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THFC Women in Superleague
Spurs 0:2 Arsenal
Large crowd, absorbing game, wrong result
Girls, it's
Spurs Women 0
Arsenal Women 2
Sun, Nov 17, 2019 @ 7am US/Pacific (Ssn 20019/20)
Net: FA Player. THFC preview

Reactions: Over 38,000 watched the first women's superleague north London derby [a new league record by about 6,000 over the Mancunian derby], and as TheQuake predicted the more experienced women's program of Arsenal proved too much for Tottenham. But the gap is closing, not this time the cricket score defeats of yesteryear in friendlies, FA Cup etc including a ten-niller - yikes!

Spurs now need to bounce back and take some pride and confidence that they are showing that they belong in the top flight even if they're still significantly behind the top sides Chelsea, Man City, and Arsenal. Beat the rest and it'll be a solid first season in the WSL.

Easier said than done, as the next WSL fixture is away to the season's surprise package Everton to be played on Sunday Nov 24 [live online at the FA Player as usual], the Toffees having won their derby a few minutes walk across Stanley Park against free-falling Liverpool at around the same time we were losing against Arsenal. That said, it's a winnable game for Spurs women.

Also winnable are the league matches in December against Birmingham, Brighton and Reading. Unfortunately all of those games [except Brighton] are away.

Fun fact [courtesy of the BBC]: Manchester "United attracted the highest average home attendance in the country last season, despite being in the second tier."

Preview: Tottenham Hotspur Women are more than holding their own, so far, in their first top flight season, as are their fellow promoted lasses at Manchester Utd, both upper mid table.

But Spurs are up against a club, our north London rivals, who took the plunge into properly run competitive professional women's soccer long before the Lilywhites.

It will be so great to watch a meaningful Spurs match during the largely tedious international break and it'll be live on the almost magical FA Player.
Come on you Spurs Women. Make us proud. Forever Spurs.  
Praxion, U-tube

Arsenal are three points ahead of us and they're in second place going into the weekend. Their goal difference advantage is telling, however -- AFC +6, THFC 0.

We are facing one of the giants of the women's game and if we can get even a point out of this it would be a fantastic homecoming on such a big and glorious stage capable of holding over 62,000 supporters.

It will be interesting to see how the gate will be, especially on a men's "Premier League-less" weekend. Whatever the attendances at Spurs v Arsenal and Liverpool v Everton on Sunday, crowds have turned out in way higher numbers for some match-ups than ever before. The Hindu newspaper's sports magazine reminds us that this season's attendances for the biggest women's super league matches are "a big improvement from last season. When the Gunners lifted the title last year, there were barely 6,000 people there to watch the game." Meanwhile, Arsenal have sold out their official allocation for Sunday's encounter.

Win or lose, Spurs look to be in good shape overall as the young season is unfolding, and astoundingly, any talk of relegation surrounds the men's first team, not the fairer gender. Seems weird to think that, yet it means we've got summat to cheer aboot, lud.

Former graduate of the Arsenal youth system Gemma Davison could be playing in a Lilywhite shirt [Update: on as a very late sub. Welcome back from injury]. She also played for Chelsea and Reading and is one of THFC's most experienced players.

Womens W Cup 2019
USA beats
to win Final
July 2019
Women's World Cup:
US wins World Cup
USA 2 Netherlands 0
Convincing win for the United States and very pleasing to see a cinematic second goal rather than have the final decided by just one successful spot kick.

A Megan Rapinoe penalty puts the States ahead for goal number 1, no doubt leaving Donald Trump and other rightwing traitors devastated, and a spectacular second from Rose Lavelle seals the deal for the USA.

The interest in this tournament has been great. That said, we know that the buzz wears off and then only time tells what difference the event actually had down the road.

It looks like it will facilitate a significant step forward in the women's game at several different levels. Just some examples.

A likely boost to the growth of domestic leagues with, for example, improved attendances, more clubs either starting a women's team or devoting more resources to their already existing programs. Increased remuneration for players and a boost to existing campaigns fighting for better pay and conditions. More females taking an interest in the sport and playing it. Growth of the sport as a family recreation which in turn will actually draw more males in, those not previously interested primarily in attending the sport for its "opportunities" of excessive drinking, agro, and machismo.

And of course this leads to a higher level of individual and team talent and better World Cups in the future. Also interesting is the idea of creating and promoting a world club tournamement that could ultimately be as big as the WW Cup itself, in turn causing the clubs themselves to infuse ever more resources into that wing of their enterprise.

Previously: We've reached the break as an interesting but socreless first half, which featured some very close efforts especially in the latter stage of the half, comes to an end.

Preview: Okay here we are and there you go - it's the WWC Final and everyone is excited. Here at the legendary Quake Mansion built to withstand the waves of earthquake tremors reverberating around the world's most desirable place to live, the monitors are equipped to provide a Fubo feed which is good but, for high viewing moments can get clogged up, which for 2019 is not great, but with the same old brigands running the US media that's what you get. There's always the mobile phone as backup but the screen is kinda small. And liberated feeds provide streams for those with nowhere else to turn, but better be tech savvy enough to keep the mafia out of your pocket [sad update: they already control the White House].

Dutch win 1-0 to go into Cup Final
It took until extra time, Jackie Groenen [Manchester Utd] scored with an accurate high velocity shot in the 99th min. Sweden's defence, so dependable and coordinated until one moment of breathtakingly crisp decisive Netherlands interplay brought it all crashing down. Ultimately it was a moment of Dutch brilliance beyond the level of the current Swedish game that separated two well disciplined and technical outfits.

Previously: "Don't be so sure that the US wants to play Sweden again. Although the Netherlands have more individual quality they are similar to France and England, teams that they beat. Sweden is a disciplined physical squad that if they score first can bunker down, frustrate even the most talented teams, and strike on the counter." -- Mary Waltz.

Who will play the USA in the Women's World Cup Final 2019? Prior to the in-match live reaction tracker The Guardian had no pre-match article, indeed no mention at all, of the semi-final being played that day - today. Such was the hype of the previous semi, USA v England, there was simply no oxygen left in the room.

But here it is - in action - Netherlands vs Sweden. Two very solid women's national teams currently at nil-nil in a real football game without gimmicks so far - rather refreshing. Sweden's professional performance in disposing of a fancied, though still developing, German side, has made them the classic dark horse.

USA into Cup final, beat England 2-1:
It's all over. USA thru and, as usual, clearly the better side. Fun game to watch, somebody had to lose, and lots of talking points for the water cooler chat this evening at the tennis courts.

Qtr finalsSemifinalsFinal
Eng3 Nwy0USA2 Eng1USA
USA2 Fra1^Tues2
Ita0 Neth2Neth1 Swe0Neth
Swe2 Ger1^Wed0
A chaotic combination: insane current football rules about what constitutes offside, and horrific use of what could be a great technology in VAR. Throw in a highly contentious foul in the box, and it all ends up with a penalty lazily taken and muffed to keep England 2-1 down. That whole episode was their big opportunity, we just knew one chance would come up for England and that was it, now the inevitability of a USA win to make the finals has enveloped our psyches.

Half time. Hardly a moment to catch the breath in this 1st half -- the question seems to be will it be a narrow US win or will England collapse, as the standard cricket headline so often blares.

What a team effort from the US with Alex Morgan [Orlando Pride] to head the USA back into the lead just after the half hour mark, as the English defence looked frozen in time.

Scintillating game so far. For a while it looked like England might get wiped out but they've made a real game of it so far.

Manchester City's Ellen White shows herself once again to be a deadly striker and Beth Mead's quick cross was sublime for her to run in and steer it wide of the keeper to equalize for England. You'd think the two play together but Mead plays for Arsenal.

Early pressure pays off with a text-book USA goal within ten minutes, Rose Lavelle doing well to leave the pass to go out wide and therefore mishaping England's flailing defensive efforts. The cross goes in and up goes Christen Press [Utah Royals] to head the US into the lead.

Match kicks off, USA in red, England in white. Rapinoe not playing for USA who line up 4-1-4-1 and are hammering England from the get go. England need to get possession and calm down this USA frenzy from right out of the gate.

Semifinals: USA vs England, Netherlands vs Sweden
The Quake said at the start of this World Cup that USA were by far the best team in this tournament and so far that has been true. England have their work cut out big time today, let's hope the Lionesses are in top form to make it a match and give the USA a pwopa challenge.

Quartefinals: USA down hosts, England cruise past Norway
France were considered #2 and they did not give up and pulled one back against USA to keep quarterfinal #2 sizzling, however the Americans were well organized, made better decisions, and have stronger and more talented players than anyone else, including France. England have their work cut out big time on Tuesday.

England won with ease over Norway by 3-nil. While the 3 Lionesses were the favorites they won with such consumate ease it took most people by surprise, no VAR infested slugfest this one. So England have a massive semifinal now with the USA on Tues.

Round of 16
The last matchup to be cemented was Netherlands, who defeat Japan in the Rof16, who play Italy [on Sat]. In the other quarterfinals it's Norway vs England [on Thurs], USA vs France [on Friday], and Sweden vs Germany [on Sat]. So the USA is the only non-European team remaining with Asia wiped out [the first time, according to the bbc podcast, of no Asia rep in the QF's], though Japan were impressive and massively improved in that Rof16 match against Netherlands and were devastated by a late [and dodgy] penalty decision.

WWC podcasts: Total soccer, espn FC, BBC podcast downloads.

Sweden are in the 2019 quarterfinals. Their best finish was making the WWC Final but losing it in 2011. Their national team history seems to go back to some time in the 70's but details seem murky until they emerge as a credible national force in the early 80's. Maybe the movie The other sport will give more clues, seems well worth a watch to learn more about Swedish women's futbol.

Canada went out at the hands of Sweden. From Wiki: "The Canada women's team played its first international in 1986, a 2:0 away loss to the United States." Canada hosted their first and only 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup. Oh yes, I remember that. Their best showing in the world cup apparently was 4th place in 2003, but they did reach the quarters when they hosted in 2015.

Returning to the present Round of 16, 2019, Spain gave a heck of a performance against the USA but the favorites ultimately prevailed with a somewhat soft 2nd half penalty decision. Most exciting match of the tournament so far that I've seen. As the NYT's Andrew Keh wrote: "For 90 minutes on Monday, the Americans got a glimpse of the future, and, for another night, they succeeded in keeping it at bay." And the emerging European sides, especially Spain, are very aware that the US women's project is itself already a strong product and in no mood to roll over anytime soon.

Media hype is bigger already for this than any previous WWC I can recall. Still a way to go, but we're seeing the dawn of some potentially really decent caliber professional players and national sides, as the USA and Spain match-up showed.

The most likely scenario in the semifinals is England vs USA and Italy vs Germany, with the USA to beat Germany in the final.

The Women's World Cup knockout stage began with the Round of 16 starting Sat June 22. For all the controversy over its bizarre use of VAR [not the technology itself, but it's comprehensive intrusion into a competition for the first time], the FIFA Women's World Cup has garnered a lot of interest Stateside and elsewhere on the globe, even in the group stages. So now the "real" part of the competition is in full swing with the knockout rounds.

Going back to the way VAR has slowed down the game whilst resulting in actually adding as much contention and subjectivity to questionable decisions as it helped clarify in others, BBC Football poster simon noted "a penalty shootout could end up taking longer than the match". A funny remark, but the drag on spot-kick outcomes is the least of VAR's problems, which we'll get into soon.

In the group stages the US Women looked by far the best side in the world. If anyone stops them, count on VAR being the 12th man, or in this case woman, to see France through.`

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