps left, a win "only" gets us into the quarter-finals, but we're now center-stage again and in the global spotlight. Few real fans of the game will dismiss us as also-rans if we knock out this Italian club football colossus who boast such sweeping recent domestic success.

We're in a strong position.... theoretically. Seriously, two away goals at the Allianz stadium in a 2:2 draw is a brilliant achievement in itself. Of course, that alone is not enough. But it forces Juventus to take the initiative, to take risks, and Tottenham can be impressive on the counter. Could go either way, but it's ours to win, for sure.

In the first-leg we saw a tremendous show of resilience and self-confidence from the Spurs side after getting shellshocked by a snappy two goals in nine opening minutes from Juventus which had their fans in raucous mood.

The Allianz stadium got gradually quieter as Kane pulled one back with a super run around the keeper after an Alli feed followed by a magnificent free kick from Christian Eriksen, interspersed with a Juve spot kick miss and a penalty denied Spurs when Kane was upended. By the end, it was only the traveling Spurs fans that were making noise.

Juve fans were stunned not just by THFC's comeback but by the way we grew into owning this match on their patch with 67% possession, outshooting them 12 to 9, and more shots on target than them. Very impressive. Juventus tactics explained.

The Spur's Premier
Son brace spurs Lilywhites
Lilywhites 2:0 Terriers [Full time]
March 3, 2017 [Season 2017/18]
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Huddersfield Town 0
US TV: NBCSN. Online: Fubo, Sling etc.
Wembley, NW London

Sensational supply from Harry Kane gives Hueng-min Son a chance to nab a second and he doesn't decline the offer. A classic modern day Tottenham Hotspur moment of brilliance lights up Wembley and makes it a massive uphill task for Town.

Good atmosphere at a far from full Wembley as a breakaway burst sees Son racing towards the Huddersfield goal to score one of his typically clinical finishes to put THFC ahead in the first half, and that's how it stands at the break.

Pre-match: In the reverse fixture, a first time ever visit by Spurs to Town's current stadium [long gone is the legendary old Leeds Road ground], resulted in a very convincing win for the Lilywhites whose away form kept on jammin', at that time on a par with our league winning season back in the 60's under Bill Nicholson.

Away day at Huddersfield.

Harry Kane continued his dazzling form with a brace against a Town side that, going into it, were a lofty 8th in the league, while Spurs were 4th, and we hold the same spot going into this 2018 version of the clash with the Terriers.

What they're saying about this one........

Steve Bower, BBC Football: "Huddersfield's back-to-back victories have been huge and could yet be pivotal, but they will need all of that form and character to get a result against Spurs.

"No team have picked up more points than Mauricio Pochettino's team since the turn of the year and they extended their unbeaten run in the week to 16 matches in all competitions."

Cartilage Free Captain: "Spurs try to remain undefeated in 2018 as David Wagner's Huddersfield Town come to Wembley. The Terriers' last trip to the national stadium was their victory over Reading to gain promotion to the Premiership."

FA Cup 2017/18
Another win to
crow about
Six of the best for Spurs [Final]
NeVAR again? How not to use technology
Tottenham H. 6 Rochdale 1 [Cup replay]
Wed Feb 28, 2018, USTV=Fox sports 1; Online=Fubo etc. Rob F reacting.

Second Half: Well I got busy at work so I just learned we got a sixth goal. Double wow. Since I have to leave again that's all for now, but brilliant win in unbelievable deep winter conditions, and more reactions to this, plus looking forward to the next game, very soon.

Soon after the break Spurs go ahead, but Llorente doesn't stop there, notches a rapid hat trick. Hueng-min Son making so much happen -- they surely share man of the match award -- and then Son scores from a Lamela pass with Moura also involved to make it five. Wow.

First Half: Overall certain aspects of video recall to make decisions is a great and overdue idea, but the long and frequent delays of the first half in this snow blizzard of a match means there's work to do to get it right.

Technically it looked like the Ref/VAR combo got the decisions right. But this was all a bit farcical, taking way too long, and now the crowd cheers replays not goals. Seems weird.

Spurs went ahead with Son but Dale equalized. Earlier, Tottenham had a goal disallowed.

More soon.

Pre-match: Since the drawn FA Cup match at Rochdale, the Greater Manchester side have continued to struggle in League One and only a brave human would bet money on them avoiding the drop. They drew 0:0 at home to Milton Keynes and lost by the only goal at Wigan [yes, the team that beat Man City also in the FA Cup].

It's truly hard to believe how well they did against us at Spotland given their dismal results in the league. The FA Cup still does retain its magic because this sort of stuff still happens reasonably often to keep the romance of the underdog alive, which is the main surviving justification for the knockout contest's existence.

The final score was of course 2:2 in the original game at their ground.

An amazing late equalizer for Dale from Steve Davies who pivoted and found the pocket with a crackerjack to stun Spurs and earned the relegation bound League One side another payday with a replay trip to Wembley.

Alli added to the diving controversy surrounding the club [a bit unfair as most of the accusers support clubs that also have dodgy records in this department] as Spurs feasted on a technical ["soft"] foul in the box with Harry Kane blasting in from the spot.

Earlier, THFC's equalizer came as Llorente fed Lucas Moura, making his first starting debut for Spurs, to equalize soon after the break. "You can hear the Spurs fans and what it means to them," wrote Chris Sutton.

There had been very few clear cut chances in the first half for either side although it was a compelling and absorbing David-Goliath Cup clash. The best move by far led to Dale's goal from Ian Henderson, a Bury St. Edmunds native who was on the verge of quitting football, just before the interval.

The Spur's Premiership
Kane determined & deadly
Yet again.... houdini Harry turns 1 point into 3
Feb 25, 2018
Crystal Palace 0
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Selhurst Park, SE London

Tottenham Hotspur ultimately relied upon another moment of sheer world class star power to nab a very late winning goal to give the club a massive boost in the quest for a Top 4 champions League spot for next season.

What effectively was Palace's second XI did a stalwart job in containing the Lilywhites but it ended up being the unstoppable determination combined with the exceptional talent of the one-'n-only 'Arry that literally rose head and shoulders above the crowd to head in. The keeper should have been able to palm it over, but it seemed sheer willpower generated enough pace for the ball to stay sufficiently on target.

Kane's goal was a massive relief because the preceding highlight of the game was Aurier incredibly fluffing an open goal from almost point blank range. Harry himself had missed a close range shot earlier in the 2nd half so while Spurs impressively dominated after the break it seemed a failure to convert was either leading to a scoreless draw or a moment of Tottenham magic, and thankfully the latter prevailed. An absolutely vital result.

They tell me Benteke was on the pitch! Seriously, in Sanchez' pocket.

Check back for more reactions to this low scoring, gritty, atmospheric and, above all, vital SE vs NE London derby victory. With Man Utd coming from behind to win against Chelsea, Spurs moved up to fourth by the time the result were all in as the Blue Racists fall to fifth.

Pre-match: In the reverse fixture, played at Wembley on November 5, Spurs triumphed by the only goal in a tough encounter, partly thanks to a missed open goal from Zaha, a series of superb saves from Tottenham's #3 keeper, brave and professional defending from Kieran Dier, the introduction of Dembele, and a brilliant goal from Son Hueng-min.

But it was the kind of game, after the exhausting glory of the Real Madrid victory earlier in the week, that you have grind out to be near the top end of the table.

"Woy" had done a top job getting Palace organized and it was hard to believe that we were watching, statistically, a side guilty of the fourth worst season start in Premiership history, almost challenging their own previous worst record.

For us Spurs aficianados, this lot kept us on tenterhooks for the entire ninety minutes plus, even when the south London outfit's players looked mostly knackered by the end, not to mention our own, but Spurs were able to control enough possession to see out an exhaustive week in a professional and admirable way.

For Spurs, the crucially important quest for a Top 4 place looks like it's set to be squeaky tight. One of four clubs won't make it in from Man United, Liverpool Chelsea or Spurs.

City are bound for #1. Meanwhile, going into the weekend slate of fixtures, a gap has opened up below 5th placed Tottenham, leaving Arsenal as an outlier but the only other credible contender. "The Spur" eyes Man United as the team to drop to 5th if they stumble too much, as long as Spurs can continue our impressive winning streak, thus securing THFC the hallowed fourth spot. The brand new stadium needs to see Euro Champs football in its inaugural season.

Palace are just one point clear of the relegation zone, however there are arguably eleven clubs in serious danger of dropping in a congested and hair-raising fight for top flight survival which looks to go to the final day before all is known.

Tottenham may sideline Toby Alderweireld. Injury also kept him out of the reverse fixture at home to Palace. Meanwhile BBC Football reports that the hosts have a whopping "twelve senior players out injured."

BBC Football goes on to remind us that "Harry Kane requires just one more goal to match last season's impressive tally of 35".

Hot Spur
Harry is
yet again
the difference
Spurs head and shoulders above Arsenal
Harry nods real north London to victory over Woolwich
Tottenham Hotspur 1:0 Arsenal
BT Sport postmatch discussion

Match reaction: Such a critical game and with that win Tottenham's chances of finishing top four massively increased mainly because Arsenal are all but eliminated from the running in the quest for a champions league place [though they could get in by winning the Europa league].

It's an amazing era when you watch Spurs against Arsenal and you can see the Lilywhites are the better team: superior players, better coached, momentum on their side, new stadium that will makes theirs the best, it's all there.

In fairness to Arsenal, when they're on their game you still have admire Wenger for making them a world renowned club that can be electric to watch, but as this match suggests, Spurs are claiming that territory and the balance has shifted notably in Tottenham's favor.

But to keep it in perspective Arsenal outplayed us in their home North London derby match and the balance of power is still not too uneven. Bu for now, the Lilywhites have the north London crown. We owned the second half of this match. The moments of magic both individually and collectively came from the men in the white shirts.

Second half: Two late golden chances for Lacazette go begging, seconds left. IT'S OVER, GAME WON!

Yikes, Dele Alli with a great chance, got too excited, it rolls wide. Eventually he gets subbed to loud applause from the 'Whites faithful. Wanyama on. About 6 mins to go.

68th minute a rare Arsenal opportunity with a long power shot from Wilshere well saved by Lloris. At the other end Son skies an opportunity to be subbed by Lamela. While on, Son was a handful, lots of creating.

62nd minute and it's been virtually al Spurs in the 2nd half so far. Dembele a beast in midfield.

Off we go with the reverse half, and around 5 mins into it, a cross from Ben Davies goes in for Harry Kane, up he goes towering above the gooner defenders, and in it goes. Sensational. Moments later the England striker misses a great opportunity to make it two, and then almost another. Could be three in the space of three minutes. And now a Christian Eriksen free-kick forces a good save from Cech.

First half: Half time. Scoreless but Spurs looking good overall, creating some chances, Hueng-min Son always busy, always a potential game changer, exploiting the left flank wherever possible. Spurs have also gone down the right with feeds to Trippier but so far none of this has added up to the elusive goal or rarely a genuine goal-scoring opportunity.

Harry Kane came closest with a header but the ball was delivered a bit high and he couldn't nod it down on target.

Good stuff, pretty even with THFC having the edge, but Arsenal show occassional signs of clicking and they can create winning goals when needed, so Tottenham must find a way to more effectively pierce the fairly resilient red armor.

Pre-match: As we know the days of Arsenal regularly bossing the north London derby have been over for a while, but some could argue that playing at Wembley is closer to a neutral venue than a real Spurs home game, especially when you consider the old partisan White Hart Lane with the Lilywhite faithful breathing down gooner necks and informing them in no uncertain terms the low regard in which they are held.

In NL derby games at the Lane, you could actually see by their body language that many of their players, especially the foreign imports, simply did not want to be in Spursland for that kind of roasting with the fans so close. To a lesser degree, the home fan advantage in a proper old fashioned ground could arguably have been one explanation for Tottenham's own bereft contribution to most of their Cup game at Newport's Rodney Parade recently.

But the good news remains that if we're firing on all cylinders, there's every possibility of a crucially important "six pointer" win on Saturday as both teams vie for a top four place.

In the reverse fixture played at the Emirates earlier this season Arsenal cheated their way to a two nil win.

Arsenal got a free kick for a non-existent shirt pull "seen" by the ref that our Davinson Sanchez never did. From that free-kick they scored with an offside goal. That's all you need to know about those cheating *****, just like American Republicans. **** 'em.

No wonder the chant of "Same old Arsenal, always cheating!" rings out at every stadium in the Premier league where the slime play.

Harry was clearly not fully ready for that early return from injury but he did manage a decent on-target header. Other Spurs players were also below par.

However, amazingly enough, I think there were positives to be noted from that disappointing result. The overall level of play from the current squad, even on a bad day, is still higher and more consistently good in these last three seasons than at any time in at least a decade or so before Poch.

Spurs win so
it's Rochdale next
The Spur's FA Cup
Spurs ease thru to 5th round
Full time
Rob Francis reacting
Feb 07, 2018 (Ssn 2017/18)
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Newport County 0

Second half & Reactions: The real story was the first half. Spurs guide the match safely to victory without any trouble. County make some much needed money from their terrific FA Cup run.

The Lilywhites prepare for some daunting upcoming games against Arsenal and Juventus, along with the next banana skin in the FA Cup at Rochdale, but a great chance to go deep into this season's FA Cup and possibly win it, who knows.

First half: Spurs were struggling until a County defender deflected a Sissoko cross into his own net and that turned the tide.

Spurs could have gone two up when Fernando Llorente supplied a sublime through pass to Hueng-min Son which was dispatched narrowly wide, but it was a sign that Spurs were taking control and that County had perhaps missed their early narrow window of opportunity.

The actual second goal was a beaut and showed a nice build up involving several Spurs players interacting seamlessly together culminating in a Hueng-min pass to Erik Lamela, who had a scorcher saved moments before, whose pinpoint shot left County no chance. Loco Coco is back, pop pickers. Two-nil going into the break.
Alderweireld & Rose returned from injury for Spurs  
BBC Football

Preview: Another theoretically kind draw sees tonight's winner basking in the glory of a visit to Rochdale and another pwopa though somewhat bedraggled old school ground.

The moment that mattered in the match at the Rodney Parade ground in Newport [Wales] was Kane's tap-in from a corner kick, deflected brilliantly by Hueng-min Son, to save major embarrassment for the lackluster Lilywhites. "Newport are on their way to Wembley, Tottenham's gonna do it again" [only hopefully better, and win].

Newport did the opposite of parking the bus, they totally went for it, and not only managed a draw but got so close to winning. They deserve massive credit even though this was close to being deeply embarrassing, even distressing probably for those that don't meditate.

Newport County forum.

When Newport County died [the original club].

The Spur's Premiership
Amazing match of the season
Spurs show they can hang with the best away from home
Sunday, Feb 04 (Ssn 20017/18)
Liverpool 2
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Sinna Gog reporting

Post game reactions:But Spurs' second-half performance was the kind of display their fans have been waiting for them to produce away from home against another top-six side and there was no way they deserved to leave Anfield empty-handed.

I know Juergen Klinsmann got fired as manager of the USA men's side but I didn't realize he'd set-up shop at Spurs with his North London School of Diving. Kane's getting the hang of it, but Alli remains embarrassing when he flops so theatrically, earning a caution. And Lamela? Well if somebody kicks you in the back of the knee, do you fall over? Depends how hard.
Next up: Spurs vs Newport, Wed Feb 07. FA Cup replay. Online: fubo

Nonetheless, an incredible finale included another record breaking goal, his 100th in the Prem, for Harry Kane who redeemed himself from the spot to snatch a point for Spurs after he'd blown his previous penalty kick.

But that doesn't even begin to describe everything else that happened, much of it covered below.

Glad I was watching this and will instead be playing tennis during the NFL's annual showcase, the Stuporbore.

Match in progress: Holy **** that was a powerdrive from Wanyama, who'd just trotted on as a sub, and who also started the move. Absolutely stunning, completely brilliant, one spectacular act saves Spurs from sliding out to an uninspiring loss.

In the end THFC looked like losing anyway, Sala with a breathtaking individual goal, in overtime, leaving Spurs static. Or did they? Now another penalty and a 2nd chance for Kane. And he scores! 2:2.

Not too much to say up 'til then, Liverpool just outplaying Spurs, creating more chances, and taking one, very early on. Now time running out for THFC.

Preview: In the reverse fixture played at Wembley last October Tottenham Hotspur trounced Liverpool 4:1 as Diego Maradona and Martin Chivers looked on approvingly, part of the 80,827 which set a new Prem record, already itself history, and now the Spurs v Man Utd midweek game claims that delightful honour.

This site went on to say that "it was especially a glorious moment for THFC manager Mauricio Pochettino because after three years of rapid on-pitch improvement there's a feeling, after this win, and the impressive draw at Real Madrid, that he's now elevated Tottenham Hotspur into the upper echelon of the world's top clubs.

"Combine that with what will be one of the world's very finest football stadiums and it's no exaggeration to say that we're on the cusp of the greatest era in the club's history."

This is a "six-pointer" with Liverpool one of our fiercest rivals for a top four spot. We can hope for more defensive wobbles by the Reds on Sunday, whilst Tottenham defended superlatively at home to the Merseysiders.

That home game against 'Pool was a master class performance by Tottenham, added to which the players are working for each other in a way that makes it difficult for less bonded opponents to stay with them, a point touched upon by Juergen Klopp.

We've tended to draw a lot against LFC in recent years and this could be a return to that outcome. Both sides have been doing very well recently with some significant blips on the way such as Liverpool losing to a revived Swansea City, and Tottenham's big Cup scare, also in Wales, at Newport County.

"It will be a game of two halves, the lads will give 110% and at the end of the day football will be the real winner." -- 90291 spur

BBC preview.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs supreme
Cherries pick off Chelscum at the Bridge

Lucas Moura
signs from
PSV for GBP25m
January 31, 2018
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Manchester United 0
Match highlights

Wow. Spurs passing, moving and building, just like United did in the Alex Ferguson era. The Red Devils simply weren't up to fighting back. Spurs had 6 shots on target, MUFC only three.

How amazing that, a few days ago, we could barely hang with tiny Newport County and yet this evening swaggered around the Wembley turf, confidence oozing, like lords of the manor.

Spurs bossed the midfield and United couldn't get a grip on the game as a result.

Ex-Arse Alexis Scamchez flopped big time, as have most of the United "stars". But this is also because the lads in white were phenomenal.

Tottenham stunned United with an incredibly early goal from kick-off, a rehearsed [though far-fetched] routine that could only work with a bit of luck and if the opposition is clueless. They were. So Christian Eriksen makes it 1:0 right off the bat. An own goal from the shell shocked ManUre defence made it two, and that was it for the goals.
Next up: Liverpool vs Spurs @ 8.25am, Sun, Feb 04. TV: NBCSN, Telemundo. Online: fubo

This was such a critical win for us, keeps us right behind the top four and puts a decent gap between us and the goons. With both Chelsea and Arsenal losing this week, this win is a six-pointer, not just because we also denied United on the pitch.

Lukaku had possibly Man U's best chance but Lloris was up to the task.

Major plaudits to the new manager Carlos Carvalhal at Swansea. He's completely turned around the fortunes at The Swans and done Spurs a massive favour as well, beating both Liverpool and Arsenal, helping to keep us right up there challenging for a Top 4 spot, but it still won't be easy and of course we've got both LFC and AFC coming up in a congested schedule.

Preview: The corresponding fixture last season was a bit of a cliffhanger towards the end..... but the deed was done, and what a blast to say goodbye to the Lane in such a high profile fixture with such a wonderful 2:1 triumph.

Yes, Spurs said an emotional farewell to White Hart Lane in its most recent version, still the original 1899 ground albeit with many upgrades over the years. But it was still the old school "pwoper football ground" nonetheless, never to be seen again as such.

Meanwhile of course, imminently arising from the dust, looms a shiny brand new stadium, overlapping and stretching well beyond the previously existing square footage, and anticipated with relish as the biggest and best club football stadium in London.

Victor Wanyama had coiled a mighty header for the 1:0 home lead in a match dripping with atmosphere.

A few minutes into the second half an Ericksen free-kick was instinctively diverted into the Paxton net by the extended right boot of one of our own Harry Kane.

It almost went Spursy when Wayne Rooney grabbed one back.

T'rific that it was the fans of Spurs and Man Utd who witnessed that game because those two sets of supporters went through a rendition of some of the terraces' greatest historical hits of yesteryear, including chants and songs from the Lilywhite faithful for some of the players who'd served Spurs in former times.

Spurs v Manchester Utd. Always one of the big 'uns of the season.

Spurs seem to be close to signing Lucas Moura from PSG and many Tottenham fans feel the Brazilian cannot do any worse than Moussa Sissoko.

Tottenham Hotlinks & Football links

New York City: New York Spurs Supporters Club meet regularly to watch games.

Los Angeles: LA Spurs

World Soccer Talk fixture list for US times of UK football shedule and official outlets

Football grounds guide great ground and stadium site

Spurs supporter Chris Cowlin's must-see Youtube channel with stadium updates, match days, away days etc.

NBC Premier league channel and their top Premier moments

200% farewell tribute to "White Hart Lane the ground", to be replaced by "White Hart Lane the stadium" [and to be renamed for $$$]

Soccerway fixture list for Tottenham Hotspur

Matchlight replays, highlights, etc.

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The Spur's Prem
Spurs 1:1 West Ham
Spurs late equalizer saves blushes
January 04, 2018
Tottenham Hotspur 1
West Ham Utd 1
USA live tv/web. Latest update on new stadium.

Two brilliant high energy strikers' drives into the top corners of each goal, first from West Ham [albeit a midfielder] and then fourteen minutes later from Hueng-min Son, also a crackerjack video reel golazo, illuminated a scrappy, frenetic derby in rain-soaked north-west London.

West Ham parked the bus and for them it worked: one shot on goal and only 29% possession. David Moyes' anti-football left Spurs to try to do the entertaining, but we don't yet have the knack of our London neighbours Chelsea and Arsenal who can usually pull out a squeaked victory against negative visitors when really needed.

But for West Ham, unbeaten in three away league matches now apparently, Moyes has stopped the rot and they seem set more for mid-table than relegation since his arrival as manager.

Pre-match: In our previous home encounter with the Spam this season, for a League Cup fixture, we blew a two-nil lead to get taken down 2:3. "They won their Cup Final" was our headline and now it's time for them to try win another. Two cup finals in one season for them, eh? Our generosity knows no bounds. Or hopefully it does, because it's never pleasant to lose to the knuckle draggers.

But with only one day off between matches, the gods conspired to make life tough for Tottenham Hotspur. Some bleat on about how rotation solves that problem. I don't think anybody needs to explain why that theory is a load of bollocks.

The Spur's Premiership
Harry the hat trick
Final at Turf Moor
Dec 23, 2017
Burnley 0
Tottenham H. 3
Rob Francis reacting.

Second half:Ball from Dele Alli and Harry Kane, in sensational form, scores his hat trick.

Spurs dominating and Harry Kane, one on one with the home keeper, takes his chance and nabs his second. One goal up was a precarious position for THFC so massive relief.

First half: So it's like the old days of the early internet -- radio feed, and Talksport has the goods today, or at least, "Premier league live" via Talksport. Used to be Talksport was way behind the times providing overseas internet programming and match commentaries, but seems like now they are the leaders. Better late than never. Cheers.

I could find a liberated video feed if I had the time and my main computer, but I'm multi-tasking today and that ain't gonna happen.

Thankfully the Spurs vs Southampton match on Tuesday is available online in glorious technicolor and high definition so normal service will soon be restored and I'll be watching Fubo's online feed.

I did get to watch Everton vs Chelsea out of the corner of my eye, while working on a property upgrade even so close to Xmas, the joys of being self-employed, and somehow the Toffees managed to hold Chelsea to a no score draw.

Yesterday's Arsenal vs Liverpool match was one of the best of the season so far. I settled in to watch Liverpool hopefully sink the gooners and it was a rollercoaster ride of amazing proportions. Good advert for the game.

Spurs are a goal up and Burnley haven't been a threat so far. Dele Alli fouled and a "soft" penalty, according to Talksport, converted by Harry Kane.

Pre-match: First time this season that there's no officially available online video feed of the match where I am today. In other parts of North America today there are both English and Spanish language TV/online feeds. So it's all down to local "rights".

The Spur's Premiership 2017/18
Spurs still struggling
Sanchez red carded
Sat, Dec 1, 2017
Watford 1
Tottenham Hotspur 1

Tottenham's travails continue as the 2nd half unfolds with one goal apiece and down to ten players.

BBC Football match tracker: "Straight red card. Richarlison looks to skip past Davinson Sanchez, who catches the Brazilian with his elbow. Martin Atkinson is in the headlines again, and Spurs are down to 10 men."

It was so unnecessary and it's Davinson's weak link, a combination perhaps of youth and temperament, to petulantly put his side at a totally avoidable disadvantage.
"The thing
I like
most is..."

A scrappy match that doesn't particularly help either side to draw, though given our lack of form and the red card, a bit of a relief to be honest.

A Dier handball fails to bring Watford a spot kick and Spurs end up surviving with a point. It's all over. Please check back for more reactions.

Pre-match: Last season's corresponding fixture, played on New Year's Day, ended in a convincing 1:4 Lilywhite triumph under The Spur's headline "Spurs whack wobbly Watford" and rejoiced at how we were "more than keeping up with rivals". Those were the days, eh? Here's the report....

"Another one-four win to add to the Saints victory is perhaps the most satisfying result of the season because we have just seen Spurs not bottle it, not be Spursy, at a pivotal juncture in their season when they just had to win, both from a points tally and a psychological perspective.

"Kane and Trippier and Kane and Alli combining to become dynamic duos to create goals that the injury ravaged home side simply had no answer, except at the end when it was much too late."

The Spur's Big Match
Foxes feast on Cockerals
Strong Spurs away support as Lamela & Kane combine to pull 1 back
Congrats England women 5:0 over Kazakhstan in WC qualifier
Tues, November 28, 2017 (Ssn 20017/18)
Leicester City 2
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Full time
Rob Francis watching on Fubo online stream

Erik Lamela's long awaited introduction raised this game to fever pitch as Spurs finally kicked in and started playing some quality football, but it was too little too late.

Are we too good to go down? Seriously, though, this was another bad day at the Prem office.

Erik Lamela's on! Will he score a hat trick, or will North Korea nuke Hawaii instead? Well he immediately feeds a peach to Harry who puts it away with a world class finish to a sensational Spurs build-up.

The Foxes were left in charge of the hen coop and ate up the opportunity. This is a long way from the six-one walloping Spurs dished out at the King Power stadium last Spring.

Mahrez and Vardy are back to their title winning best for Leicester City who, against most other opponents so far this season, have looked well below their potential.

By contrast, Spurs were outplayed by a hungrier side and are failing to successfully press the opposition -- the Foxes broke loose too easily and Spurs may think they're too good to make the effort to keep it 100%. After all, they're superstars now, right?

The Foxes are closing down most of Tottenham's efforts to construct anything useful -- good thing we've got the new stadium to show off some creativity.

Eriksen seems to have disappointingly reverted to aiming set pieces to the opponents' first man defending, which won't help, but the player does have a great way of releasing teammates for opportunities in open play, but none were capitalized on so far.

The only encouraging thing for THFC is our away support remains loyal and vociferous, but at home the moaners rarely sleep and if they hold sway that adds another layer of difficulty for a London side fighting to stay relevant in the Top 4 race of the Prem.

Elsewhere Man Utd are looking like the Devils of old, which doesn't help us, and the other big clubs are also mostly winning their games this holiday season, usually convincingly.

Eriksen misses a sitter, the Dane not quite up the skills he's shown recently for his national side.

Oh well there's always the Stade Rennais and Las Palmas games coming up, tho' it won't salve this defeat much.

Pre-match: Tottenham Hotspur aim to finish one of the most tumultuous roller coaster months that I can recall from the club on the field, with massive and memorable Euro Champs highs even as we saw our hopes of domestic glory take some big hits. We're out of the count now for the title and it's gonna be a battle royal to finish in the all-important top four.

The Lilywhites romped to a 1:6 away victory in the corresponding league match last season played in May earlier this year, causing this site to conclude that "any doubts that Spurs under Poch aren't the real thing after the shock loss at West Ham were blown away by a breathtakingly dominant performance by north London's finest."

Word is that Erik Lamela may be gracing the field after a long injury spell, and it would be great to welcome him back and see if he's really still able to turn on the magic.

By the way, good luck to the England women's team too in their big World Cup qualifier.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs "Throssled"
Kane equalizer saves Spurs blushes
Sat., November 25, 2017 (Ssn 20017/18)
Tottenham H. 1
West Bromwich Alb. 1
Live online Fubo, Sling etc.

It'a all over. The embarrassment of a home loss to glorious Gary, returning as if from the dead to lead the Throstles in their "Cup final" at Wembley, was avoided. But invaluable points were dropped and Wembley just isn't a good place to be against bus parkers.

Extra time and a draw at Wembley will get Gary Megson's "freedom of West Brom" bus pass extended another five years, maybe even extended into Birmingham. Meanwhile ManUre finally break down Brighton. Geordies getting pasted at home to Watford.

Ben Foster finally carded for time wasting. Took a while, no matter Kieran Dier's constant recommendations to do so much earlier.

It took our two biggest England superstars to pull even with Dele Alli feeding Harry Kane's nutmeg equalizer.

At 21 mins to go Trippier connects to send a high bouncing cricket-style googlie into the box and Alli is just millimeters away from poking it in. That was so close, but ultimately another frustrating moment of many.

Second half: Dembele and Llorente coming on, Winks and Verts off. Will that shake it up for struggling Spurs?

Can we get anything off Gary Megson's blue [OK, green] and white warriors? Not so far by the first few minutes.

First half: Icons were ripped apart like rag dolls right off the bat, Alli got dispossessed, Lloris and Sanchez were made to look like lame asses, leading to an easy WBA slow-roller goal from Salomon Condom within minutes of kick-off. Most of THFC looking gormless, Trippier, Son, and Kane excluded. Diabolical start.

Following that, desperate long shots and ragged build-ups going nowhere. WBA can defend and Spurs are fairly sad at breaking sides like this down. Bad so far. Even with 70% of possession after 15 mins nothing created by Spurs, even Harry reduced to desperate 30+ yard shots.

Could this finally be the moment that Sissoko comes on and stuns the stadium with a late hat trick? The ghost of AVB is lurking at Wembley, though Son puts the ball on a platter with a cross from the left that just needs a Spurs boot to tap it in -- chance missed and the best and only real threat so far with only minutes to go before the interval. Moments later, a sizzling Son shot is deflected onto the crossbar, nice cross from Trippier, but the half time whistle only moments away.

It's half time. Watford thrashing True Geordie's team on their patch, Brighton holding ManUre to a nil-nil draw at OT so far. Not many goals all round.

Meanwhile in the New York City fan zone the Tottenham supporters are doing the best Palace fan impersonations by cheering wildly and going suitably crazy irrespective of the 45 mins of rubbish they've just watched. Inspirational.

Pre-match: Already through to the KO stage of the Euro Champs means the Borussia game on Tuesday isn't really the next "big one", that belongs to the pressing issue of winning points in the Prem to defend a Top 4 spot. To achieve that Tottenham Hotspur simply must win against struggling West Bromwich Albion at Wembley on Saturday, not just for the gold-dust of three points but to restore our faltering momentum in an unforgiving battle against 'Pool, Arsenal, Chelsea, ManUre, etc.

One challenge was that WBA manager Tony Pulis needed something from this game to hold on to his job, and everyone knows the west Midlands side have the talent to be doing much better. But since writing this, he's been fired.

Still, summat's wrong with the Albion but we know this is a classic Spursy scenario wherein a team that should be doing better may suddenly gel against..... us. It's been a familiar script in the recent past.

MAN OF THE MATCH: On as a sub, Mousa Dembele helped turn it around by his mere presence and guiding light cool under pressure. Trippier and Son also stood out.

European Champions League 2017/18
Glory Glory night
3:1 to Spurs, who go thru to KO stage
Tottenham H. vs Real Madrid 3:1
November 1, 2017
Live on SlingTV, Fubo, etc.

Second Half: It's all over. We beat the world's greatest team, or at least they were, 'til Poch-powered Tottenham arrived on the scene.

Now let's not lose at home to Palace this weekend. Seriously though, it's great to be able to focus on the Prem without the pressure of the Euro Champs league temporarily off. But there's not much time to recuperate and with Toby hamstrung that doesn't help.

But for now, and forever, it's a massive result and the real edge of the seat stuff begins when we trot out for the knockout stage knowing that from then onward it's do or die, in a competition where we could actually get to the final -- on present form.

Uh oh. Ronaldo gets one back, 10 mins to go. Nail-biter special as of now.

On a plate for Alli to get his hat trick but couldn't get the right head to it, but the classic old "Grand old team to play for" song goes up.

Amazing third goal, Kane unselfishly feeds Eriksen who blasts in the third. Spurs on the way to qualifying for the KO stages tonight. Almost done and dusted, lads....

Dare I ask it? #1 team in the world? To do is to dare and to dare is to do, and the Lilywhites dared to.... well.... do.

Alli nabs his brace, and a lucky deflection doesn't lessen the fact that's Alli ducking and diving between the Madrid defence was a world class player in full poetic motion.

First Half: Oh what a nice goal. Winks with a great long ball to find Trippier, marauding along the right hand side, who centers to Alli who prods home despite being flanked on either side by Real defenders. There were probable offsides by Tripper and Alli when Winks launched upfield, bound to be a talking point especially by Madrid fans.

Meanwhile at the other end the Spanish megaclub have had some chances to prize open the THFC defence, and no question Real will create plenty more danger as the game unfolds [looks like they're trying to replicate the Man Utd winner last weekend] but so far the sometimes breathtaking talents of Ronaldo, Karim Benzema & Co, whilst evident, have not yet been enough to beat Hugo Lloris.

It's mesmerizing stuff, this one. This is oppo that doesn't mess around, but Spurs look well up for it.

Pre-match: Drawing at THFC and then tonking 'Pool got us all flying but it's been unfruitful after that with elimination from the League Cup at home to West Ham, and then a narrow league loss at ManUre.

But Real Madrid at Wembley is a match to get the excitement and adrenalin flowing again and this is not a multi-tasker appointment, this is glued to the screen stuff.

A draw at the Bernabeu was a fantastic achievement. It was a test of where we're at currently when it comes to really big ones, and we now know that there's no reason to think that we can't mix it with the best of them.

As the Guardian points out: "While it's true that Tottenham just need three more points [to go thru to the KO stage], the first opportunity to get them comes against the European champions. These are the occasions that the champions of Spain live for."

And don't forget.... we've got Sissoko.

The Spur's Premiership
Martial lore
Spurs denied a result at Old Trafford
Sat, Oct 28, 2017 (Ssn 20017/18)
Manchester United 1
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Old Trafford

Tottenham Hotspur will be accused of over dependence on Harry Kane after this one, but as The Guardian points out "Even without Harry Kane, Tottenham held the upper hand for much of this closely contested game, though Manchester United are no mugs under Jose Mourinho and they stuck grimly to their task to pick up an important win" and "in the nick of time United came up with a textbook route-one winner to confound their opponents."

It was a jammy one at that, as the BBC tells of Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho referring to Anthony Martial's winner as a "bad shot that was genius". Martial may be entering Red Devils folklore labeled as the luckiest sod in soccer.

After the West Ham game it leaves Spurs on a rollercoaster from the previous high roll of results to what we hope is now the lowest depths of this cycle with losses to West Ham in the League Cup after being two ahead, and now this one, destined to be a creditable away draw at Old Trafford, never to be sniffed at, but crashing and burning at the last.

To be honest it's well tiresome losing at Old Trafford. On the plus side, last year in this fixture we were outplayed and outclassed in the one-nil loss. We were not this time. But boxing points aren't awarded for this improvement. Had I been there, I would have started a chant "if it wasn't for Harry Kane you'd be dead" but like many chants it's not necessarily a completely accurate reflection of reality.

Pre-match: Writing this about five hours before kick-off with the possibility, nay certitude if the UK media ain't BS-ing, of Harry Kane not yet match fit.

Excerpt from The Guardian's preview of today's game: "The loss of Harry Kane is a blow for Tottenham and a huge boost for Manchester United. As Manchester City are five points ahead of United and Spurs, second and third respectively, a draw is surely undesirable and given the loss of Spurs' star striker the onus is on Jose Mourinho's men to go for the win. Considering Mourinho's use of cat-and-mouse tactics it remains to be seen if he will instruct his side to do so."

In the corresponding fixture last season The Spur wrote: "I gotta hand it to Mourinho -- I was wrong. He may be the right person for United. They only waited for this game to kick in, and in the process made Spurs look decidedly second best. What looks on paper like a narrow one-nil home victory was in fact a clinical outmaneuvering. I dread to think of life without Alderweireld.

"I can only recall one real chance for us, when Wanyama failed to convert. Other than that, United closed us down, meanwhile playing a convincing passing game with an understanding, cohesion, energy and penetration that by contrast was glaringly lacking in Poch's crew."

Meanwile, in a thriller last weekend a global audience watched Huddersfield defeat Man Utd, but now the Devils have the home advantage and will relish a pop at Spurs with Kane out of the picture.

The Spur's Premiership 20017/18
Spurs win at West Ham
Ultra early morning West Coast viewing
Sept 23, 2016 (Ssn 2017/18)
West Ham Utd 2
Tottenham Hotspur 3
USA live online & tv

Eventful match with Eriksen and Kane among the shining lights as the game threatened to get out of control towards the end which helped the visitors because West Ham, playing ten men by then Tottenham, were pushing for the equalizer after being 1-3 down until the on-field fracas derailed their momentum.

West Ham, still 17th after this [before the other matches were played], go on to meet Swansea in an early season relegation battle, as Spurs temporarily move up to third, with their Euro Champs match away to Apoel Nicosia looming on Tuesday.

More reactions soon.

Pre-match: Spurs have not only struggled at Wembley, as a temporary home patch, but based on memory we haven't done that well in recent years at either the Boleyn ground or at West Ham's new base the Olympics throwback stadium, but, to put a positive spin on it, we have the talent to break through these psychological barriers but we're gonna need the rub of the green too.

Going into this weekend Spurs have double the points tally of West Ham, 8 to 4, resulting in Tottenham at fifth place in contrast to the Hammer's position only one spot above the relegation zone.

We lost in the corresponding fixture last season, but won 3-2 in the home encounter.

Not 606 forum: "West Ham's first victory in the league came against Huddersfield and it was then followed by a draw with West Brom. Not exactly grabbing the headlines with those results, but it's given the manager some breathing room. A result here could be a massive boost and he knows how much it means to their fans, too."

Fighting Cock forum: "We will win 2-0 and go on a 12 game unbeaten run."

BBC Football's Guy Mowbray: "Forget all the Wembley nonsense - it's West Ham away that is the real Spurs curse."

Check back as the north-east London derby approaches.

The Spur's Premiership
Park the bus, Jacks
All aboard the
special to Wembley
for another
home match

Premier hoodoo woes continue for Spurs
Tottenham Hotspur 0
Swansea City 0
Live on NBC
Sat, Sept 16, 2017

Rob Francis got to understand a little Portuguese but was multi-tasking, as from early doors the game had nil-nil written all over it. A bunch of Welshman known collectively as the Jacks used Wembley to park their bus for a weekend in London. And they didn't even need a jack to change the tyres. It gave us something to do.

I thought it would be, every time at home, that the visitors would play as if it was their Cup final, a chance to shine. That notion was a little too romantic and totally underestimated the esteem in which Tottenham's current side are held by the likes of Swansea. Apart from the lavishly funded "super-clubs" of ill-gotten gain and fame, like Chelsea for example, the rest will be using the national stadium as a bus park.

Meanwhile Spurs remain the Premiership hoodoo gurus of the home turf.

I'll watch the day's prem highlights when BBC's Match of the day comes on, but I'm guessing they'll shift thru this one as quickly and painlessly as possible, but maybe I missed some exciting moments that might have translated better in Englgish, sorry, English, than they did in Portuguese. The program will have added interest for me because I only know one other result so far -- watched a bit of Burnley nabbing a point at Liverpool -- so that gives me hope that maybe some other upsets may have happened too.


The Guardian: "Tottenham are flying after burying their Wembley jinx in the Champions League win over Borussia Dortmund while Swansea City have been gripped by introspection following their failure to perform against Newcastle United. Paul Clement can take heart from how his team have played away from home of late. He knows he needs something special."

Cartilage Free Captain: "The smart money is on Spurs, but there's a bit of hope for Swansea. It will come to nothing. 2-0 Spurs." "Victory against a talented but profligate Dortmund side, courtesy of a couple of Kane strikes and one from Son Heung-min to open the scoring, was just the second the Lilywhites have claimed at Wembley in 12 attempts stretching back nearly a decade since it opened.

"They must now prove that they can perform in the vast bowl when it comes to league matches as, after losing late on to rivals Chelsea and somehow throwing away two points against Burnley, they cannot afford to slip up in any more of their winnable home games."

Swansea fans forum.

The Spur's Premier action
Wembley hoodoo haunts Spurs
Chelsea are capable of being disliked
Aug 20, 2017 (Ssn 2017/18)
Tottenham Hotspur 1
Blue Racists 2
Wembley stadium, London
US online live: Sling, etc. Rob Francis pens the column.

I had to take off seven or eight minutes before regulation time.... the joys of my strange schedule, eh.... and leaving on a high from the own-goal that got us level, but perhaps inevitably two errors led to the concession of a second goal moments from injury time and down we went to the dreaded winless at home streak that we trust will not be a ongoing Excedrin sized haedache.

First half underway for the Prem's first ever game at Wembley to open the curtains for Tottenham Hotspur's home campaign for Spurs vs Chelsea, and a free-kick from former Bolton Wanderers player Marcos Alonso, for a Dele Alli foul, finds the net.

Seems talk of a crisis at Chelsea after just one game was media gun jumping.

Pre-match: As the traditionally second biggest game of the home season approaches [for many Spurs fans like myself Chelsea are actually my most disliked opponents, partly for historical terrace mayhem reasons but even more so for being synonymous with the old school pre-alt-right National Front] and, along with Man Utd and West Ham, the Blue launderers rank only behind Arsenal in anticipated home fixtures of the season.

This one emerges with three notable things going on at the minute. It's our "gap" season with Wembley as the home venue so there'll be a lot more home and away fans gathered this time; Chelsea started with a shock loss at home to Burnley while Spurs won away; and lo and behold the club has finally splashed into the transfer market with 21yr old center-back Davinson Sanchez [Columbian playing at Ajax] bagged and looks like a great player, and teenage defender Juan Foyth [Estudiantes, ARG] in the frame. Lots to mull.

Good news for Spurs is our nemesis Eden Hazard is crocked for this one, although he has made at least one miracle comeback in time to destroy us! I rate him as among the top ten talents in the Prem and he always seems to pull all the stops out in this London derby of the capital's two biggest sides based on last season.

Chelsea won the last clash at Wembley by 4:2 in the FA Cup semi.

This bloke True Geordie points out that Chelsea v Spurs has grown beyond the rivalry between the two clubs to one of the big match-ups of the league season for neutrals and for other clubs' supporters. Split prediction of him and his side-kick: 1 vote each as to who wins.

It could be a tightly fought battle with some real opportunities being created by both sides.

MAN OF THE MATCH: To be decided. To be decided. To be decided. To be decided. To be decided. To be decided. To be decided. To be decided.

The Spur's Premier league
Two nil to the Tottenham
Ten man Geordies overrun by visitors
Sun, Aug 13, 2017 (Ssn 2017/18)
Newcastle United 0
Tottenham Hotspur 2
NUFC fan's forum

I haven't read other reactions yet [just about to] but the basic gist of the story is that Spurs, for all their massively superior possession [ultimately 73% for the whole match], struggled to break down an ordinary Newcastle side until their Jonjo Shelvey cynically and dangerously stamped on Dele Alli's ankle and got sent off.

Even then, it was mostly not an exhilirating sight watching the Lilywhites trying to find a way through but they did manage to continually ratchet up the pressure, and finally it was Alli himself who capitalized on a gold plated delivery service from Christian Eriksen to break the deadlock.

After that, Newcastle had some chances but, as would be expected a man down and with an overall inferior squad that looked very second tier and actually culture shocked by the demands of a top flight opponent that finished #2 last season, they just didn't seem to have the weaponry to make a real fight of it.

The second goal sealed the win, a mesmerizing sequence of interplay and trickery by the Londoners with Ben Davies getting the the last boot in, and no way the Geordies could climb that hill.

Harry Kane slammed the post moments before the final whistle, as celebratory songs and chants cascaded downward from the vociferous traveling Yarmy, perched high above and far from the action.

Those worried about Kyle Walker's move away to Citeh, and this writer was one of them to put it mildly, got jitters at the replacement's first few touches, but at least he had almost the same name as his predecessor, and subsequently looked remarkably confident for a youngster from the youth system filling such a massively important right-back spot, and it became apparent that he was actually very good and gelled brilliantly with the first team regulars.

The note of caution is that this is probably one of the weakest opponents we'll face in the league based on this return to the top display by the home side. Their manager Rafa seemed to ooze tense apprehension as he mulled the daunting task that lies ahead. In short, I'd rather be Spurs than Newc.

But Spurs played a lot of the ball in front of Newcastle's lines, and when you look at how Man Utd and Arsenal created so many more real chances rather than getting stuck playing slow motion flat or back passes, it seems we've still got to get to another level to challenge for the title.

However, Spurs reminded one of Spain's national side back in the day when they would obsessively play possession football but with no penetration for almost endless minutes and sequences, but then find a way to score in the end partly by hypnotizing the opponents into a trance or lulling them into a sense of security. I guess it can work.

Pre-match: Will this be the new era of finishing above Arsenal or even bettering our last season's placement, meaning, winning the league?

The former is certainly more than do-able but with the dosh that some of our rivals have spent, you know the usual launderers [and weren't we supposed to see a cap on this runaway spending by oil baron clubs?], it will be mighty hard to mount another credible title challenge.

Admittedly, finishing 2nd wasn't the same as giving Chelsea a proper run for their money, but we have a talented squad. Truth is we're too thin, not enough squad depth to cover the four competitions we're in and if injuries add up, all the money stashed in the bank from Kyle Walker's sale won't matter if the depth of talent isn't there to see the club through when the chips are down.

But hey I never expected Spurs to wind up second last season, I thought a serious run at top four would have been brilliant in itself, so I welcome being proved wrong and pleasantly surprised.

Check back as the days unfold to the big kick off of a brand new season. Check back as the days unfold to the big kick off of a brand new season. Check back as the days unfold to the big kick off of a brand new season.

Check back as the days unfold to the big kick off of a brand new season. Check back as the days unfold to the big kick off of a brand new season. Check back as the days unfold to the big kick off of a brand new season.

Spurs win seven-one no champions league for Arsenal
Sun, May 21, 2017
Hull City 1 Tottenham Hotspur 7 [Prem]

END GAME: Spurs were in complete control at Hull. Arsenal as expected beat Everton [who didn't particularly want to help the Reds], but Liverpool FC themselves, reliably crap for much of the game, finally upped their game and stuck three in. Pool's first was a stunner and it spelled curtains for the Gooners, who conceded a penalty but won 3:1, but no champions league spot anyway for AFC because of the Reds win at Anfield.

Meanwhile Citeh slammed the door shut on the Gooners' alternative champs league route by demolishing Watford with an easy runaway result.

And Spurs?: Harry wins the golden boot. THFC were completely dominant on their trip to Hull and back.

Meanwhile MSNBC decided that a bunch of autocratic politicians milling around an air conditioned conference center in Riyadh looking like guilty sheep occasionally bursting into Commanche rain dances was infinitely more entertaining than watching the hottest striker in the world and England's most exciting up and coming young team play at the KCOM. Oh....kay....

We might have been Bernie's team for the day, but MSNBC chickened out to cover the world's most boring and abject display of the usually "angry orange" Trumpenstein groveling at Saudi feet in a posture of such bizarre contrast to his usual huffing and puffing about the crescent menace.

Still, one of the few meaningful matches of the day Liverpool vs Boro was not bumped from one of NBC's other channels, perhaps they couldn't find any Republican Road Rage monster truck pull events in any of the red states in time.

Pre-match: The last game of the season features a Premiership curtain closer between relegated Hull City and runners-up Tottenham Hotspur who were bettered only by the dodgy money launderers of Chelsea.

Fitting that this match was originally slated to be on the so-called "liberal" news and political channel MSNBC, soaring in the ratings, so close to treating its viewers to the wonders of the Prem season's top scorer Harry Kane and world class talents like Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, Son Hueng-min, Victor Wanyama, and a cast of thousands [of traveling Spurs fans].

All of the final round Prem matches will be played at the same time but there isn't much suspense left to be milked, we already know who's won the crown, who's going down, and who the midtable maestros are.

The only thing left to ensure is that Arsenal don't qualify for the the Champions League and though they are likely to beat Everton at home, a Liverpool win at home to Middlesbrough will dash Arsenal's hopes, potentially causing their star players, and their manager, to exit stage left.

Manchester City are also theoretically vulnerable to an Arsenal win but they have a significant goal difference advantage and it's hard to see them getting battered by losing streakers Watford. The Citizens have never lost a Prem game to Watford, who just told their gaffer he's out the door [though whether that helps or hinders their cause is debatable].

So that's where the suspense lies: three clubs vying for just two CL spots, with Arsenal most likely to be the side that gets dumped. Awful shame, Arsenal in the Europa league, a fate worse than death.

Meanwhile Martin Fisher of BBC Football reminds us that "on the final day of last season, Tottenham travelled to an already relegated club and lost 5-1. I very much doubt that lightning will strike twice."

Spurs have a lop sidedly favorable 6-2-1 record against Hull City in Prem meetings.

The one thing going for the Tigers is that their current manager Marco Silva seems to be pulling the side out of its downward spiral and had he been in the job longer the east coast club might have avoided the drop.

The Spur's FA CUP Semifinal 20016/17
Chelsea draw from their bench to win
Two stunning Spurs goals not enough
Sat, April 22, 2017
Tottenham Hotspur 2
Chelsea 4
Rob Francis watching

Pity Vorm couldn't be fit to continue his FA Cup run as goalkeeper because Lloris, though a great professional, held partially responsible for the first CFC goal from a free kick.

"What a header from Harry Kane! He makes it look so easy. Christian Eriksen manipulates the ball really well, but to get down that low and guide the ball is a superb header," texts Danny Murphy on the BBC Football play by play. Yes, a rip roaring start to this semifinal when "one of our own" equalized. Hardly a moment to catch the breath in this amazing spectacle, albeit with a tragic score, so far.

Despite Spurs gaining the upper hand after the predictable and costly wobbly start, Hueng-min Son concedes the penalty and Willian gets his second in a colossal blow to the Lilywhites.

Son, like a lot of the Spurs players, is a young up 'n coming star but youth will tend to make poorer decisions under pressure and he looked a bit out of place in the role he's playing.

Second half starts it looks like some of the Spurs fans have remained in the bar to drown their sorrows, but those that made it back to their seats are still clearly desperate for their side to sock it to the, uh, much disliked Blues.

And sock it they did, with a pin-point pass of the season from Christian Eriksen as Deli Ali races forward to slam it into the back of the net. Incredible atmosphere as the fans sing Alli's praises but really the man of the moment is Eriksen, that assist will live forever in Spurs history, along with the goal itself. Indeed both Spurs goals sensational.

Confident Chelsea haven't even brought Eden Hazard on yet. He's on now, along with Diego Costa. Sickening how mafia money can buy a bench like that.

Son off for Walker, Tripper moving to the left.

Hazard coming on and it all went downhill after that, he's unmarked from a corner and buries it, and then a fourth one finishes it off.

Pre-match: Both the biggest contests in the domestic calendar are boiling down to a battle between London's two current strongest clubs, and the first of the showdowns will be in the FA Cup. Will it be Chelsea or Spurs who win the semi and then very possibly win the final itself?
"Harry Kane makes
it look so easy."

The other even bigger showdown is the battle to be Premier league champions but that option is of course an outside long shot for the good guys, Tottenham Hotspur, but either way Chelsea are the prime obstacle in the quest.

In any event, since the Prem hangs on a string of results means that no single game is likely, on its own, to have the importance of this, the Cup semifinal battle between the two clubs this weekend.

So for us this very arguably is the biggest game of the season. It's the likeliest route to a long awaited trophy, albeit still a gargantuan ask.

It's a tough game to predict but for the first time in a long while Tottenham are not going in as underdogs. At the same time, it's hard to argue with the job Conte has done at Chelsea in a very short time, they're the real deal and on their day they're unstoppable.

But with the flair, the flow, and the confidence that we're showing, throw in the rub of the green, and it could be a Glory day for us.

For sure it's not going to be for the faint hearted.

Phil McNulty, BBC Football: "Will Pochettino detail someone like Eric Dier to shadow Hazard? I will be really intrigued to see if Pochettino tailors his usual approach to copy Mourinho's winning formula [as United beat CFC last weekend in the Prem] because I think the influence of players such as Hazard and Alli could decide the outcome at Wembley. Hazard is a magnificent footballer, a match-winner, so last Sunday at Old Trafford may just have been informative for Spurs."

Check back for more build-up.

The Spur's Premiership
Spurs 4:0 Bournemouth
Janssen's fourth raises the roof
"Both sides
like to go
for goals"
Sat, April 15, 2015 (Ssn 2016/17)
Tottenham Hotspur vs
AFC Bournemouth
White Hart Lane, N17

Watching the match on replay, still early on a California morning in paradise, but not as ridic as getting up at fohr ferty, kno wot i mean, guv? And Spurs don't disappoint, about sixteen minutes in a hotly disputed corner kick, deliberately run out by the away defender, awarded to the home side at the Park Lane end and Eriksen takes his usual frustrating near post corner except this time, shock horror, it actually works, flicked centrally either by a Spurs or B'm'f player, almost certainly accidentally, and it falls to the weaker right foot of Mousa Dembele but he buries it good 'n propa.

Dembers had scorched the hands of the visiting keeper moments earlier and like so many of our men in white, he was looking to make a mark.

About three minutes later a nice combo involving hard pressing THFC nicking the ball deep in enemy territory, Kane's super accurate flick sets up Heung-min Son, shining again, with a beautiful goal from a tight angle, leading to the complex "secret handshake" celebration between the two. If they can work out that handshake, footie tactics must seem like a piece of cake by comparison.

Seven wins a row for Spurs? Will it be, equalling Bill Nicholson's record? It's on.

Eddie Howe, a good manager, must be shell-shocked but truth is the Cherries play a style that gives Spurs license to kill. Admittedly, he drew the sting from us last time for a nil-nil draw, but we're way beyond that scenario right now.

'Arf time. Put another cuppa on and see ya on the uvver side.

Second half kicks off, when the buffering has completed. And it looks like more of the same to the delight of the Lane faithful as, three minutes in, Tottenham go three up, superb build up with Spurs in full flight and passing the ball in style, finally into Harry Kane who turns his man and buries it. Dynamite stuff.

But wait, there's a finale as Vincent Janssen gets his first premier league goal in open play and raises the roof at White Lane with a stoppage time score that seems like the perfect ending for a wonderful display by the lively Lilywhites at the Lane.

Ta'rah for now.

Pre-match: The amazing home run is still intact with a twelfth home win in a row up for grabs.

BBC Football confirms Harry Kane is back to start, he loves to score against the Cherries and is looking for his 20th goal of the season.

Also Victor Wanyama is fit for THFC, and with Son Heung-min on fire as an attacking left midfielder, and Dele Alli in fine form, the Londoners look formidable. Did I mention Christian Eriksen or Eric Dier? It's scary stuff for any visitor at the minute.

Opponents Bournemouth have some injury worries adding to the already daunting challenge of trying to get anything from this game.

Which all augurs well for the Lilywhites as we stand in solid second place, in practice too far behind Chelsea -- they have games in hand as well as a significant points advantage -- but equally we would be gutted now to let slip that second spot with points and games advantage over Liverpool, who travel to The Hawthorns to face West Bromwich.

One thing already being celebrated by Spurs fans, the stigma of being supposedly "forever in Arsenal's shadow" is obliterated for this campaign. For us, it's been nothing short of magnificent, but of course the run-in has only just begun.

Bournemouth haven't beaten Tottenham in the league but they did manage that 0-0 draw in their most recent league encounter with us. They have struggled for points this season but will remain in the top flight and are a team that likes to play football and try to score goals, not known as "bus parkers".

Two of their players are touted by the likes of The Guardian as eye catchers, namely Joshua King up front and Steve Cook, likely future England first teamer, in central defence.

The Spur's Premiership 20016/17
Top class goals impress the Lane
THFC getting better, no sign of slump on radar
April 08, 2017
Tottenham Hotspur 4
Watford 0
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"Alli's goal was beautiful.......", "All goals was beautiful" says most of what I was going to react with, see highlights link above, but then fell asleep after late tennis on Friday night and then getting up at some insanely early time to catch this live. The things I do for Spurs.

Compared with this time last season, it's interesting to see we're in the same league position, 2nd, but with seven additional points, eight more goals, two less goals conceded, and 20 wins over last season's 17 victories. Even the "least impressive" stat there, our second place position, looks good because at this point [and I'm going into territory Spurs fans traditionally fear to tread] we have great confidence that we're not going into a Spursy end of season nosedive. There, I've stated it. Now let the chips fall as a they may [and April, too].

An upbeat mood at the Lane with some terrific goals to enjoy, a joyous sense of camaraderie among the players, and yes, they've "gelled".

SPUR OF THE MOMENT: Son Heung-min. Scored two, assisted, bubbling with energy and enthusiasm as usual, he's becoming an icon, up there with Alli and Kane as the biggest Spurs superstars.

Pre-match: Prior to the weekend's results, Spurs are second in the table and Watford a surprisingly high tenth, equal actually with the Saints though with a far inferior goal difference.

In the corresponding fixture last year, Spurs edged a 1:0 victory with Kane, Dembele, Dele Alli and Trippier combining for the only goal.

Alli coming on allowed him to be the assist passer, culminating from a great THFC team build-up movement that finally pierced the Watford bus.